The Drama of The Yellow Vests: Act Four

A first-hand talented account by Kai Maristed on the Paris events.
(Pay particular attention to the horses’ eyes…)



Those talking heads who say they saw the insurrection coming? – in this amplitude, in this form? are lying. Or, at best, kidding themselves.

A few facts, as the rain and the sanitation trucks collaborate to try to clean the trashed streets of Paris:

Yesterday didn’t quite add up to the apocalypse that some, including members of the government, had feared. No one died. Perhaps thanks to a change of strategy: the 89,000 police and gendarmes mobilized in all France, roughly twice as many as the week before, were more widely dispersed and quicker to search and seize (flashbombs, hammers, ‘boules’, masks etc) than on December 1. They made almost two thousand arrests, again more than double the week before.

The government’s agreement to major yellow vest demands (tax repeals, raising the minimum wage etc.) seems to have fallen on deaf ears. Irrelevant? The number of demonstrators nation-wide: 36,000, same…

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22 thoughts on “The Drama of The Yellow Vests: Act Four

  1. I subscribe to Kai’s blog so saw this. I’m glad you reposted.
    I’m staring out the window to the remaining dead oak leaves which held on through wind and snow. Today, finally, temps above freezing and sunny. 2018 will, no doubt, go down as an interesting year in the history books. J.

    • Haha! I do see that some of us flutter around the same blogs… 🙂 Common interests maybe? 😉
      Glad it is warming up for you guys. Here, temp is dropping. (12-13C for us IS cold!)
      History books… I hope it won’t end up in total disaster. Brexit looks to be steering with abrupt exit. The Italians are watching the French budget slide so they can have more leverage with Brussels…
      Take care “Juanita”

    • Who knows. I just read first-hand account by a Lady cop who was in Saturday’s fighting, it is blood curdling. She says: “we were the prey and they were the hunters”. A cop… 😦
      (Enjoy the pool)

    • Agreed on both counts. There are severe problems in French society. e.g. median income is 1600 Euros, 50% earn 1600 Euros or less. Think 1600 US dollars in terms of purchasing power… many people really can’t make ends meet. But the violence of the last few weeks? No.
      Thanks for the visit.

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