Tenants Wanted!

A great text by talented Ted Griffin.

Artist- Ted Giffin - Musician

Hell is always for Rent.
A raid to clear it out, only made it move to a new location.
Police lining their Pockets,
Graft and Grime,
wanted for more,
Motivation for Vice, Pleasure, and Wealth.
It’s the World’s Playground- without wives.
On stage, Hear Freedom Flow through the Pipes
of a Chorus of Beautiful Voices
in a Parade, irresistible.
Needs a Housecleaning, wants Reform,
but always gets an Acquittal.
an Absolute Boss Dominates this resort,
for his Entertainment.
Be certain,

( I received a good deal on a sublet)

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26 thoughts on “Tenants Wanted!

    • Dankie Dina. Me too. Though I enjoyed every minute of those six weeks in Paris, I did miss the Blogosphere and special E-friends like you. I keep reading disastrous news in the press about SA, and that saddens me. Plus the fact that Europeans have no idea what the other Racism is like… You know what I mean. Anyway, I hope you and your are all right. Have you managed to keep in touch with your daughter?

      • My daughter visited for three weeks but returned to China last Friday.Yes Brian, we are very nervous about everything. They are targeting the corporates now…banks don’t give loans if there isn’t a certain amount of black people in the company or on the board. Civil sevice are ruined, all the money stolen. Now they are targeting innocent farmers with accusations of racism etc. I am soooo sick and tired!

      • I can understand that. Worse is there seems to be no solution in sight. Just hang on.
        And… I’m glad your daughter was able to visit. Three weeks is both short and long. But those are nice moments. Have a nice week-end Dina.

  1. Of that, I have no doubt. I spent to many years there trying to survive. When one is born into it, they must work ever so hard to get out.

    Thank you for following one of my blogs.

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