Travellers 3.14159

D IMG_3366-A

Ms. Fox and Catwoman. Tlalpan, Mexico city. Travellers 79 & 80. Welcome to the 21st.


Like your hair. Traveller 81. Line 1, Paris.


Like your shoes. Same Time-Space continuum. Traveller not identified.

“Uhura? Could you adjust the cameras a tad? Thank you.”

“Yes, Captain. Roger that.”


Second thoughts? Montmartre, 2019. Travellers 61 & 62.


“Shema Israel”. #BACKTOTHESTREET is a fab street photographer I have already featured here. Dozens, hundreds maybe of his photos are pasted on the walls of Paris. See his site here:


C IMG_3365-A

Catwoman & Ms. Fox again. They were a wonderful troop of young and talented dancers who came only once to Tlalpan.


Force 5 wind. Traveller 82, Paris. Notre-Dame-des-champs.


Bras-dessus, bras-dessous. Flea market, Porte de Vanves. Paris. 2019. Travellers previously identified.


The war room. Traveller 83 at the – disturbing – expo on child soldiers at the Musée Guimet. (See previous posts)


“Suits”. Harvey Specter undercover at la Défense. Travellers 84 to 86.


Study in blonde. Tramway line, near Porte de Versailles. A word of advice: do NOT go to Porte de Versailles if you want to see the Château de Versailles. No connection whatsoever. I have found, and reoriented, many a Traveller astray on his/her quest for the Castle. Traveller 87.


Rue de Rivoli. #BACKTOTHESTREET. The gardens of the Tuileries are on the left.


Tuileries garden. (Precisely.) Traveller 88. (And 88A)


Beware, we’re coming for you. Tlapan, Day of the Dead, Mexico city. Same dance company as above. I wish I’d written down their name. Darn.


Paname eyewear. Eyewear? Seriously. It took me a while to identify the product they were selling. “Paname” is a nickname for Paris. No Traveller here.


Vintage dress shopping. Vanves flea market. This is not the stall owner. I have already posted a photo of her. She probably buys her wardrobe there.


A man of character(s). This young man was texting in Chinese characters. Since I know there are 3,500 characters, give or take, I asked him to show me how it worked. Xie xie, Traveller 89. (Isn’t it weird to see so many “crowds”?)


Striking a pose. Traveller 90. On the stairs leading to the Arch of La Défense. Paris. 2019.


Can you tell me where the Eiffel tower is? Traveller 91. Place de la Concorde.


Have you seen my wheel? #BACKTOTHESTREET


I hope Georges has the kettle boiling for tea. Traveller 92. Line 12.


Rastafari! #BACKTOTHESTREET. (From Paris to Babylon by bus)


Cheers. Day of the Dead, Tlalpan. 2019. Traveller 93.

I wrote this post in early March. Our incompetent rulers (worldwide) had no idea what was going to hit us. They still don’t. As I have mentioned in a comment or other, if any of us in the private sector had done half of what our politicians have, we’d have been fired long ago. Accountability is something to ponder for the future. We are the shareholders. We are the Board of Directors…

Going back to the images on this post. Walking down the streets.  A packed Métro. Arm in arm in the flea market. Raising a glass. Sneaking pics from a café terrace? Weird ain’t it? Don’t worry too much. Life will “come back.” After a while. It always does. There will be more Travel and Travellers. Meanwhile? Stay home. Stay safe. 🙏🏻😷✌️


70 thoughts on “Travellers 3.14159

  1. I wish there will be more he- and she-travelers ! I checked the figures here with Santé Publique France, a branch of the Health Ministry : alcohol = 41000 a year, tobacco = 75000 a year, Covid-19 = 20000. Economy is on its knees because we are missing basic equipment, beds in hospitals, medical people and above all a strategy to make the people who have the proper experience talk and be heard !
    Many thanks, Brieuc. Take care and keep it a smile … it can’t harm !

  2. Hey there. Wonderful post. I nominated you for the “Blogger Recognition Award”. Do check it out whenever you get time.
    Thankyou. 🌸

    • Good memory Liz. They were a typical Chines couple ojn her honeymoon I believe, who spend the day with a full staff of photographers, light and make-up artists to immortalize their Paris “wedding”. Very brave, considering the heat…
      Take care.

  3. Oh the hustle and bustle. Who would have imagined missing the train comnute? Most of these people look so poised or relaxed, comfortable in their natural habitat. Your commentary along with the current distancing have me a sense of seeing animals photographed in the wild – which I guess they are.

