Street art Paris.


La butte aux cailles, literally, the partridge hill, is a neighbourhood in the southwest of Paris. It was a blue collar neighbourhood in the 19th century, and still retains many of the cute old, 18-19th century buildings.


Wouldn’t mind buying a flat there. 🙂


It has become a haven for street art in Paris in recent years.


In 1783, la butte aux cailles was the landing site of the first manned flight ever in a montgolfière (balloon), “driven” by Pilâtre du Rosier. They took off in the 16th arrondissement, northwest of the Seine, flew south-east to La butte aux cailles in 20 minutes. Takes longer now in car or metro…


Sadly, much street art is quickly defaced. Take a minute to read.



Le temps est un serial qui leurre… Time is a serial that lures… play-on-words on “qui leurre” (misleads or lures) which is pronounced “killer”. Miss Tic (born in 1956) is a talented French street art artist. The nickname “Mistic” is very important for our family. Those are for you, Mistic.


A power box. Artist would be Moyoshi?


The little boy jumping into the wall is a recurring theme.


Detail of a great artist I could not identify. Allow me to again express my views on street art. Of course there are tags, of course, often private property is defaced, BUT, the crafst(wo)manship of many is top quality. Not anyone can draw/paint such a quality work as above. Compare the detail:


With its inspiration:


Klimt at Atelier des lumières, Paris, 2018.


“Come dance with me”. (Just made it up.) 🙂



No need to translate is there?


Do you recognize the artist? (same as above)


Red door and white flowers. See Jagger/Richards for details.


Power (bird) box.

To get to Butte-aux-cailles, take line 6, Nation par Denfert-Rochereau, stop at Corvisart and walk up the hill. You can grab lunch easily in one or the other bistro. Then take line 6 again, direction Nation, pass Place d’Italie and stop at Nationale. Another impressive display of street art. Building tall. Neat.


Les beaux yeux. Pretty eyes. Wot? Not street art? Anything on the street is art. (Or so I say)


Les yeux posés. Hmmm. A tough translation. Eyes set? (On something).

The rest is easier: “Open your eyes”, by Jef Aérosol.

The ancient Greeks had isolated three major concepts:




Le beau, le bien, le vrai. Unlike many binary human concepts (yin/yang, good/bad, true/false) it is a tertiary concept. You can use it as a grid to “read” the world. Is that good? Is that true? Is that beautiful?

In the current world state of affairs, keep your eyes open for Beauty, Truth and Good.

Thank you for flying Equinoxio. May you have a beautiful week.




123 thoughts on “Street art Paris.

    • Pleasure Libre. Actually I didn’t know that place either, and I do know most of Paris inside and out. Saw it on another blogger’s post. Inquired, then went on my next trip.
      About Klimt, I had another picture of Klimt from the Atelier des lumières the street painting was based on, but couldn’d find it in my files. Went to the next best. Hope all is well with you? (Job hunting? A few leads?)

      • Still looking, thanks for asking! A sign of the times perhaps that there are so many temporary contracts and so few permanent posts. In my pre-child days but not now.

    • I don’t. I make my own route. Been walking the streets anywhere for more than 50 years… 🙂 might as well go on. What I have started to do in Paris is to “Boogle” general areas where there might be street art, then take the tube.
      Glad you liked it Hedy. Be good.

      • You can add your images to the app so when people visit Paris they can also see them…it’s great to see for sure Brian ☺️🤓 thank you 😀 it’s snowing ❄️ I’m watching the Crown 🤓

    • My pleasure my dear. 🙂
      I realized only a few years ago, looking at the Seine, in front of Notre-Dame, that I’d been looking for Beauty till the end of the world (almost) while It had been there in Paris all the time. 😉 Silly me.
      Yes, in those days when Truth and Good are in peril, Beauty can be a salvation.
      Thanks for the visit and comment.

  1. Really like the Klimt-inspired ones – the crackle and the patterns and design all stand out.
    And each art selection is so interesting – I wonder the stories of how they came to do what they do – and when you give us details like the bits about Mis Tic norm in ’56 – well makes one wonder the stories!!
    and that defaced one is truly sad with the depiction – seems like someone’s very personal and tragic story – or it might have been a message to stop that stuff in an overall context/ hmmm –

    • Yes, each work tells a story. Which is why Art is so important. Tells us stories. Think of a Van Dijk portrait early 1600’s. Dark background and clothes, a white lace collar and cuffs. Who was this gentleman? This lady? what was their name? 🙂
      Miss Tic came as a surprise (Good thing about Boogle, quick and clean research) I thought she was much younger. (My little sister was born in ’56). But glad to know she was wellrecognized as an artist and could make a living of her art.
      And the message/story? Maybe personal and/or overall. Fact is, we need to put an end to all that boiling violence…
      Thanks for visiting and commenting. 🙂

      • Haha! Don’t hold your breath. “Boogle” is just a play-on-word, a contraction between Google and Bing. (I don’t like the power Google is gaining from all the zillions keystrokes every second over the entire world. ‘cept China) 🙂

