We will always have Paris*


We will walk the streets again sooner or later. Pont Alexandre III, Paris.


Musée de la porte dorée. “Golden gate museum”. Not in San Francisco. In Paris. The building, an Art Nouveau jewel was the Ministry of the colonies.


Pont Alexandre III. One of the prettiest bridges in Paris.


Children will play on the bridges again.

2013 Paris 096-A

Lichtenstein will return to Paris. (Beaubourg, 2013). A shot taken at the Trocadéro. Lichtenstein was 23. Watching a documentary on WWII last night. A few flaws, but not too bad. Stirred a reflection on leadership. France folded in WWII for lack of leadership. England survived because of Churchill. Roosevelt was President in the US. Who do we have now?


The Pont-Neuf is still there, waiting for strollers. Those genies have been there since the 1600’s.


Pont Alexandre III. Why change subject when you have a good one?

2013 Paris 919

“Together, let’s put our arms down.” Let’s give up, in popular French. “The movement for a resigned France had a clear and uniting platform”. By Jean in Le Point. c. 2015. We shall not give up, shall we?


Les Invalides, from the Pont Alexandre III. That classical building to the left was the Air France terminal where we arrived at when we lived in Africa and came to Paris for the summer.


The Nymphs are still guarding the bridge.

A2014-08-11 13.19.19

My faithful 40-years old Ray-Ban glasses are probably still in Paris somewhere… Lost them right after this shot.


Will that door in le Marais keep its secrets?

A2014-07-10 13.54.57A

The Apsaras at the Musée Guimet will lure you into dancing. (Bas-relief from Angkor)

2013 Paris 117

Musicians on the Pont de l’Archevêché are waiting. (Just made the bridge up. Not sure which bridge it actually is…) 😉

TE2014-07-14 22.38.06

The old Lady is there, ready for the 14th July. Look closely, I think there were close to a million people then. 2014.

D380 vieille temple

Medusa, Rue vieille-du-Temple, Le Marais. I probably take that very same door every year… The door’s been there since the 17th century maybe?


La belle Ferronière, by Vinci. c. 1495. For over five centuries this pretty young woman has looked at us. The model could be Béatrice d’Este, born in 1475, the mistress of Duke Ludovico Sforza. Sforza was Duke of Milan. Milan who pays a high price today to the corona virus. Praise and best wishes to the Italians who are facing the disease with courage and determination.

2013 Paris 080-A

Lichtenstein, at Beaubourg. c. 2013. Many of you know my profound liking of Lichtenstein. Compare the two young women above. Are they so different?

D264-St Germain

Boulevard St-Germain. As you walk down to the right of that door, you will find L’écume des pages, a wonderful bookshop before les Deux-magots and L’église Saint-Germain-des-prés. L’écume des pages, (Froth of the pages) is a reference to Boris Vian’s wonderful novel, L’écume des jours. Froth of the daydream, in English, was published in 1947.


The door is well guarded. Detail.



Horus will return to the Kingdom of the dead to weigh the souls of the departed. Musée du Louvre.


Simba the lion reigns over the streets of Paris. (Pont Alexandre III. I know. I got a discount)


A distant cousin. Rue de Seine. Or close.

D2014-07-15 16.12.34

Cupid brings a love letter to the pretty girl on the second floor.

F2014-07-17 15.47.42

“Been there. Done that.” Not a clue where that is. Paris.


Notre-Dame will be rebuilt. Maybe not in 5 years, but it will.




No fear. We will walk the streets again. Remember: “We will always have Paris.” (* Ilsa Lund aka Ingrid Bergman to Rick aka Humphrey Bogart in Michael Curtiz’s 1941 “chef d’oeuvre”: Casablanca)





101 thoughts on “We will always have Paris*

    • Merci. Notre beau Paris est toujours là. Il faut juste un peu de patience. Tout va bien chez toi? Autant que faire se peut? (Ici il n’y a pas plus d’oeux dans les magasins… Notre fille aînée en a trouvé une douzaine de rab qu’elle nous a amené. Plus de Nivaquine dans le pays. Les pharmacies ont été dévalisées. Quelle folie.

  1. A weird thought strikes me: what a wonderful time to be a ghost, drifting undisturbed through your own habitat. The images look haunted by absence and history, perhaps that’s it. The photo of a young Roy Lichtenstein caught my attention in particular; I had no idea about this part of his biography.

