Square root.


Cubic root.


We were roots once…


Sunbathing root.


Root procession.


“We shall overcome…”


“Michael row the boat ashore…”


Root control.


The root of the problem.


Speechless roots.


“I’m filling a crack where the rain gets in…” (Lennon/McCartney)


The root of success.

Yes. That is a tree in the middle of the street. “Our tree, in the middle of the street…”



83 thoughts on “Roots

  1. Clever idea for a post for sure. You must walk around with your camera out 100% of the time. (I can relate.) Does this annoy your family? Or do you go out for walks on your own to experience all of this? Some of my favorite travel partners are very patient with my stopping often for photographs. And of course depending on the situation I choose to leave it at home and just experience.

    • I only take my IPhone in the backpocket of. my trousers. Practical. I see a shot, I take it if I can. My wife is used to it now… 🙂 And I do go out on walks almost every day. But I gave up on the weight and bulk of cameras a long time ago. My Asahi Pentax is hanging in the library. Iphones are limited, but for urban photography, it’s generally enough.
      And you are right to leave your camera at home sometimes. 🙂
      Take care Jenny.

  2. Les racines sont le moyen que les arbres ont trouvé pour toucher la sagesse des anciens … et les branches et les feuilles pour parler aux Dieux. Respect !
    Merci, Brieuc, et un doux et heureux après-midi à toi.

  3. I love this series, Brian. And your captions. I am continually fascinated by the trees in San Francisco that are planted like this which often break through the sidewalk and create these crazy root systems. They somehow adapt…until the tree cutting men come along and end it all- that always makes me sad.

    • Le logo PMR? Euh… Personne à Mobilité Réduite je suppose? J’en ai vu plusieurs dans le quartier. Croisement de deux règles bureaucratiques: 1) Faire des descentes de fauteuil roulant dans tous les coins. Même si le trottoir n’est pas assez large. 2) Interdit de couper un seul arbre… Résultat… Absurde… Bon ouiquande.

      • Ouiquande, c’est une vieille blague. 🙂 Mais Google est très pratique. Par ex. Quand j’ai un doute d’orthographe, double consonnes par ex. Je tape dans Goggle et mon doute est réglé. A +

  4. For some reason, some of these remind me of an elephant’s foot, especially the first. If trees spoke, I think we’d expect them to be on credit wise. Come to think of it, I feel that way about elephants, too.

    • I wonder if you could help me. Since I have commented here I get email notifications of all your communication on this block. I have no idea how to stop this.

      • Hi Klausbernd. Sorry about that. I’m outside right now bit I suspect you accidentally clicked a small box below like or below your comment. The box would say “keep me informed of all comments on this post” or simething like that. Look at your original comment on the post and let me know.

      • It happened to me a long time ago with other blogs and it can be a pain in the … let me know if you found the box. Otherwise i will check it on my Mac in the afternoon. Best of luck

      • Done. I eliminated your original comment. I couldn’t just edit it. If you keep getting more comments, I’ll erase all our chain, your comments and mine. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  5. Thank you for your kind answer. I thought so as well. Unfortunately I can’t edit my original comment and change it. I tried to google it as well but in vain. I am afraid I have to live with this. Thanks again for your help.
    Klausbernd 🙂

  6. This post reminded me of a hotel I once stayed at in Tunis. It had a tree growing through the middle of it, less inconvenient than one in the middle of the street I imagine! I have a love-hate relationship with roots, my daily cycle to work is blighted by roots that have made the cycle path into an uncomfortable obstacle course.

  7. Thought I’d check out your Feb 2020 list as seem to have missed this one – probably due to COVID.
    Love roots especially the gnarliness. Nature offers wonderful patterns. Cool photos Brian.

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