A midsummer’s daydream, Paris

1 IMG_2044

Winter’s coming. We haven’t been to Paris in a while. Take my arm, and let’s hit the streets.

1 IMG_3365

Shall we buy a flat in Paris? Real estate agency, Rue de l’Université.

2 IMG_2300-A

Let’s take the metro at Louvre-Rivoli. There is a secret passage that takes us to the Louvre:

2 F637

The scribe has been taking notes for 4,600 years.

4 IMG_3877-A

Shall we walk to the Pont des Arts with Willy Ronis in 1957 and listen to the musician?

4 2016-07-29 19.33.11

Or today, in a perpetual summer?

2016-07-27 17.45.14 Paul Klee Zwillinge 1930

We can see Paul Klee’s “Zwillinge” at Beaubourg. (1930). I had a friend called Zwilling. He was Alsatian. His name means “Twins”. And, curiously he had a twin. Die Zwilling zwillinge. During the war, he was playing pranks with his brother when a German soldier caught them and laughed, saying “Zwilling”. He was worried as Hell that the soldier “knew” their name whilst he’d only noticed they were twins. Wonder what’s become of him?

2016-07-27 18.54.48

Beaubourg, the stranded spaceship.

2016-07-27 19.08.50Blouse roumaine 1940

We can buy a “Romanian Blouse”? Matisse, 1930.

5 IMG_5879

Sawadee krap. This charming Thai lady on Rue de Poissy is always smiling.

13 IMG_3914

Back to school. Ménilmontant. 2018.

2016-07-29 19.13.29

Here lived Georges Wolinski, a cartoonist, assassinated at Charlie Hebdo, on January 2015. Last November 13th, a commemoration was held in memory of of the fallen at the Bataclan and other places in Paris in 2015. The judges say they have concluded their investigations. Three years? About time! The trial is set for 2020. Seriously?


Let’s go shopping at La Samaritaine, on Rue de Rivoli.

2016-08-02 13.03.27

Or visit Renoir at Rodin’s house. The museum has been refurbished. As in Giverny, I am always… touched, that such magnificent artists all bought works from one another. There seemed to be no artistic rivalry or jealously. I like the “dialogue” of Renoir’s and Rodin’s work.


Let’s hop at the Louvre. Hardly any tourists…


Or we can have a perfectly balanced lunch. Wait! Wait! Where’s the wine?!


We’ll have coffee at the Coffee Pack. When it opens…


We can walk by Gainsbourg and Birkin’s house on Rue de Verneuil, in the 6th Arrondissement, between Saint-Germain and the River.


Jane Birkin. Gare de Lyon. Around the time of Antonioni’s “Blow-up” I gather.


I know. I know! Let’s fly red balloons…

Thank you for walking along this midsummer Paris daydream…

Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends…

53 thoughts on “A midsummer’s daydream, Paris

  1. one must have wine with those beautiful specimens of cheese Brian. Lovely artwork and a wonderful tour of your foreign lands ❤ ❤ Happy Thanksgiving too if you celebrate 🙂

  2. Well.you’re not going to believe it … but I finished watching Blow up … again …about half an hour ago … One of my favorite films. I was doing some research on my Sony Cybershot, and for some reason I wondered what camera Hemmings had used in the movie – turns out it was a 1959 Nikon F – and so I thought, what the heck, I’ll grab a late supper and watch it.

    Lovely photo set, as always, Brian.

    • Salut Cécile. Ouiiii. Je viens tous les ans. Ça fait du bien de se retremper dans la “mère patrie”. Et le fromage, étant Breton, á doit être génétique! La fromagerie de la Rue de la Convention est géniale et on a pas cette variété ici.
      Zibous et bon week-end. 🙂

  3. The notion that it’s taking FIVE YEARS to sentence those ISIS cunts made my blood boil (but it shouldn’t, my sister-in-law has been waiting 3 years for a child custody case, thought impossible that someplace could be slower than Italy’s justice) but then I saw that cheese platter. Aaaaah, les fromages. If France gave only them to the world (and it didn’t, obviously – how about the Citroën DS and Daft Punk?) it’d be enough to be grateful forever.

    • My blood has been boiling for some time now. I suspect the French may be – deep down inside – scared of holding the trial. The Belgians were not scared. 🙂 And yes, French justice is appalling.
      best of luck to your sister-in-law. Chi va piano va sano. The only thing is that 3 years is a lifetime in a child (children?)’s life.
      And I too tend to look at countries/cultures in terms of “what have you given the world?”. Think about it, it is an interesting analysis framework. Ciao, ciao.

    • Pleasure. I do realize that many are now in the midst of cold and low dreary light. In Mexico city even with temperature going down a bit (du to the altitude) we are blessed with a sun and most trees don’t lose their leaves… So I though I’d share a bitta sun. 🙂
      Be good

    • It was quite a surprise. I wanted to have a look at their house. Had read something in the press, and the street is in one of my favourite haunts in Paris, between the Seine and Saint-germain…
      Glad you enjoyed the walk Inese.

  4. It’s a strange world we live in, isn’t it, but you can always find diversion in Paris. 🙂 🙂 Many thanks for the follow. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

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