A farewell to London. Brexit

2016-08-05 20.01.46

Last Sunday, Theresa May(be) signed the Brexit agreement with the European Union. Regardless of what Parliament decides, it is time to bid farewell to London and our English friends. Above: the bridges will be closed to continental ships. At long last.

2016-08-04 14.50.13

“I see a red door and I want to paint it black…” Jagger and Richards will have to sell their properties on the Continent. Or apply for asylum in Italy?

2016-08-03 19.59.08

The George will remain forever. And go back to selling lukewarm beer, free at last of Brussels regulations to serve beer at a shocking 4ºC. Continentals!

2016-08-03 19.58.24-A

Twinings was established in 1706, so they don’t care.

2016-08-03 20.18.17-A

Covent Graden: a reflection on Brexit. Nothing.

2016-08-03 20.20.04

Smoking pipe will be legal again. “Inside pubs, mate?” “Yes. Mate.”

2016-08-04 16.12.59

Hogarth’s Shrimp girl (c.1740) will walk the banks of the Thames again. EU directive number 3.14159 on shrimp picking will be revoked.

2016-08-05 12.49.51

This building will remain anonymous. Haven’t the foggiest. My notes were seized by Customs.


I 2016-08-04 14.11.03

Ishtar the Queen of night. Babylonia, c.1792 BC. Wardens at the British Museum claim that on some nights, a tall, grey-haired lady dressed in impossible colours comes to ask Ishtar for advice.

2016-08-04 11.30.46

It is rumoured that Boris Judas Johnson is a patron at this barber shop.

2016-08-03 20.22.51-A

What is left of the Tory government holds great hopes in securing a trade agreement with East India. A company has been set up already. (Covent Garden, 2016)

2016-08-04 16.30.45-A

I’d always thought this was a portrait of Hélène Fourment, Rubens’ wife. Turns out this is her sister, Susanna. Quite an air of family. Portrait is called “Le chapeau de paille”, c. 1622. Title will be changed to English of course, unless… The Belgian government has asked for the restitution of all Belgian paintings before Brexit is formerly executed.

2016-08-04 13.54.41-A

Jeremy Corbyn will keep reading Gibbon’s Roman Empire at the British Museum. For inspiration.

2016-08-03 20.09.19

Ultimately all will be decided in Westminster. Worse even. (And that is a fact.) The vote will depend on a handful of MP’s. Principally the 10 Unionist MP’s from Northern Ireland, who have already voiced their opposition to the agreement. Wait, wait! 10 people will decide for 66 million Brits? Ain’t that a tad short, mate?

2016-08-05 11.46.55

Regardless of the outcome, a belated thanks to young Mr Spiller, Esq. killed in action a century ago in France.

A word of caution, in this age of widespread nonsense, all but a few of the above comments are jokes. Bad jokes, maybe, but jokes all the same. Next thing you know, the Sun publishes it as “Shocking news! A Frog claims PM holds secret meetings at the British museum!”

So, my British friends, it’s not over until it’s over. Bidding you farewell and not Adieu.

76 thoughts on “A farewell to London. Brexit

  1. It is a crazy situation. Most of my Brit friends are unhappy with that but I keep on telling that somehow someone has voted it! I am personally unsatisfied with the European Community so I like to think they will succeed in this extreme indipendence effort.

    • Or maybe it’s time to review the treaties? I always go back to the origins of the Union: To stop us from cutting each other’s throats as we have done for thousands of years. That’s it. period. And it’s worked. Now can it be improved? Most certainly. Let’s work on it. And I bet you the brits will be back. One day or the other.
      Ciao ciao.

      • Should they be back it won’t be a good sign. I would review the conditions to stay in the European Community as well. In Greece they have only made disasters, Brits decided to left. Imho, so far the advantage is only on one side and only for a a few countries, it is not fair at all.

  2. I have to say I love the buildings. They have style all in caps. I love the other pictures as well. I admit I do not understand this Brexit thing. I listened to a English You Tuber I follow and he claimed he was for brexit Because while he could stand the layers of government in his country, from town or city level to larger regions to Parliament and the PMs, he simply couldn’t stand being dictated to by authorities he had no representation too / from. ( sort of like what set off our own revolt from England when we were a colony ) However I thought each member of the EU had representatives in the governing body? So why did he feel England had no say int he rules? We get so little clear news here in Florida on this, only the sensationalist stuff and any real news is on line because no TV show will report on Europe that place timelessly far away. Brain, what am I missing in this? OH and what about the agreement between England and Spain on Gibraltar? I think this is important isn’t it? Radical departure from before? Hugs

    • Of course Britain had representatives in the EU. Same as everyone. And they steered the Union their way more often than not. It is just stupidity exploited by politicians. A simple reasoning: how on Earth does the UK think they can get a “better deal” outside of the EU as opposed to inside? Many independent bodies have calculated the cost of Brexit for the UK in 3 to 10 percentage points of GDP. And yet, they go on. I can’t understand. And Gibraltar? Another madness. They’re never going to let it go.