    • Maybe we are ghosts. Infused with the idea that we can roam the streets. 🙂
      Maybe it’s the (not so) random selection of pictures.
      I’d forgotten about that picture of Liechtenstein. But then, at that time most men (and some women) of his age were in the service. He was in the Army from 43 to 46. Just checked. (I think he probably went to every museum he could go to after ’45…
      How are you holding up at home? You have young children right? Must be hard on them too.

      • We’re all fine here – holding on to health and a job. Though the children old enough to want explanations – plus some certainties, because parent provide those, right!?
        Maybe we are ghosts! Excellent notion. Maybe writing, photography, any capturing of image, is like being a ghost, walking through walks, drifting overhead as people dream, watching, taking note.

      • 😎
        Now, yes, certainties… Well, Children, welcome to the real world. Some things can only be weathered. Not controlled. How old are they? Early teens?

      • Thinking of ghosts, there is a poem by Calderón de la Barca that you may like:
        “¿Qué es la vida? Una ilusión,
        una sombra, una ficción,
        y el mayor bien es pequeño:
        que toda la vida es sueño,
        y los sueños, sueños son.”
        And since I’d forgotten the exact words, I found the english version (reasonably good)
        “What is this life? A frenzy, an illusion,
        A shadow, a delirium, a fiction.
        The greatest good’s but little, and this life
        Is but a dream, and dreams are only dreams.”

  2. Pont d’Arcole avec l’église Saint-Gervais au fond.
    J’aime beaucoup Roy Lichtenstein également, sa ligne claire, ses aplats et ses trames.
    Merci, Brieuc, et une tranquille et néanmoins souriante journée à toi.

    • Quelle mémoire. Merci Gilles. Le pont d’Arcole bien sûr. Je ne connais pas le nom de tous les ponts de Paris. Je sais où est le pont, mais le nom m’échappe parfois. Ce que je fais souvent c’est faire un Google map pour confirmer. Merci M’sieur.
      Et nous sommes d’accord pour Liechtenstein… Cette expo était géniale. Je l’ai aussi vu au Giggenheim il y a qqs années… Il faudra retourner à NY. Comment vas-tu? Toujours confiné? Ta région est-elle un peu à l’écart du “Grand-Est”?
      Stay safe mon ami.

      • Ce que j’ai fait également, cher Brieuc, un petit tour sur une carte pour confirmer ce que je pensais.
        Ici, ma douce et moi-même supportons très bien le confinement. Il y aura même bien des choses à en conserver ! Je pense que nous sommes, pour l’instant, moins touchés que l’Alsace. Nous sommes également dans le Grand Est mais un peu moins Grand Est que l’Alsace.
        Une tranquille et joyeuse journée à toi, l’ami.

      • Haha! Je vois que nous avons parfois le même “fonctionnement”. Ta géographie me donnait en effet à penser cela. Il ne reste plus qu’à attendre. Bonne semaine Gilles

  3. I left my ray bans on a stump 35 years ago, I was working in the paddock on the farm, and the next day, couldn’t find them, damn cows. Thank you for the wonderful tour of Paris, and yes, Lichtenstein.

  4. Some beautiful stuff in there, Brian. I particularly love the door knocker and the bas relief from Angkor – what size is that (the bas relief)?

    I hope you and your family are well and coping with the pandemic and lockdowns, etc.

    • Hi Val. I was thinking of you the other day. 🙂 And this comment was cut out by WP… as sometimes happen. But I have a copy in my mail. Glad you liked the post. The bas-relief is human size or slightly more. That one is in Musée Guimet in Paris, (Could be a cast) but all or most of the bas-reliefs in Angkor are tall. (Need to go back)
      How have you been? Locked up I imagine. I hope you live in a house in the country. 🙂 Makes it less stifling. At any rate, stay put. Stay home, stay safe. This is a mean virus… Be good.

      • Yep, I’m in a house in the country. 🙂 I’m staying indoors apart from getting into the garden when I can. We get deliveries so I don’t need to go out. Thanks, Brian.

  5. Great message and lovely pictures. Yes we will. 🙏 I had completely missed on checking your blog posts for past so many months..not sure how. Catching up now lol

    • No worry. I have missed out on yours too. 🙂 I’m actually trying to “narrow down” the sites I follow, so I can easily access all that matter on the reader. Too much stuff there right now.
      Be safe my dear.

