The street is Art. World tour.

2016-07-08 13.56.16

“Black magic man”. Carlos Santana. San Francisco, California. 2016.

2016-07-29 19.25.45

Rue de Seine, Paris. c.2016.


Bogotá, Colombia, 2017. More of this artist in a later post.


Asunción, Paraguay. 2019. (c)ourtesy Alex.


The saké man, Bangkok, Thailand. 2018.


Mexico city, 2020.


The divine dancers, Angkor, Cambodia, 2018. Around 9th-10th century AD.  I define street art as anything of Beauty, near or on a street… 🙏🏻


At the corner of Berlin and…


Liverpool Street. Mexico city 2020. If poetry is the chance encounter of two words that had never met before, many neighbourhoods in Mexico city can be poetic. Some have only river names. Other have mountains, other writers: Shakespeare St crosses Darwin St. Here, Berlin connects with Liverpool.


“The sound of music”. Bogotá, Colombia… 2017.


“Persistence”. Tlalpan, Mexico city. 2020. Surprisingly, this portrait has been on that wall for at least 3-4 years. Street art usually doesn’t last that long.


“Please allow me to introduce  myself. I’m a man of wealth and taste…” Jagger/(Richards). Paris, 15e Arrondissement. 2019.


“OMG”. Bogotá, Colombia. 2020. (c)ourtesy Oscar. Gracias hermano.


An ode to Peanuts. Métro Nationale, Paris, 2019.

SAF 081

“Lascia ogni speranza, o voi ch’entrate”. Abandon all hope, all ye who enter… Dante Allighieri, the Divine Comedy. Florence, Italy, 2016.

To be continued. Never abandon hope. 🙂

Thank you for hopping along on Equinoxio’s Time-Space shuttle. Stopping over in… shall we say… Dante’s Florence? Best wishes to our Italian friends who are in a dire situation; to France, Germany and the US, who are beginning to be hit. Best wishes to everyone worldwide actually. This thing knows no frontiers. An additional hope however: may international cooperation be restored. Sooner than later. Stay home. Stay safe.

A sad update: I just learnt that “Colonialist”, Aka Les Noble, has left us on March 13. Lost his final battle to cancer. To say that I’m in shock is an understatement. Les was a very talented man, and one of the greatest senses of humour I ever knew… Wherever you are now, keep cracking jokes, Les. We will miss you.



107 thoughts on “The street is Art. World tour.

  1. I like your articles which make me travel in art …

    In France, we are attacking our second week of confinement (there is even a curfew in certain cities) and I am afraid it will be very long … Can’t wait for them to find this vaccine !!

    • I know. only one week there. Be ready for a month. They will probably extend it. Politicians are unable to tell the whole truth form the start… (A friend of. mine once told me that if you ask any politician what s/he had for breakfast, s/he will likely lie.
      Vaccine is at least a year away. Nivaquine, according to Didier Raoult could be an option. They need to test it full scale now.
      Stay home. Stay safe.
      Fais attention +a toi et aux tiens, Mélie.

    • There’s an old book by Xavier de Maistre: “Voyage autour de ma chambre”, where the author travels only in his room. I have a 19th century edition somewhere. Time to read it again. Stay safe.

  2. Thank you for your posts. Inspiring images and art on the street across the world. I have a wall that I paint with images, quotes, poetry, covid19 safety instructions! ! ! If there is one thing we can learn from this horrendous virus it is how to support each other and keep each other safe as we are all the same, we are all vulnerable. Thank you again Stay Safe From Splott in Cardiff Wales UK

    • Thank you for your visit and words… Yes, hopefully we will learn again to help each other…
      Cardiff now? So you must know where the Cotswolds are? 😉
      Couldn’t find the link to your blog… would you mind terribly sending me one?
      Stay safe from Mexico.

  3. Thank you for another street art tour! I love street art! And the dancers from Angkor are very beautiful indeed.
    I don’t really know anything about Les Noble and couldn’t find anything via Google either. But I am sorry to hear that he died of cancer. It is an awful death.

  4. A telling inclusion is Dante given the times, sorry to hear of the death of your friend, I love the incongruent of Liverpool in Mexico. Another feast to indulge.

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  6. I love your wandering images. I think, cooped up here at home as I am, that dreaming of wandering the Mexico streets and seeing the street art has put me into a graceful and grateful mood. thank you. J.

    • Well, Janet, you just made my day. 🙂 I hope you guys are safely tucked in. We shall overcome… (Time to listen to Pete Sieger again) Be safe, you and yours.

  7. Thanks so much for yet another inspiring post. I love seeing street art from different parts of the world. I hope all is well. We are on our second week of isolation. It’s time for slowing down and for learning live with less. It’s time for love and family and reflection. Let’s hope, once this pandemic is over, there’s more compassion and less complaining. We as human beings need to finally step up and change the way we live and treat others. Stay safe 😊 Aiva

    • Pleasure Aiva. May we all learn something form this period. I also form a very special wish: that we learn from this experience ways to change society. Ambitious? Possibly. Vague? yes, can go any direction. But we just can’t keep “functioning” the same way.
      Take care.

