Pre-confined Travellers


Will you dance with me? Travellers 94 & 95, Tlalpan, Mexico city, 2018.


Bored. Traveller 96. Café Procope, Paris 2019.


The hand. Facing Saint-Eustache. Traveller 74. Paris 2019.


Catwoman is back. Traveller 63. Tlalpan. 2018.


Kant or Heidegger? Traveller 97. Paris 2019.


Before the sh*t hit the fan. Travellers 98 & 99. Paris last year.


One two. One two three four… Let’s rock. Tlalpan. Mexico city.


Back to the street. I’ve already featured this fantastic photographer. Jean-Baptiste Pellerin has pasted  more than 500 photographs on the walls of Paris. You can find him easily on line. #backtothestreet.


Catwoman undercover (look closely). Traveller 100. Tuileries garden.


Traveller 101. Métro Vaugirard. Line 12.


“What do you mean, half an hour more? I’ve been here 20 minutes already!” Traveller 102.


The right angle. Traveller 103. Tuileries garden. Louvre in the background.


Tats and bookboxes. Traveller 104. Paris. (Alas! When will I stroll again by my bookboxes along the Seine?)


Red is for prosperity. Concorde, 2019. Traveller 105.


Tats again. Travellers already featured. Do numbers really matter? At the Louvre. 2019.


Keep smiling, young Lady. What’s your doll’s name? (#backtothestreet)

Thank you for travelling Equinoxio Airways. I wrote this post early June. With the faintest hope the planet might re-open. (Alas, poor Yorrick). And save our annual trip to Paris. Nope. Canceled. (No prob, there are worse things). Still a matter of concern, the places that have reopened are reconfining selectively. Not good. So, keep your distances, wear masks and stay safe. 😷🙏🏻



137 thoughts on “Pre-confined Travellers

  1. J’aurais dit Wittgenstein, le Tractacus, malgré le fait que le Tractacus soit beaucoup plus court et qu’il ne présente pas de paragraphes aussi longs !
    Bon voyage intérieur, Brieuc.

  2. I love the back to the street photos. Just great photos of normal people. Alas, when will we all be able to visit our book stalls, indeed? I fear it may not be for a while. In fact I wonder if your Dios De la Muertos will be the same this year w/ masks and social distancing.

    • That guy is a giant photographer… I hope you have spent time on his site… Lots of teachings on human photography…
      When will we? Not until a treatment is found… which may come out tomorrow, or last a few months still.
      Those young women were members of a dance company more than 3 years ago. They put a great performance and were overall very happy to pose for a pic. Haven’t seen them again, and the following shows were not as good.
      No telling how it will be this year. There is so much disregard everywhere for the most elementary precautions…

  3. Hello equinoxio21. Outstanding. I love the fantastic way some people can use makeup and body paint to create the most wonderful designs and effects. Your pictures make me want to walk those streets and enjoy the grand variety of cultures. Hugs

  4. Amazing photos; loved the narration you have put under every picture.
    Especially this one- ”What do you mean, half an hour more? I’ve been here 20 minutes already!” 😆🙏🏻

  5. This was an enjoyable post – thanks for the street tour
    Love the #backtothestreet posters you find.
    The different moods you captured in the various photos really had so much story and mood And whoa – a lady reading a book – right on.
    Sorry your trip was canceled – but as you said – there are worse things –

    • There are. Worse things. Meanwhile the world is upside down… 😉
      You are quite right about the moods. you put your finger right on what I was trying to achieve with my “candid” photos, and I wasn’t quite sure what it was. Thanks. Have a great week-end.

