A Paris walk. (Not again?!)


Thoughtful. Up the towers of Notre-Dame. Don’t do it, it’s cramped, and the security mesh they’ve put impedes any decent view or photography. The above is a victory of Photoshop. See the original further down below.


Vintage. My brother’s lair, Paris, around the corner from Impasse Satan. My brother is getting vintager and vintager every year. (Me too, I guess)


Reflection. (Look closely). To Carson McCullers. Les Halles.


Victory. July 15, 2018. After the World cup final at the corner of Rue de Vaugirard and Rue de la Convention. I wonder whether as many flags would come out in a real war. Would they all come out and fight?


INRI. Church door, 15th arrondissement. I would say mid-late sixties.


Smooth. This Citroën is late sixties, very early seventies. We had one like that in Holland around 1965. Black. The suspension of this line has never been equaled.


Original. Took a while to edit. (See above)


Conventional. Though not my favourite, I understand the Sacré-Coeur is a compulsory destination in Paris. (I know, I know, I’m such a snob. I’ll get therapy)


Clippity-clop. Willy Ronis. Late 40’s, very early fifties. I never saw any horse-drawn platform in Paris. Until very recently one could see them in the streets of Bogotá. They’ve been banned, but a few still trot around. A nice sound. Clippity…IMG_4335

Representation. 17th century. Les Halles.


Representation. Again.  21st century. Same location.


Eyeful. Palais de Tokyo. One of the rare exhibits worth mentioning…


The Fishing cat street. One of the oldest (1540 AD,) narrowest (5’11”,) and shortest (90ft) streets in Paris. Runs between the Quai Saint-Michel and the Rue de la Huchette.


“Urban totem”. By Da Cruz, Rue des Péricheaux, 15th arrondissement. One of my several street art “safaris” this summer.


“In this place, King Henry IVth was assassinated by Ravaillac on May 10, 1610″. Les Halles. Beaubourg is ahead to the right. Five centuries later, knives have reappeared on the streets. I don’t know the street artist’s name, but several of his works are displayed in the area.


Study in blue. Le Marais. 2018.

Have a pleasant open-door week.


41 thoughts on “A Paris walk. (Not again?!)

      • Hey Brisn, I’m always good of course, age is relative, my hubby is 60 so I don’t think that’s old at all…heaven knows I’ll be there in time too, went to an old historic city where the biggest occupation for the whole city (Ybor city) was cigars. Brick roads, roosters everywhere, quite beautiful in some places…have to do a post on it still😊

  1. J’aime baguenauder de ci de là, dans Paris, sans crainte de me perdre. C’est fou le nombre de petites choses remarquables. Yoshimi a relaté cela d’une manière irrésitble sur son blogue. Quant à devenir de plus en plus “d’époque” en vieillissant, j’en connais quelques uns (m/f) qui ont cette qualité. Merci pour la bal(l)ade, Brieuc.

  2. Citroën I remember 🤓 I’ve not been to Paris in a while so seeing your photos was wonderful and I also like the colours 👍 trust your visit was happy with your brother 🤗 sending you joy Brian 💫 smiles Hedy

    • Joy received. Dankje. Brother is fine. Always a pleasure to see him. I have another one in the South of France, but he chose such a remote location it is not always easy to see him.
      Glad to have taken you to Paris. (It is a lovely city, Parisians notwithstanding!)

  3. Photoshop is pretty good given those are the same photo. A triumph of perseverance! Shame about the thoughtless mesh on such an important building though – bureaucrats rarely care for such things.

  4. Cheating with Photoshop are you 😉 On my visit, it was a disappointment to learn that I cannot get close to my beloved gargoyles.
    Sacré-Coeur, never visited. I actually came close but the bracelet sellers were so annoying that I changed my mind and spent that hour in the streets. I have been to Paris only twice for some reason. Well, probably because I always go to see my darlings when I have a chance. Thank you for the fine excursion.

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