If you’re going to San Francisco

2016-07-05 16.43.18

If you’re going to San Francisco… Streets are steep. Hang on tight. (SF 2016)

2016-07-05 18.49.20

City light bookstore. An ode to the Zapatistas.

2016-07-07 19.02.29

Palace hotel. NO, we did not stay there and I hope it is not a “Tramp” hotel… If it is, pray tell and I will take the image down…

2016-07-06 11.29.55-NB

They say Jack London sailed on this beauty. (Just made it up) 🙂

2016-07-09 19.06.40

“Black magic woman…” Carlos Santana, near Mission. (I may have posted some of those already. So be it)

2016-07-07 15.37.27

“Paz, peace, learn, tolerance, no wars.” Fake news? According to some, this wall does not exist.

2016-07-06 15.37.44

“Sometimes a door is just a door”. Sigmund Freud. What? He said a cigar? Same thing.

2016-07-07 11.26.55

A not-so-well-known Picasso at the De Young Museum. One of many wonderful San Francisco tips by Jenny at Bulldog travels; check her latest great post:


2016-07-06 14.38.56

Last stop: Mexico city. Bus on Embarcadero. 🙂 Didn’t make it up. No ma’am.

2016-07-07 14.33.07-A Clarence Towers

Cowgirl by Clarence Towers. I would have entitled it: “The American girl next door”. Photos were allowed, so what do you say? “All rights reserved”? As an aside, this picture would have been unthinkable fifty years ago. Progress may be slow, but we are getting there. Orange man notwithstanding.

2016-07-08 13.58.14

“Only the universal matters.” Hannah Arendt. (Any idea why I say that here?)

2016-07-07 15.23.48-A

Food is universal. 🙂 (Not why I said the above)

2016-07-07 13.29.34

The hidden garden steps. A unique initiative by neighbours and artists, on 16th Avenue. It is a bit out of the way, but you can take a bus on Haight to the Golden Gate Park, nowhere near the bridge, visit the park, the De Young museum, and go to 16th avenue from there. There are several “motifs” on the stairs. Quite beautiful really. Names of the contributors are mentioned as you can see to the left.

2016-07-06 17.09.51

Fernet-Branca. I can imagine my grandmother sipping a Fernet-Branca. In a crystal glass my dear.

2016-07-09 19.06.26

“C’est une maison bleue, adossée à la colline…” (Maxime le Forestier). It is a blue house, on the slope of a hill…

2016-07-09 19.01.05

For real. Didn’t stay there either. Why Ben-Hur appartments here in Frisco? Don’t know. Lewis Wallace was from Indiana. But I remember Ben-Hur as the first motion picture my mother took us to see in a theatre in Paris when I was… five or six?

2016-07-08 16.53.10

No San Francisco stroll could be complete without THE bridge. “Sans” fog.

2016-07-08 17.13.27

The flag flying proud in the San Francisco Bay, 2016.

Thank you for sailing on Equinoxio. This is a longer post than my unwriten rule allows: 20 pix in lieu of 15. But rules are made to be broken aren’t they? 😉

To my American friends: Go Vote… 🙂 The world is counting on you.

40 thoughts on “If you’re going to San Francisco

  1. Was there a chariot parked outside the Ben Hur apartment?
    Can’t see Santana without thinking of Halloween and of the black cat toy I have just recommissioned for the occasion. The head revolves, the eyes flash, and it sings (of course) Black Magic Woman.

    • Joy received and sent back. 🙂
      Moon mail is not currently working. Only a half moon shows up late behind the house. Can’t see it. Will have to wait until the next moon. 🙂

  2. Pingback: If you’re going to San Francisco – Timeless Wisdoms

    • Nostalgia is good. 🙂 Brings back memories. I love SF. First went in ’65. I was 11-12? Stayed in SF then did a “road trip” to San Diego… I have (not fond) memories of hours on the L.A. Freeways! Then I went back to Frisco a coupla times on business and in 2016 with my wife. Lovely place.

      • It is a lovely place, but like you, I have nothing good to say about L.A. I love the Pacific Northwest — Northern California, Oregon, Washington. I also love New York, but wouldn’t likely want to live there again now. Couldn’t afford to!

      • Most everyplace is over-priced these days. In the 1980s, I was offered a great job in Camden, New Jersey, but had to turn it down, for I couldn’t afford to live there. Rent for a studio apartment for one was well over $1,000, and that was 30 years ago!

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