  8. Cher Mzungu – Merci pour cet evasion fantasmagorique. I wish you and your family much peace and health. I am basking in the silence and stillness. Je t’embrasse, mon ami.

    • Silence is not bad. I like it. I remember the silence of climbing mountains. Of diving from an airplane… Helos you collect your thoughts…
      Moi aussi ma grande… 💕

  9. Fun to see these photos and remember there is life on the other side of this pandemic. Have you had to cancel travel plans this year? We’ve got our annual Paris trip scheduled in October. I’m hopeful we will be able to go. Stay safe. Thanks for giving me a boost today.

  10. Most enjoyable post! Thank you.
    It seems international cooperation is on the table, but I just saw a report that the USA won’t play unless it the virus gets called/named the Wuhan Virus!

    • The Tramp is a total moron. He has cut international ties and cooperation almost to a point of no-return. My only consolation is that since his “empire” is mostly real estate and hotels, he must be taking a beating… LOL.

    • Flattery will get you anywhere ma’maji. 🙂
      Glad you like the escape. Other eyes, other streets, other art. It’s all re-presentation. A presentation anew…
      Thank you for your words. Yes, he was a blogger. From South Africa. Whacky sense of humour. He will be missed.
      Stay safe.

      • Hugs back. With social distance and all that…
        Yes. “Ceasing to be”. Were we ever actually?
        Go back to Old Will’s “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow…” one of the very few quotes I know to the full. I guess it has all the noise and fury to qualify for today’s crazy days…
        Phir milenge, ma’amji.

  11. I lived for six years in Liverpool and now live in Berlin (they are kindred spirits), so I feel a certain affinity for your that road crossing. A great street art selection, Brian. I didn’t know Les, but may the road rise up meet him…

    • 6 years in Liverpool now? Do you speak the local lingo? 😉
      The way streets are named here is always very poetic. Musset crosses Homero. Hegel is next to Lope de Vega. Und so vort…
      He was a great guy. You would probably have disagreed with many of his statements… He was half English, half Afrikaner, and called his blog “Colonialist”. Whacky sense of humour. But I liked the bloke.

    • My favorite? Hmmm. Hard to say. There’s a reason I post them all… 🙂 The apsaras in Angkor. Reminds me of the magnificence of the place. Dante too. Because of Florence and the Infierno… Any convergence to what Italy and the world are going through? 🙂
      Which is or are yours?

    • Hi Nilla. (One L or 2?) 🤔 Your comment had gone to spam. Wonder why. Hope you’re all right.
      Now the SAntana painting was part of many other subjects we saw on or around Mission St. A different part of SF. Did you ever go to San Francisco (make sure to wear flowers in your hair)
      I hope your friends in Italy are all right… 🙏🏻

      • 2 Ls 😉
        Not sure, I’ve had the same with readers that comment on my posts on a regular basis – not sure what WP is doing.
        No, I haven’t been to San Fran (cool song) and really need to see more of the US.
        So far friends and family in Italy are all OK – hope it stays that way. Hope you guys stay safe also. 🙂

      • Not too sure what WP rules are either… The important thing is to find a way around. Glad about your Italian friends and relations. Italy is really taking a bad hit. And we left them alone for a while. To the point that Ursula Von der Leyen, the EU Commission president has formerly apologized…
        Be good.

      • There’s always an alternative solution around technology, there has to be…
        Yes, it is but many smoke in Italy, there are a lot of elderly people, and it’s a very social culture, so not a great mix by any means.
        Always… 😉

      • I look at the graphs every night. Waiting for an inflection point on the Italian curves… Not yet though. Fingers crossed.
        Be good Nilla with 2 L’s…

      • You’re right about being positive. Though it is not a good thing that Singapore be on the rise. One had hope that their approach could have been the right one. One day at a time… 😉😷🙏🏻

      • Gotta stay positive. 😉
        Yes, thought they had it under control. I’ve read that China has re-opened it’s live animal markets and the very one where the virus started but not sure whether this is “fake news” or the truth. Hard to tell these days…

      • Hard indeed. My most reliable cahnnel of information is through our MD daughter at the hospital. She tells us of the chains of contagion they have identified. generally going back to stupid, careless behaviours infecting dozens of people already. Obviously the local gvt stats are blatant lies. Anywhere I guess…
        Stay safe.

      • You’re lucky to have genuine news not like the rest of the population!
        Governments always lie to its people – this hasn’t changed over thousands of year and it won’t change anytime soon. Long live the revolution! 😉

      • I’m beginning to think like you. (Though in my “experience” revolution always ended up putting other morons in power, and the people keep on paying the price. But that’s another issue…)😎
        I still insist that what HAS changed in the last century is enormous: education of the people. My grandfather (mother’s side. Father’s side was a graduate of Naval Academy) only finished secondary school. My mother didn’t finish high school because of the war. Illiteracy is down everywhere. And yet we still allow ourselves to be ruled by idiots… That must change.
        Be safe

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