  6. What an amazing post ! I’ve never been to Paris and yet I felt connected and hopeful that someday I too shall walk these streets and the now ‘never to be forgotten’ pont .The art and your attention to details as usual were spot on. Bahut badiya Brian!

    • Dhanyavad… I’m glad you enjoyed the Paris stroll. How come you went to Italy and not to Paris? Just an hour’s flight. You’d already come all the way… 🙂

      • I guess I thought then, “We will always have Paris.” 😊
        From Italy, travelled to Sweden and it was a fantastic contrast in terms of colour, sound, weather( Italy was experiencing an Indian summer then), the art and architecture. It made me appreciate the two cultures even more.

  7. What an amazing post! I have never been to Paris and yet I felt connected and hopeful that someday I too shall walk these streets and the now ‘never to be forgotten’ Pont. The art and the attention to details was as usual spot on and so were your captions. Bahut badiya Brian!

    • LOL. No, just bad luck. wore them in a soft glass case attache to my belt. Didn’t close the case well. They fell somewhere. Don’t know where. Maybe at the Louvre, where I went after lunch… Not the end of the world, I got the same model or almost, so I’m fine…
      take care.

  8. “Paris sera toujours Paris!
    La plus belle ville du monde
    Malgré l’obscurité profonde
    Son éclat ne peut être assombri
    Paris sera toujours Paris!”
    Merci pour ce reportage
    J’espère que chez toi, tout va bien

    • On est bien d’accord… 😌
      Ça va. Il fait beau. La maison est grande. Plein de lumière dans la journée. On ne peut pas se plaindre. Les petits-enfants manquent, mais ça finira bien par s’arrêter.
      Au-delà des chiffres de santé, à frémir, je commence à m’inquiéter pour les entreprises. Ta boîte tient le coup?

      • Oui… Ça finira bien par s’arrêter, mais le prix sera élevé.
        Certaines petites entreprises ne survivront pas. Pour l’instant, la mienne continue à tourner presque normalement (si l’on peut parler de normalité en ce moment) et j’ai la chance de pouvoir encore faire du télétravail. Alors, de ce côté, je ne me plains pas.

      • I faut s’accrocher à tout ce qu’on peut, mais ça va être un désastre mondial pour les PME du monde entier. Ici, Mars et Avril sont les mois de paiement d’impôts pour les entreprises et les particuliers. Ils n’ont pas donné un jour de délai pour payer. Il n’y a aucune aide de chômage. Les TPE vont mettre la clé sous la porte.
        Enfin. One day at a time… Hauts les coeurs. On y arrivera.
        Biz. (Avec masque)

      • C’est complètement dingue. Vu de loin, la France est en voie de sous-développement… Mais peut-être que cette crise va faire réagir. Bon courage Mélie.

    • Thank you “Ally”. No worry. They had lasted a long time, and traveled to many a place. How are you faring in NY? Do you live in Manhattan or upstate? The curves are daunting. Be careful.

      • My husband and I are hanging in there. We’re pretty much taking one day at a time. Our neighbor across the street was shooting off his gun all weekend. It was very unsettling. I’m watching the news; parts of Louisiana have been leveled by a tornado.

      • Shooting his gun off? I guess that’s why gun-shops are deemed essential right?
        Sorry about Louisiana. Tornados are so powerful. (Went through a couple in Alabama. Still can’t get over the impression)
        Stay away form your neighbour. 😉

    • Glad you liked it. Le Pont Alexandre III is a sure win. 😉Thanks for the glasses. That was a few years ago. I got over it… 😩😩😩
      Tickets for Paris are bough for early July. I am getting increasingly concerned… 😔

  9. There are no great leaders right now.
    Greed, bureaucracy, the stock market and the 1% are fuc%!3g it all up.
    I hope a great leader will rise up from this death knell.

    • Agreed Resa. The thing is it’s always a flip of the coin. One can get Churchill, or Hitler… There are candidates.
      How are you taking confinement? You can’t go street art hunting any more or can you?
      (Going over to your blog. I understand the party went well?)

      • I understand the 2 sides of the coin.
        What we have always lacked is the 3rd side.
        Confinement sucks. However, going out, after 10 days, sucked more. My heart broke.

      • LOL. Agreed about the 3 rd side. 🙂 It is somthg We do need ultimately. Hopefully we will…
        Sorry about the broken heart. 💔 Don’t worry. It will mend. We shall get through this…

  10. Hey! What an amazing article 😍you know, I have just wrote about Paris. Check it out. Maybe you find smth there of yours too.

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