      • and wanted to add that I think street photography like this is very important – I know sometimes it borders on invading privacy.
        at least for me I think it does and I have wrestled with that issue a few times – but reached the decision that it was something I was called to do (and it is legal to take and share public photos – and I once heard the bio about the man who made it his mission to always photography Jackie O. – tsk…. – anyhow, I try to always be mindful of the subject – and on occasion, I delete a photo because it had bad energy or just was not ideal to share.
        ao anyhow, the other thing that I like about street photography is how individual the outcomes are – like what you chose to share here – unique and unlike any other posts you will share – and then also the capturing of this second in time is a beautiful celebration of humanity and cultural things today –

      • Wow! That was inspired. And I agree. Some photos should not be shared, or posted. It’s an inner feeling. Of the photographer. And probably responsibility. Now, in Europe, I understand it is illegal to take a picture without written consent. They can be very very strong on ‘privacy’. I tend to think that if someone is in a public space, their image is public. (Hope I won’t get sued!) 😉

      • A few years ago some folks I know looked it up – and if the photos are for public use I guess no lawsuit
        And then there was chat if I think chipotle – being sued by a lady that was on one of their store photos and she was not asked

      • It’s probably complicated. Where was the photo taken? Does local apply? Where was the photo made public? Tougher… Just hope for the best… (Thanks for legal update)

  6. Pingback: Hydrants Post #2 (and shout out to EQUINOXIO blogger) – priorhouse blog

    • “We’ll meet again…” There’s a song if I recall. Though not sure by whom. The Black Plague wiped out half of Europe’s population in the middle ages. We have learnt a few things since. (Though not as much as I would like). A cure will be found. And even before that, patients are treated better already. Corticoids are widely used and help.
      Hang in there Libre. Take a walk in the woods with your family. 🙏🏻

      • Written by some English writers called Ross Parker and Hughie Charles, according to Professor Google – And famous here by a wartime singer called Vera Lynn, who died but weeks ago aged 103. Hope she saw her own family again. We lucky ones are hanging in. Time and history will fold this into its own modest reference point. Stay safe.

      • Thank you for the reference. I thought the singer was an American singer. I stand corrected and bow my hat to Dame Vera Lynn. She seems to have been a great Lady. RIP,
        And you too stay safe…

      • Maybe becuase her famous recording of White Cliffs of Dover references bluebirds – not a British bird at all, interestingly, despite the patriotic lyrics, but a traditional American sign of spring. Stay safe too.

      • I didn’t know that lovely song. One of the many gaps in my English (sub)culture… 😉 Vera Lynn had a powerful voice… Thanks for sharing. And yes, the bluebird is definitely “Murrikan”. Though there must be some in the UK. There were a few in Normandy. Cheers Libre.

  7. For some reason your photos reminded me of Barbra Streisand’s ‘The way we were’. Because there’s such an ample worldwide change going on that I think – actually I’m 100% sure – we will never go back to the way we were: relatively free (and some of us even content with our lives). Not because of a plandemic but because we are too naive and weak to fight what is being done to us.

    • I think I remember the song. and definitely we won’t go back to the way we were. Simply from my childhood to my 30’s there drastic changes. From my 30’s till now? More. Jus the third change…

      • Change should always be fine-grained. And definitely not change just for the sake of change, but only when and where necessary. Which is not what is currently happening, at least not from the mankind’s point of view.

        There is a movie titled same as the song, maybe you watched it back then.

      • I earned a living with market research. Which meant finding out what the customer wanted. Not what marketing wanted. Change needs to be justified b y a need. Not a whim.
        Don’t think I saw the movie…

      • Yeah, that’d be true in an ideal world. Does this world seem anything close to ideal to you? To me it’s a wreck of a world, a disaster brought by what that Scottish gentleman duly acknowledged as grrreed.

        It’s possible that I saw the movie long time ago but can’t remember anything about it except for the song that has a certain je ne sais quoi.

      • Yeah, we did talk about languages a few times. There are certain foreign expressions that have been used as-is in our language by writers, poets, journalists and to some extent even in ordinary daily chats. Lately with the advent of the Internet and its inherent bonding of people from around the world I believe more and more people are learning and using foreign expression, if only for trying to make an impression. 🙂
        I’ve been reading books in my youth and various online texts in the 2000s, not to mention listening to songs, watching TV (back in the day) and performing help & support in certain online forum boards, so I guess a few things just got stuck in my weird memory. 😉

        To me it’s a sign of respect being able to have a conversation with a person in their own native language or at least say hello/thank you/good bye in that language, even if we can’t always use their native alphabet (such as with non-latin languages for people like us) – although the Internet can often help us do that too.

