Have ride, will travel. Penang, Malaysia


I‘ll take that rickshaw. At the Blue Mansion, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia. December 2017.


Or jump inside the book: Tintin in Shanghaï in the 1930’s. (To my faithful readers, that is what I meant once by “living inside the book”). The blue Lotus is one such book.


Or take the boat? On-line tickets available.


You have been warned.


You can ride a horse at Sri Mariamman Temple on Cannon St:


Or stop at a hawker stall:


(c)ourtesy my friend Tiffany Choong, a very talented artist at Bulanstyle:



Let’s take a bike. Hmmm. That one’s stuck to the ground.


Hurry! Hurry! We’re late, the rabbit said.


A mother’s love… (What if he falls?)


Now that’s better.


“Everybody smile”! Aren’t they lovely?


You may opt for a more recent model?


He has an empty seat. Will you hop in? No. Better not. Never know what he’s up to.


What do you sell?


Still a queue here. Oh, well, let’s walk to China house… The beer is good. And the cakes…


Kah lu kong Hokkien. Teach you speak Hokkien. (The particular language spoken by the Straits Chinese). I suspect “kong” means “speak”?

Kam siah, thank you, for riding along with us on the streets of lovely Georgetown, in Penang. How do you say “Have a nice week-end” in Hokkien?)



64 thoughts on “Have ride, will travel. Penang, Malaysia

    • The entire family was very cute.
      Now you are a Tintin fan? How nice. I am always amazed how some “stories” or authors transcend borders, cultures and generations to “brush” on the Universal. 🙂
      (Did you read Blyton’s fabulous five too?).
      I’m a big fan of Franco-Belgian comics. Prob’bly have close to a thouand on my shelves. And go shopping for old editions every year in Paris. (And obviously still read them!)
      Take care ma’amji.

      • Tintin must be one of the most read comics universally, non? I went to Louvain-la-Neuve to the museum when we were living in Brussels. Herge was a hero.
        As for Enid Blytons, that would include the Famous Five, the Five Find Outers, Secret Sevens, the Faraway Tree series and the whole shebang really. You name it. 🙂
        Some childhood classics should transcend barriers, Brianji. Have a good week!

      • Probably (Tintin)
        I didn’t know (or forgot) you’d lived in Brussels. How lovely. One of my favourite cities in the world. Used to go often on business in the 80’s. Now I go back regularly to buy vintage comics. I hope you enjoyed it despite the weather…
        I see you are a Blyton expert. (I still have of mine, which my daughters have read, and are waiting for our grandson to read)
        Yes, childhood transcends barriers. (Bilkul!) It’s only adults (some) who become stupid. 🙂
        You too ma’amji.

      • I enjoyed Brussels so much. It was dynamic and almost every weekend we travelled to the smaller cities around. I miss it.
        I remember how I used to yearn to be in a boarding school because of the St. Clare and Mallory Tower series. I do not know if reality would match upto Blyton in boarding. 🙂

      • Brussels is so lovely. And the Belgians! They always have distance and a sense of humour… 🙂
        Boarding school? Well, I did two years. One in Addis-Abeba! One in Paris… (They lied to us!)
        And as far as Blyton is concerned, the French edition was completely adapted. All adventures took place in France. Brittany amongst other places… 😉

    • Asia was a very pleasant “comeback”. I was born and lived in the Easy until I was 4. Had never gone back until last December-January.
      sawadeekrap! 🙂
      You would love Penang.

  1. Love the bike mural! Glad the little one didn’t fall over. I’d rather take a ride with Johnny English 😉 Cannot wait the next movie that is out in November. There are few comedians I like 🙂

    • Can you believe I think I haven’t seen any of his movies. Will look him up on Netflix.
      The little one’s mother was quite endearing in her concern for the baby. (There was quite a queue to take a picture “inside” the mural. So rather than waste time waiting for the place to be empty I decide the people were the subject. 🙂

    • Salamat Jenny. 🙂
      Yes, Philippines is “on the list”. Our trip last year was a special circumstance but we did manage to cover many places in a month: Singapore, Penang, Koh-Lanta, Bangkok, and Angkor. Philippines (and Indonesia) should be next…

      • Wow! Are you travelling for work? I like your shots, they’re creative. Yes but a month is too short to go from island to island here in the Philippines haha. Send me heads up if you’ll go

      • No. I’m retired. But I’ve spent a lifetime traveling. I guess it’s in the blood now.
        And a month for Philippines probably doesn’t cut it. (3,000 islands?) 😉
        I will signal when I go…

      • Hop on a plane. I realized last year how easily people seem to travel in S.E.Asia. And some companies are quite cheap. We hopped from place to place for a very reasonable cost.
        As for spending a year in Philippines, I wouldn’t mind. That way I could learn Tagalog. 😉

  2. Happy to see you visited my colourful hometown. No matter where i visit in the world – Penang has a special special place in my heart.

    • I saw it there too, in Singapore I think. (Such a great city Singapore) And a quick search tells me there are many such temples, in KL, Bangkok. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the post. Kam siah, terima kasih and that. 🙂

    • Selamat pagi. (With the time difference I should be about right)
      Just visited your post. 🙂
      If you don’t know Penang yet, you will love it. I really fell in love with that place.

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