      • Check out “duck duck go”
        And while I don’t like the power of the big G- they usually are the very best! And my hubs fav…
        However – recently they changed their programming again and this time interferes with alternative health site options – I am so so so sad too because some of the very alternative health websites that helped me heal from an “undiagnoseable” condition are now harder to access – and sad for folks who want these options – anyhow – right after the change I could not find one of the sites and went into duck duck go search engine and found it immediately – whew
        So the big G rocks and has provided a lot of services in exchange for owning us – but has flaws and has dangers

      • Looked up Duckduck. Interesting.
        Sorry about the re-programming. Did you write down the names of the alternative sites?
        A few years ago, after I sold my Market research firm, I still worked as a consultant and used Google Trends as an analysis tool, cross referencing with other data. Just think Google has kept track of every single word search for years, all over the world. You can track Coca Cola and run it across Ad expenditures. Or sales. Very powerful.
        That is just the problem. No power should be concentrated in one hand. That’s why they invented checks and balances…

      • Yes – very much fun need of checks and balances and interesting about the word search.
        And yes – I did write down the sites – but in an old journal and it is in a box – but I will get it if needed – and it was not because the site I wanted came right up with my “key word” –
        But I guess sites like dr. Axe and marks daily apple and dr Mark Hyman and dr Sircus (alternative hacks galore) have been hit hard with the changes – and maybe bulletproof blog – either way –
        On the flip side – so feel as if google keeps us safe and then last month overheard a health coach mention that google “fairies” make videos for him and he was super grateful –

      • AS long as you know where to find the sites’ address. I confess I know nothing about the sites you mention. I don’t inquire much into the alternative. Let’s hope Google does implement safety nets… Cheers

      • cheers – ((and just saw a new equinoxio21 post arrive in my reader – looking forward to checking out your latest street art – be by later and TTYS))

      • Borrowed street art. From Flavia Vinci, who’s been travelling in South America and found great street art in Montevideo. (Never remember whether it’s Uruguay – I think – or Paraguay…)

  2. Fantastic as always Brian!
    Some ugly old places can be pepped up by street artists. I am always amazed how they can paint such a huge painting in scale.( Hope I have written this correctly).

  3. An area that I have earmarked for our next Paris visit (we love Paris). “Paint it black” is on our play list, but it would not be the first thing I would think about when seeing that pretty entrance. 😉

  4. Beauty, truth, and good. Concepts we could all be reminded of in this day and age.

    Mistic has been meaningful to me ever since you introduced her to me and I saw her all over Paris on my trips. Thank you.

    Happy “hump” day as some call it here.

  5. Brilliant. I just had a similar thought recently: beauty is truth, truth beauty. (Of course, a poet said that before. But which one? I’d need to google it.) And where is truth? In between and all around. You make me want to do just the stroll you propose.

    • To the Ancient Greeks, the three concepts were linked. You could not have Good without Truth. Truth could not be without Beauty, etc. It’s a good “reading” grid to me. Is that True? Is that Good? Is that Beautiful?
      Do take the stroll…
      Bon week-end.

  6. “Boogle” is just a play-on-word, a contraction between Google and Bing. (I don’t like the power Google is gaining from all the zillions keystrokes every second over the entire world. ‘cept China) 🙂

    Clever portmanteau. And yes, Google is now a Goliath and still growing.

  7. A nice collection, Brian. I don’t recognise the artist, but those pieces are extraordinarily detailed. Couldn’t agree more that, even if you don’t like street art on principle, the skill and creativity is quite amazing – regardless of whether it is covering the side of a building or is postcard-sized. Another reminder to return to Paris soon…

    • I won’t forget that you introduced me to street art. There was a post in Holland, with the figure of a king of hearts or spades, and I sort of clicked… Thank you my friend. (And do return to Paris, but in the Spring. Nicer.)

      • I’m glad my ‘obsession’ with street art had a positive side! Once you ‘notice’ street art, it’s hard not to see it everywhere in the urban landscape. I like that about it, ever present but easy to overlook.

      • Agreed. With the advantage that I carry my “camera” (i.e. Iphone) in my back pocket all the time. So if an opportunity presents itself… Click-Clack.

    • True. I originally thought about it as tags. And lot of it is… But over the last 5-10 years, street art has developed into a true art. Great artists paint with great talent. I personally think that after the dead end 20th century art went to, street art is a renewal of art as a representation.

  8. I love that we both have written about La Butte-aux-Cailles but we do not have any of the same pieces of street art!! There are so many beautiful murals and paste-ups there it is so difficult to choose what to post! I love the Seth_theglobepainter one you decided to post.

    • True. Not on this post. The Seth kids I posted a while ago in another post. I also saw a David Selor near les Halles. Yet another post. Also good pieces by Mystic. 🙂 La butte-aux-cailles is a haven for street art. I’ll probably go back next summer. (We go to Paris once a year)
      Right now, I’ll go back to your post to look at it with all due time. Cheers.

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