She Is Gone … Berlin Street Art

Another great street art post by my friend Paul. Straight from Berlin.

Notes from Camelid Country

Berlin is synonymous with street art, and a handful of street artists are famed as much for their relationship with Berlin as they are for their art. That balance has been a little disrupted by initiatives like the Berlin Mural Fest, which brings international artists to paint giant murals on buildings in locations all over town. It has furnished the city with a wealth of dramatic statement pieces that attract visitors from around the world, and which comes with its own app.

I’m slowly making my way around the city to visit some of them. It’s pretty impressive and, for the time-being, this more ‘corporate’ approach seems to co-exist harmoniously with Berlin’s more traditional grassroots approach. Whether that uneasy peace will endure is yet to be seen, but as street art becomes ever more associated with tourism, I’d imagine the backlash in this city is only a matter of…

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26 thoughts on “She Is Gone … Berlin Street Art

  1. So cool. I just traveled to Little Rock, Arkansas and they had some really cool street art and art installations. Check out my most recent blog to see what I posted about it!

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