Pot-pourri 27 x 2 +/- Standard Deviation

2016-07-06 11.12.25

“Standard deviation, Scotty? I bet this was suggested by Mr. Spock?”

“Aye, Sir, it was. The above is an 18th century pirate on Fisherman’s wharf, San Francisco. Plus or minus two centuries. Sir.”

“Right. Ready to jump everyone? Jump!”


“El globo”. Passion for pastry. Mexico. 2018.


11th century. Normand warrior bidding Adieu to his Lady ‘fore the battle of Hastings. (Sketch by my mother, Renée)


“I’ve lost the world. Where is the world? Have you seen the world?”


Tlalpan, Mexico city, 2018. I like that particular wall, next to an art workshop. Every six months or so, they paint the walls white for another work. You’ve already seen frogs, volcanoes, el pájaro loco (the crazy bird). Based on the No parking sign, I think the world was illegally parked and towed away.


Tulum, 1992. One of the very last cities built by the Mayas (13th-15th century AD). A very well-know and popular site among travelers as it is the only one by the sea. Not my favourite Maya site though, (I prefer Uxmal for one) but it has its charm. (Jump, jump!)

2016-07-07 10.53.15

Sphynx, De Young museum, San Francisco. Origin and age unknown. Early 20th century American?


The first in a new series called “Loos of the world” I have recently been gathering material for.


“Viejo Buenos Aires.” Old Buenos Aires. At the “Zorzal”, a great Argentinian restaurant in Mexico. Best meat north of the Río de la plata.


“Many years later, As  he faced the firing squad, Colonel Aureliano Buendía would remember that long gone afternoon when his father had taken him to discover the ice.” Gabriel García Marquez, One hundred years of solitude.


Water spirit, Tlalpan. Detail of a mural already posted. The water company has struck a deal with Comex, the #1 paint company in Mexico, (and Converse, no strategic logic) to paint over the hundreds of water wells in the city. All paintings need to be inspired on water. That makes sense. Jump, Scotty.


Sexy angels, Zona Rosa, Mexico city. (Look closely)


London street, Mexico city. Embassy of Forever. (Hurry. Visas are in high demand)


This one is for Jenny at Bulldog travels. A great blog:


The Lord Captain and crew thank you for warping along on Equinoxio’s Time-Space-Shuttle. Dog save their gracious Queen indeed.





70 thoughts on “Pot-pourri 27 x 2 +/- Standard Deviation

  1. Again a most interesting post, Brian. I like your loos of the world initiative! I also have pictures of a few interesting ones.😄
    Love your mother’s drawing and all the murals everywhere.

  2. Garcia Marquez was the first author I read in Spanish, dictionary in hand. A remarkable feat, which, if I remember correctly (not always a sure thing) took me more than two months to read.

    • You don’t say? My mother learnt Spanish in the same book. Not exactly your everyday vocabulary but it is a fantastic introduction to Latin America. (BTW there is no such thing as Magical Realism, everything is true in García Marquez!) 😉

  3. I am now really mentally distorted after this post which reminds me to the music-disc THE KING, BY THE RESIDENTS, from 1989. Perfect underground music for now required coronation rituals. But where is Spock and the crown? YEB DOOG!

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  5. Dog saving the queen since time immemorial. 😀 Another bulldog here: Taurus+dog in Chinese. And this is our year. Thank you for the follow! Snow that melts somewhere else highly recommends you. 🙂

  6. Brian, another splendid trip. Charming sketch by your mother, most delicate. “Loos of the World”, should be an interesting series. And I’m still undecided whether I want a visa from the Embassy of Forever. Wishing you a good day. ~ Mia

  7. Love the kickoff with the swashbuckling pirate #argh. And The Water Spirit mural certainly calls to me. But my favorite is that beautiful drawing but your mom 😍. Thank you for another journey to awesomeness.

  8. Your moms did that drawing? How cool! Of course I’m not bothered at all not to have a pic dedicated to me. I’m sure Jenny from Bulldog Travels is a very nice person. I’m not upset or anything…*lip trembles* I’m perfectly fine with it. *Walks off to be alone.*

    • Yeah. I cracked when I saw that sign on the street. I’d just had lunch with my daughter and were walking in the street. I love that kind of creativity. 🙂
      How have you been? Enjoying the summer with the babies? 🙂

      • They just turned one and we had a little birthday party with strawberry cream cake and all – not that the babies were eating any cake though 😀 They got to pose in photos in front of the cake, hahah! We haven’t really done anything summery actually, I guess I’m still on zombie mode, the baby year has been exhausting, while of course marvelous and the best year of my life… but I’m knackered to be honest! And the weather over here is what it is, summery one day, wintery the next! Anyway, how is Mexico? What city are you in by the way? And how old is your daughter? (Don’t have to answer if it’s too personal! Just wondering because I like to envision things in my head: you two walking on the street…) 🙂

      • Ok. Only one. That is a knackering year. (And don’t worry it will get worse!) 😉 Joking. Pleasures and joys increase with time. My oldest daughter is from Nov. 81. She’s the one married, with a little boy of 2. The second daughter with whom I had lunch is from June 84. 🙂

  9. It might take more than a dog to save the Queen when she takes tea with Trump later this week! Such are the days we live through. Perhaps one of the Corgis will savage him and save the free world. Loved the Hundred Years of Solitude, a magical book with a strong dose of realism. All the best, Paul

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