Sell Art, Buy A Yacht … Budapest Street Art

Another fantastic street art post by Paul Bell.

Notes from Camelid Country

It’s no surprise that a city like Budapest, with its cutting edge cultural attractions and a long history as an artistic centre, should have some impressive street art. Yet, I was still surprised by the wealth of building-sized art that is scattered across the central part of the city. Their approach is somewhat different to Berlin, where street art still feels a bit underground. In Budapest, the walls are more curated, deliberately transforming the city into a colourful canvass.

This is largely the result of the annual Színes Város Festival, or Colourful City Festival. Since 2014, they have been commissioning artists to brighten up the cityscape, and the festival has endowed central Budapest with some magnificent public artworks. While many of the invited artists are international, the festival has provided a shop window for homegrown talent. The Neopaint collective are particularly well represented.

Laura by Vilmos Aba-Novák, Street Art…

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42 thoughts on “Sell Art, Buy A Yacht … Budapest Street Art

    • Agatha! So nice to hear from you… How was your trip across the remnants of the Empire? (I assume that’s where you went of course, in search of the forgotten scone?)
      Now the monkey? I’m afraid I’m not at liberty to say… Information will be restricted now because of Brexit.
      How have you been?

  1. I love this mural! Oh darn, looks like I will have to go back to Budapest to see what they have going on. I am such a big fan of street art! Thank you for this information.

      • That is pretty far ahead!!!!!!! I leave for Portugal in 2 months. Going out West for 2 weeks in the summer and a couple of weeks later to Toronto for a long weekend. Also to Nashville in October.
        In 2021, heading to Sri Lanka in the spring and planning on Egypt in November.
        I have a couple of blogs on Paris if you are looking for things to do there. 🙂

      • Far ahead? Summer in Paris? Egypt in Nov 2021 is far ahead… 🙂 (Be careful there. Lots of crazies)
        Sri Lanka does call my attention. My parents went there in ’52.
        Being French I know Paris inside out, but I’m always looking for different perspectives. There’s always something new to discover. e.g. I had never been to the flea market at Saint-Ouen until I saw Woody allen’s “Midnight in Paris”. So send the links… 🙂

  2. I am a planner. I keep hearing that about Egypt but I have always wanted to go. So go I must! hee hee
    The first blog my not be much to your liking since it is about the Eiffel Tower:
    Since you are into artsy stuff, this one might be of interest to you:
    This has some of the big touristy items but some off the beaten path ones as well:
    And last but not least is my fun journey across Paris looking for Space Invaders. Another one I think you will like:

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