World Street Art


Marylin waiting for the bus. Penang, Malaysia, 2017.


“Looking for truth and a flat.” In that order? The flat can be arranged. But Truth? Paris, La butte-aux-cailles, 2018.

2016-07-08 11.17.27-A

Can’t make head from…


2016-07-08 11.16.58

Tail… San Francisco, 2016. I simply can’t understand why the powers-that-be put a bus stop in front of perfectly good Street Art! Can’t take a decent shot. Seriously!

IMG_0737 Siem reap

May the Buddha be with you. Siem Reap, Cambodia, January 2018.


Brussels. Can’t remember who the comics characters are… Wait! Wonders of Internet, Victor Sackville by Francis Carin… A British Intelligence agent during WWI and the 20’s. (M.I. 5 or M.I. 6, I never could tell the difference.)

Bogotá, Colombia. Special menu at 18,000 Pesos. Trout or Beef. A bargain.


Changi Airport, Singapore, 2018. (Not a street? So?) The best airport I know. Impressive.

2016-07-08 13.44.50 SF

Back to San Francisco. I should have moved the trash cans, I know.

2016-07-31 16.36.55-A

The Annunciation. Saint-Germain-l’Auxerrois church, Paris. I would put the painting around late 1400’s, early 1500’s. A beauty. To the picky: churches are on a street, hence church art = street art.


UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico). “Goya!” for UNAM would be the equivalent of “Roll Tide” for the “Univershity of Alabamer, Tuscalooser”.


I Forgot… What did I forget? Paris, Butte-aux-cailles.


Tintin and Snowy, aka Milou, on 15th Avenue, Bogotá, Colombia.


Reflection on Love. Paris, Rue Saint-André-des-Arts.

2016-08-04 15.31.22 LDN

Boris (Judas) Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn riding the Brexit dragon. Can’t really finish on that one, can I? All right. Two more:

IMG_9761-A Bangkok

Shades of the tiger, Bangkok, 2018.

IMG_8787-A Sing

Balance. Singapore, 2017.

Wishing you a week-ed of peace and balance.



63 thoughts on “World Street Art

    • Agreed. It was fun to see Marylin on the walls of a typical south-East asian town. The girl with the bandana gained power as I enlarged it, and the dancer in all its simplicity is probably my favourite. Have a great Sunday. 🙂

  1. Cool series! In Dutch Tintin is called Kuifje and his dog is named Bobbie. Kuifje because of his hair lock, and Bobbie… I don’t know, maybe the translater found it sounding good. Whatever – the characters are the same. 🙂

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    • That’s a good one! Actually no. It has to do with the way I take pictures. Snap. For street art, it can be complicated because cars or bus stops can get in the way. So I just move to get another angle. Don’t think too much. Take the picture and then edit. I probably didn’t really see the trash cans. 😉

  3. Simply stunning! I so envy the freedom you have to wander about like this.
    I have considered going Downtown in Jo’burg, but I would stand out like a sore thumb and waving a camera I might as well raise a sign saying Please Mug Me…

    • I know. My cousin and you paint a dire portrait of Jo’burg. What I did in Bogotá was to strike a deal with my niece and her boyfriend. He drove, we took pictures. In some pretty shaky neighbourhoods, I wouldn’t even go down form the car. It was early morning on Good Friday, so wasn’t much people out. I guess you have to evaluate the dangerousness. And not take unnecessary risks. Here in Mexico there are a few zones with great street art that we cross on the way to other parts, but I wouldn’t walk the street much, even in daylight. 🙂

      • It is unfortunate to feel this way. And even if some of those feelings are more imagined than real, I still would not feel comfortable enough to take such a risk.
        And yet, I worked in the centre of the City for years; in the Carlton Centre, and also in Main Street, less than a minute from the Carlton Hotel.
        In those days I would merrily stroll around Johannesburg with no thought other than to Sight-see ( initially) or to shop.
        As Dylan sang … ”The times they are etc etc …”

      • Don’t expose yourself. As I grow older (but not wiser) I realize how easy it is to screw a country or a place up. And how long it takes to lift it back up. Case in point: New York late 70’s. The Metro was very dangerous. You wouldn’t ride it after 8 or 9PM. And some parts of downtown Mahattan were the same. It took years to make New York a safe place again. 🙂

    • Haha! Yes! People!
      And I’m glad you liked the dancer. I wavered a bit before putting her at the end. But it seems to have been a good choice, based on visitors comments. Have a great week.

  4. Fabulous art here! Thank you!
    My fave is when there is a beautiful piece of street art, and they plant trees in front of it. ????
    Well, at least there is art there…somewhere! 😀

      • All I remember (other than being surprised) is that I’d taken a boat on the river and then was wandering through some nearby streets. Doubt I could find it now!

      • I don’t think I could either, unless I went back to the other pictures, using the pic number and the adjacent. This could have been on the left bank on our way to a terrace for a beer at sunset. 🙂

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