  3. Dammit! I can smoke in pubs again!
    And to think, it was a coin flip between beer and cigarettes and beer won. Oh well ….
    I’m sure my lungs thank me all the same!
    I have Gibbon on my shelf too.

    Good old London Town.

    • Yes, good old London! 🙂
      Gibbon now? Another coincidence. I too have a copy. In Frog. Probably loses some charm. Been on my to-read list for years now. I’ve recently moved it up as it may shed some light on current events.

      • I’ve read parts of it. I understand he has always has a mixed reception from other historians, past and present.
        I quite enjoy the way he writes, but i have no in depth knowledge to know how accurate his history is.

      • History is subject to so much rewriting, criticisms abound. 🙂
        I will have a go at Gibbon. (After I finish Russel’s history of western philosophy, which I have abandoned a bit.)

  4. Un très rapide, Brieuc : Il s’agit de l’hôtel St. Pancras Renaissance. Pour le Brexit, je suis juste un spectateur ébahi qui voit que l’effet papillon existe. J’ai travaillé depuis 31 ans avec des britanniques et je n’ai eu que très rarement à m’en plaindre. Ceux avec qui j’ai travaillé n’avaient pas l’air de se dire “tiens, si j’appuyais sur le petit bouton rouge, là ?
    Merci et bonne route, Brieuc !

    • St-Pancras? Triggers memories. 🙂 Merci du rappel. Et oui, moi aussi j’ai beaucoup travaillé avec les Anglais, et mes amis de là-bas ont tous voté “remain”… Bouton rouge indeed. A +

  5. Oh how I hate this. Je suis une européenne. Tojours. Thank you for putting up with us through all the hostility and arrogance from « our » side, and please don’t give up on us.
    Signed, a forty-eight per-center.
    PS Those lovely people who may still want to visit us, remember that London, for all its cultural riches, is not ‘Britain’, nor even ‘England’ – come to see us up north!

    • I know. (about the many places in the UK) Problem we have is my wife only has 3 weeks in the summer, so we have to be selective about where we go. I personally think 3 weeks would be a minimum in the UK.
      As for “hostility and arrogance”, I’m 25% English (Grandmother) so I can relate. 🙂 (And Frogs don’t stay behind arrogance-wise!) 🙂
      A lot of people have been fed a lot of lies by politicians. Eventually the wheel will turn when the economic consequences will start. let’s all have patience. A bientôt mon amie.

  6. Such a crazy idea that’s throwing the country into recession but the people voted for Brexit – under lies and false information. It’s incredible how powerful and slanted the media has become.

    I remember being in the UK in 2015 when all the pollies were debating Brexit and feeding the populace BS. I couldn’t believe my ears and worse, off, I couldn’t believe that the populace actually believed the cr*p being fed to them – too many ‘believes’ in that sentence, but you get the picture!

    I’m at the point in life that I feel like becoming a recluse on a tiny self-sufficient island, as I can’t handle what’s happening to humanity. It feels as if we’re regressing to the Middle Ages – serfs and serfdom.

      • Agreed. The Catalans have been silent, but they’re only waiting for their turn. The Flemish. The Scots. One day, a politician will press for the independence of Brittany… There are plenty of excuses to feed BS to the people… Tsss.
        Have a great week Inese. You sound in good spirits. Plus your posts. I take it you are recovering nicely?

      • Oh Brian I wish. Just living one day at a time.
        People don’t see a real danger. They act so childish. This is the worst time for any dividing since America is weakened by incompetent government during the last decade. We are going to be taken with bare hands.

  7. I’m pretty sure from the colour scheme and the curve that this is St. Pancras railways station. No? It made quite an impression on me too as I lived nearby during my last time in London in 2010.

    • You’re the third person to tell me it’s St Pancras. So you’re probably right. Just checked, it’s the St-Pancras renaissance hotel. I was walking around King’s Cross, as I had a lunch appointment on Granary sq.
      How lovely to live nearby. 🙂

  8. Made me laugh Brian, through gritted teeth. Hope springs eternal, as they say, and who knows, our collection of largely pointless MPs may well yet revoke the suicide pact they’ve signed for us all.
    Ps definitely St. Pancras which, not without irony, is the station where the Eurostar departs from, at least until March.

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