    • “Animals in the wild”? Well, I did start photographing on safari, in East Africa… Probably rubs on you. You are probably right: there is a good part of “observation” in those photographs…
      And the commute? I understand. I miss the Paris Métro which was scheduled for this summer and will now probably have to be moved…
      Prends bien soin de toi mon amie…

    • True. But we don’t go to the store anymore. We all buy on-line with home delivery. All the stores have upgraded their systems and the service is pretty good. So no more travellers for a while. We have gone out walking only twice for more than a month… 🙂

  4. I agree…we don’t know yet…it’s a mystery and I can feel the winds in your photos Brian…be safe and thanks for sharing your travels and narratives 🙏 smiles and joy ~ Hedy ☺️🙋‍♀️

  5. “Accountability is something to ponder for the future. We are the shareholders. We are the Board of Directors…”

    Absolutely right!
    Unfortunately I am afraid, it require a break down of the power structure in place, with untold consequences, as examples; the many bloody revolutions, of the past.
    It will be nice if we could get justice, and accountability by the system in place, rather than by social upheaval, a very unlikely proposition, since those in power of course do not want to be accountable.
    And therefore Revolutions.

    I enjoyed your post. 🙂

    • Thanks for your visit and comment. I totally agree. Too many bloody revolutions. And revolutions are always “stolen”. Maybe, maybe, at least in western democracies, it can be obtained by peaceful protest. Se vale soñar?

  6. I love this!!! 💛 Your vintage dress shop comment made me laugh out loud – I thought she was the stall owner too 🤭it was very good luck to get that shot 😆and George probably did have the kettle on – as I’m sure he wouldn’t want a stern telling off from traveller 92 ☕️😄

    • I thought so too, until I realized she was just another patron. Then I pretended to text with the camera on, and sound off…
      I wouldn’t get into an argument with 92… 😉
      Stay safe Cherryl

    • Paname is an old nickname. Some say it goes back to the Panama canal scandal. First venture was French and went bankrupt. So the Panama hat came to be known in Paris… Who knows?
      Trav. 92. could be the headmistress. 😉

  7. Absolutely agree with you, peng yu. Right now is to keep yourself safe and rest well so you can travel more when the situation is less tense and border controls are relaxed. I don’t see myself traveling again until next year.

    • Next year? 😩😩😩
      But you’re probably right.Better to set a far away date and not be disappointed earlier…
      (I still hang on to the vague possibility that our Paris flight might still hold. But I think health restrictions will be applied. (I don’t want to spend the first 2 weeks in Paris in quarantine…)😎

      • It’s no fun having to quarantine yourself at a foreign location. It’s better, safer and more comfortable to be stuck at home instead. I think the next location I’ll be traveling once the restrictions are lifted, will be home to Singapore. Miss hugging my parents & sister physically!

      • I can imagine your missing them and vice versa. They would also miss your daughter. We haven’t seen our grandkids for nearly 6 weeks… 😩😩😩

      • My daughter keep asking me why grandpa can’t visit us or why we can’t fly to Singapore to visit them. I can imagine your grandkids will be bugging their parents with the same questions.

      • The little one is only 6 months. Little G. will 4 in 2 weeks. So he is quite articulate and he already knows there is “a virus” everywhere and one has to be careful… 😉
        Speaking of Singapore I just posted on Singapore. You may or may not have seen it… I’d love your opinion…
        Stay safe.

      • So little G is one year younger than my little one. I haven’t seen your post yet. Thank you for the reminder, Peng Yu! I have left a comment which now await for your moderation. Sorry for the long comment though 🙂

      • Love your long comment. I think it is a very balanced view. And honestly I get so tired of people criticizing Singapore without ever going there. I’m sure some things could be improved as in anywhere. But Singapore has a lot to teach to the world…
        And yes, he is a year younger. Your little one must be quite a lady by now. 😉💕

      • Every country has her pros and cons. Just like everyone has a different lifestyle and expectations. 😊

        My little one is not turning into a lady! She’s turning into a diva!! Haha. She has started to mimic me around the house and ordering the cats to “sit down, sit properly. Don’t do that. You naughty cat.” 😂

    • Wouldn’t we all?
      Paname is old argot for Paris. I hear it is related to the Panama canal scandal in the 19th century…
      Bon Dimanche Lumi… 🌺🌹🙏🏻😷

    • Hi Jill. Glad you liked it. For that last picture I sneaked in behind stage. This lovely Lady was waiting to go on stage. I asked her if I could take a pic. She said “sure”. Smiled and lifted her glass… Voilà.
      Stay safe. 😷🙏🏻

  8. It’s fun to ponder what is foing through each traveler’s mind. Sometimes facial expressions ate totally opposite the emotions. 🙂

    Fabulous series once again, Brian.

  9. Your beautiful photographs brought back wonderful memories from a multitude of visits to Paris. We look forward to exploring Mexico City and Oaxaca City once the pandemic has lifted, now that we are living in Mexico in Oaxaca at the coast. Hope you are staying well and safe in Mexico City as we read there was quite an outbreak there.


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