Sunrise, Angkor-Vat, Cambodia. January 2018.

“Yes, Scotty?”

“System is down, Sir, we have to resort to analog visual substitutes”.


“Binoculars, Scotty? You must be joking! Are we flying blind?”

“They’re very good binoculars, Sir. Mid 20th century. Not a scratch.”

“I don’t care, get the system back up! All passengers and crew: fasten seat belts! Tight!”


Galactic mouse. Coyoacán, Mexico city. 21st century.


Analog communication system in use until the beginning of the 21st century. “1st Air liaison Phnom-Penh to Siem-Reap, by Royal Air Cambodge”. Addressed to the Captain’s father at Angkor’s Grand Hotel. December 8 1956.


Galactic bull. Mexico city. 21st century.


15th century. Royal court of France. (Sketch by the Captain’s mother).

“15th century! Scotty! Will you please stabilize the darn ship?”


Galactic cow-boy. Mexico, 21st century.

“Stabilizing, Sir. It may take a while.”

“I can see that.”


At the corner of Praga and London.

“Scotty!!! Praga and London have no common border outside of Parallel Universe C314159!”

“Correcting, Captain!”


December 6, 1914. Mexico city. Pancho Villa, centre left, is sitting on the Presidential chair, (the tallest chair) next to Emiliano Zapata, centre right, at the height of the Mexican Revolution. (Photograph by Agustín Victor Casasola).

“Scotty!!! There were a few guns fired after that picture! Jump!”


Galactic hawk, late 20th century, by little sister.


Galactic iguana, Huatulco, Mexico. c. 1994.


Galactic crosses. Dublin. 1983.


Xochicalco, Mexico. Galactic landing site. One of Scotty’s favourite emergency time-space slots.

“Captain to all: we have to stop here for a few hours, to give Scotty time for a few minor repairs. I insist: minor repairs. Go down at leisure. Visit the site. No danger whatsoever. Last T. Rex spotted here was wayyy before this time-slot. Tequila is served to the right, under the shade. On the house of course. Enjoy your week-end. Over.”

“Spock, is the mike off?”

“Yes, Sir. I just turned it off.”

“Go see what Scotty’s up to. I do not want to spend the week-end here…”

22 thoughts on “Pot-cinquante-pourri-cinq

  1. The analog world is awaiting you in Paris, it is real although Spock might be again of different opinion as usual I “adore” binoculars and letters. Good travels in these galaxies! A bientôt @ Ulli

  2. Wonderful travelling with you and Scotty,although a bit bumpy!
    Those Mexicans look real ominous and ready to shoot.Has anything changed since then?I doubt it.
    The person who addressed you father’s letter, has the most beautiful handwriting.
    Your sister and mother’s artworks are really good!

    • Dankie Dina. 🙂 It’s always nice when “guests” enjoy the tour. Mexico has become very ominous again. Close to 30,000 homicides last year. 😦
      Handwriting then was very precise. Possibly done with a “porte-plume”. A pen-holder? With a metal tip and a wooden handle? I actually learnt to write with those. 🙂
      Have a lovely week.

  3. Brian,thank you for a lovely weekend trip! I have to say, I love the Galactic cow-boy! Your mother and sister are quite the artists. I’m with Scotty, Xochicalco looks like the perfect emergency layover. Wishing you a lovely weekend, hopefully dry! ~ Mia 🙂

    • Hi Mia. Thank you for your good wishes. Week-end was good and dry. ‘hope yours too.
      Bonne semaine.
      (And if I may be so bold… the only Mia Pharaoh I could find on the Net is a singer?…) 🙂

      • Hi Brian! Haha, no, not me. I do know who you’re talking about though, Miniature Tigers are a bit of a electric pop kickback. Nice to read that you had a dry weekend, I had overcast and a bit of drizzle. Wishing you a wonderful week going forward. ~ Mia 🙂

    • Thank you. She had a good “hand”. Drawing, sketching, painting. We have a lot of her art hanging on the walls. 🙂
      (I wonder how she would have fared with a spray can?) 😉

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