Pot-pourri in colours


Red. Cuernavaca. Easter 2019.


Beige. (Fallen) angels, Cachivaches, Bogotá, December 2017.


Blue. Breaking news: “Where has Theresa May(be) been (hiding) in the past few weeks? Some sources in Blackburn, Lancashire put her on holiday. But no. She has eloped with Macron. Brigitte is reportedly devastated.”


Terre de sienne. Amboseli National park, Kenya, 1988.


Azul. Mexico city, 2019.


Bronze. Les trois grâces, Maillol, Tuileries, Paris. c. 2015.


AirBn’B Blue, Cuernavaca, Easter 2019.


Wood and paper. (Not a colour?) Tlalpan, May 2019.


Roots. Cuerna. That garden was fab.


B&W. Diane de France. 1538-1619, natural daughter of King Henri II and possibly Diane de Poitiers, she played a pacifying role in the wars of religion between Catholics and Protestants. She reconciled her half brother, King Henri III with Henri de Navarre, future king Henri IV. (In Histoire populaire de la France, 1865; yet another book under restoration…)


Sylvie Vartan, 1965; one of the Yé-yé girls and first wife to Johnny Haliday, our late top Rock star. (Gare de Lyon, 2018)


In the “Beers of the world” series: “Alimaña”. Quite decent.

18 20160815_172315-A

Grey. “Joie”. Joy. In the cour carrée of the Louvre.


Wood steel and copper. Coffee grinder by Peugeot. Yes, the car manufacturer. I put it at the beginning of the 20th century.


Yellow. Tlalpan, Mexico city.


“Colour specialist.” At the hairdresser nearby.


Rosa Mexicano. Mexican pink. Tlalpan, Mexico city.


Black & White. L. to r., top to bottom:

“Where am I?”

“Who, who are you?” “Pancho’s niece, your friend.”

“Pancho? Where is he?” “At your funeral, but hush, you must rest.”

In Golden creek, 1955, by Jijé, 1954. Jijé was one of the greatest Belgian comic artists. Those black and white stripes are among my favourites.

Thank you for flying Equinoxio’s Time-Space shuttle. Have a most colourful week.


37 thoughts on “Pot-pourri in colours

    • You’re right. I had only the faintest recollection of that. Johnny Haliday, wasn’t fit to carry Jimi’s guitar case… But then Haliday already had a long career in France… And Jimi was not so well known. Just looked it up. It was in “small town” in Normandy. He played for 15 minutes. The critics went “Johny’s new discovery, a bad cocktail of James Brown and Chuck berry who wriggled on the stage and even played with his teeth.” Name of the critic withheld! 🙂
      Thanks for the “trivia”.

    • La bacchante? La bacchante? Quelle bacchante? (Parfois je ne vois pas les mêmes choses dans mes posts que mes visiteurs – du soir.) Maillol? Sylvie? Non! Ah. Au louvre. “Joie”. Oui c’est probablement une Bacchante. 🙂
      Bonne soirée Gilles.

      • En effet “joie” est en fait une bacchante … ce qui va bien avec la joie. Je me suis demandé ce que le sculpteur avait imaginé sortir de l’amphore, de la bière (version originale) ou du vin (version tardive).
        Une toute belle et heureuse journée à toi, Brieuc.

  1. Well, isn’t this just a fabulous rainbow, with some extra colors added. 🙂 Speaking of Johnny Halliday, one of the last things I saw before I left France was his funeral on TV. I was so impressed by it all – the thousands of motorcycles escorting him through the streets of Paris, the devotion of his fans, the priests sermon. Monsieur Riso was amused by my fascination, but I explained that it was a cultural event in my eyes. No star would ever get that kind of treatment in the US. Truly beautiful. But then I’ve been informed that lots of drama began right after…

    • You know I’m slightly colour-blind? Some colours I can’t tell form the other. Some greens and marroon. 🙂
      And Johnny? He was Johnny, with his istakes and failures, and heart. Not such a good musician, but the French can be tune deaf, so it didn’t matter. For most, they were burying their youth. Yes, a cultural event. 🙂
      Maybe it would not happen this way in the US, but I’m sure Jagger or McCartney will have a huge crowd.
      And the drama after? Money, money, that’s what Balzac wrote about. Nothing’s changed.

      • Yeah, France…country of les petits voix. France Gall…need I say more. 🙂But it was a delight to be so immersed in that culture for so very long. It’s truly part of me now. Sometimes I still feel more comfortable expressing myself in French. I talk to the trees when that happens.

      • Bonjour mon bel arbre… 🙂
        I understand. Despite the time I’ve been away, the distance, and the defects they have, I still miss France. Which makes my annual trip so important.
        Bonne soirée ma grande. 🙂

    • She is the perfect demonstration of what Françoise Giroud, the first French minister of Feminine condition said a long time ago: “When incompetent women will be placed in positions of maximum power we will know that female equality has been achieved.” 😦

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