Platform 36 reloaded


The train was late at Gare du Nord. My Lord Buddha was waiting on Platform 36. Patiently. The train led to nowhere, which was fine. Om mane padme… (Artist: WCA)


“Unknown traveler” by BToy. (The titles were not given by the Authority. I’m just making them up.) 😉


“I‘ve been waiting for this train for years. Please join the Q.”


“They say you can watch movies on this train.” (Artist: Dourone)


“Are pets allowed on the train?”

“Yes, my dear.” (Artist unknown. He took the last train and has not been heard of since)


“Make sure you stamp your ticket, the controllers are many and fierce.” (Artist: Gregos. Have seen some of his work on the street)

IMG_2141-Pioc PPC

“Herman Hesse will sign his books on the train. And Steppenwolf will play.”


“Now it’s easy to change my mortgage insurance.” (By MACIF) 😉


“I hope I can stretch my legs on the train.” (By Fafi)


“Destination: the mountains of Neverland. Get your visa on the train.” (By Koralie)


“Ah! I can see the train coming.” (By Dourone)

“All abooooooooooardddddd!”


37 thoughts on “Platform 36 reloaded

    • Come to think of it, you’re right. The rest of the station is… “business as usual”, mechanical, functional, except for this one. single platform… all the way at the end of the station. almost hidden.

    • No idea. Cheetah are a recurring form in Street art. Perhaps because of their elegance? I doubt any of the street artists featuring Cheetahs has ever seen one in the wild. Now cheetahs are very tame. Putting them together with a child seems a good combination?

      • Oh no. Don’t know Peru. (Will go) Egypt. (Won’t). 😉 Australia. I’d thought it a bit far but after the Asian trip I know we can take it. India. Paradoxically, since I was born there. But I need to “go back”. And I definitely want to know Asia better. What are your dream destinations?

      • A couple of years ago I still had two dream destinations: I was thinking of hiking Kilimanjaro, and going to India, particularly to Himachal Pradesh, to visit the grave of Nicholas Roerich. Now I don’t have any dream destinations, just hope I am fit enough to go and see my dearest.

      • Hiking Kilimandjaro is an option. My MOnt-Blanc friends did it a few years back.
        I’d never heard of Roerich. I like his style. Has a “comic stripe” flavour.
        And as going to you see your dearest that is the best dream destination. 🙂
        Stay fit. (You seem to be feeling better, right?)

    • Haha! Says the seasoned traveler who’s roamed the world to Papua and back? 😉
      Merci pour les visites, Julie. A bientôt. Your next post should come soon if read rhythms right. Look forward to it. And I will comment before that door closes.

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