      • I totally agree with you. It is good education to try and say half a dozen words in the local language. When we went to Asia a few years ago, I did learn those exact words in 2 or 3 languages… It’s a nice feeling. Multumesc for your comment. As usual.

  8. Ces jours-ci, on pourrait faire beaucoup de photos de gens… masqués d’une autre façon — ce qui n’empêche pas de se promener, en faisant attention, bien sûr.

    • Absolument. Ici c’est un peu la cata sanitaire… Mais on ne peut pas rester enfermé toute l’année. On deviendrait zinzin. Je vais d’ailleurs sortir tout-à-l’heure avec une de mes filles. Masqués. (Un cavalier qui sort de la nuit…) (Comment était la chanson de Zorro?) Tout va bien chez toi?

  9. Jean-Baptiste Pellerin is such a generous soul.
    Love your Traveler project, Brian. Happy days. I guess there are not so many travelers around lately. Not here, anyway.

  10. Well the olympics is being promoted now for next year I do wonder about airlines and travel…curious times indeed for “travelling rats” as someone told me…smiles Brian ☺️🤓🙋‍♀️

    • Hi “Ally”. How have you been?
      I would say, at worst end of 2021, or earlier. The H1N1 “went away” as soon as they found a treatment. Hope all is well with you.

      • We’re chugging along too. 😉 The Doctor and her MD husband both caught the virus. No symptoms fortunately. They realized it because our grandkid had a fever, and he had seen anyone to catch a cold. So they tested each other, and bam! But again no symptoms. They stayed home for 2 weeks, which was good. Because we were then able to see each other. After 3 months. That was nice. So here we are… Hopping along. You stay safe. 🙏🏻😷

  11. Tu aurais bien du mal à imaginer l’allure de notre pointe Bretonne ces jours-ci… Il n’y a vraiment que sur les plages peu connues du Finistère Nord qu’on peut oublier un peu ce qui ce passe actuellement. Ailleurs, dans les rues de Roscoff, sur le marché de St Pol de Léon, à la médiathèque des Capucins à Brest…. Tous masqués! L’art de vivre à la Française en prend un sacré coup cet été.

    • J’imagine. Mais mieux vaut porter un masque et contenir ce maudit virus… en attendant qu’u traitement sorte. Probablement pas avant 20121, hélas. Donc… stay safe 😷

  12. I’m so sorry to hear you didn’t visit your beloved Paris this year. Mon ex, M. Riso, est toujours piege a Bangkok. Il peut aller en France pour rendre visite a ses parents ages, mais il a peur qu’il ne pourra pas retourner a Thailande apres. Hope you are enjoying your summer, anyway. Bises.

    • it’s all right. Maybe I can go in a few months…
      I can imagine your ex’s concern. You leave. At your own risk, and then you are denied re-entry… I hope his parents are in reasonably good health?
      Biz back

  13. #102 I hate waiting for people, I’d probably have left after 5 mins knowing me 😏

    #96 That bored face would make a great meme (perhaps for meetings that could have been an email) 😝

    • LOL. I do not wait. 5-10 minutes top. I remember distinctly for job interviews. After 10 minutes wait (you know how people love to exert power in stupid ways) I would go up and tell the secretary that I wasn’t interested in a job where they made you wait! generally worked. Sometimes no, but screw them.
      Did the same with clients when I was prospecting for new business. After ten minutes, I would tell the secretary that I had other appointments and would be glad to reschedule… 🤣
      96: That pretty young woman was bored so stiff… Me? I was having a great lunch at café Procope, where Voltaire and Rousseau were patrons once… 😉

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