La street (art) c’est chic.


Broussaille and Catherine by Frank Pé. Brussels. c. 2015.


I don’t only break hearts. La street c’est chic. “Quail-hill”, Paris, 2018.


Raffles Hotel, Singapore. 2018. The Raffles is a symbol of Singapore. Much to our dismay, it was closed for remodeling. Have to go back. 🙂


Stamped. Paris. 2018. How many stamps (real stamps, mind you) were used in this work?IMG_9430-Bk

Bangkok by bus, Mon! Rastafari… (Thailand, 2017).


David Robert Jones “Bowie” (1947-2016). Paris 2018.


The kiss. Mexico city, last Sunday.


I hate Mondays. Paris 2018. (Author seems to be “Aerosol” (Spray can). Seen a few of his/her works. Most times the author is difficult to identify.)

IMG_0800 SR

Siem Reap, Cambodia, this past January. (May have posted it already…)


The woman to kill. (The enforcer). At the Champollion, one my favourite theatres in my student days in the Latin quarter. Still showing movies, much to my surprise. Sadly, the schedule did not match mine.


Wordless Thursday. (What can I say?) Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia. December 2017.


Tom ‘n Tom’s café, Bangkok, 2018. Good breakfasts.

IMG_8613 S

Dancin’ in the street. (I know, I know. Done it before. Need to upgrade) Singapore. December 2017.

IMG_9155 P

Mata-mata, policeman in Georgetown, Penang. December 2017. Mata means eye in Malay. Mata mata (two eyes) means policeman. (Think Mata Hari? The eye of the Sun) This Sikh police officer is actually a mata-mata-mata. Look closely.


“What did you see, my darling young one?” A torn down ad in the Metro becomes involuntary “street” art. Pasteur metro station, Paris. July 2018.

Have a lovely week-end.

58 thoughts on “La street (art) c’est chic.

  1. The Georgetown police chap is cute. He looks overworked 😉 As for the first graffiti, it takes me back to the first day of our stay in Brussels when I came across it as I was going dizzy taking photos, not realising that I had enough time at hand to take it all in. So there’s some time travel for me. Cheers.

    • Cheers back. Yes the Penang cop is funny. In the days of the “Empire”, many police were Sikhs.
      Glad to have taken you back to Brussels. A city I love dearly. Amongst other things for its comics, bilkul. 😉

    • Thank you. Much… honoured. Actually I am now doing what I wanted to do early 70’s, when I was a student, with a new decent camera, to walk the streets of Paris with my head up and shoot details of that (and other) lovely city(ies). Of course, a 36 exposure roll then cost a buck and half and didn’t last long. So now… I just walk around with my I-phone in my pocket. And look. And shoot.
      Be good.

  2. Gorgeous collection. It was fun to see a few of the SE pieces with which I am familiar (it is like going home again) and the beautiful murals from Mexico and Paris that I have yet to see. You’ve inspired me to go out and capture few good murals here in Nosy Be before we depart on Sunday for South Africa.

  3. Wonderful post. I love all pictures. especially the first one since I lived in Brussels and kind of know Tintin and other murals. I was gutted when I left that place and only then found out that there are Corto Maltese murals in the city to see. I need to go back and check them out now 🙂

    • Oh my God. A Corto Maltese mural in Brussels. Will schedule it on my next trip to Europe next summer. (I’ll take advantage to do some Belgian comics shopping!) Thanks for the tip.
      (I just posted a Pratt drawing on my last post…)

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