A year ago yesterday, we lost our son-in-law Andrés.

Yesterday, our daughter organized a celebration in our other daughter’s house and garden.

A shrine was set up with flowers, and photos and photos and photos, and garlands of Mexican cut-paper. And strings and strings of origami.


Dozens and dozens and dozens of friends, family, children, babies, showed up. Thank you all for coming. The garden was full. Even the sun pushed the clouds away.

There was laughter and tears, music and beer, and Tequila and Mezcal, delicious tacos cooked on the spot, and more beer, and speeches, and laughter and tears and hugs.

I am pleased to report that laughter and smiles beat tears by a long shot.



Washington, D.C. 2015, after Gini’s graduation from GWU. (The hat is mine)

Our daughter put together a site dedicated to the many memories Andrés left us. I invite you to click on the link below and visit. Nothing sad. Just a celebration of a wonderful human being, Love and Life.




49 thoughts on “Memories…

    • Thank you Janet. In the face of death I have always found that the most important thing is to care for the living. 🙂 And strive to keep the good memories up and the sadness down. Then, one day comes the time when only the smiles come. 🙂

  1. What a wonderful tribute. May the sun keep shining on you and yours. May the wind lift your sorrows and take them far away, leaving you with grand memories of the one now not with you. Hugs

  2. It’s been a year already… How time flies! It’s always hard to part with the loved ones, more so in such unexpected circumstances. I hope Gini is better now.
    Very nicely organized, very mexican I’d say. Honor the dead, care for the living – best thing to do.
    Those cut-paper decorations would rather be named kirigami (kiri=to cut), since origami strictly uses folding, not cutting. 😉

    May Andrés rest in peace and never be forgotten.
    May you all, the rest of the family, live long and prosper. \|/ (<= an emoticon attempt at the Vulcan salute)

  3. A lovely example of a better way to deal with death and grief. Bittersweet yet will come to be simply sweet.

    • Merci Julie. “Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken?” And yet, yet, it puts things, all things in (more?) perspective… That or just going back to Shakespeare’s Macbeth. “Tomorrow and tomorrow…”. And the senselessness of it all.
      Thank you for your words.

      • Plenty of time. 🙂
        Have a lovely week. How’s work going? Still happy there? (But then you seem to have such a positive streak…)

      • Slowing down, four days a week but much slower…which makes the time drag…I still like it, more of the dynamics showing face which kind of tarnishes the luster of it of course, but people are people and I just continue to look for the good and special moments and customers I get to interact with….makes it even more special, you know? Going back up to NY end of July,beginning August, looking forward to “old home days”💜

      • You always look for the positive side. 🙂
        (I need to do more of that)
        Glad you’re planning to go back up. I’m sure it will be very pleasant.

  4. yes a wonderful tribute to remember…in my own grief and mourning…I understand now a bit more Brian…as I’ve told some friends…I’m surfacing and I acknowledge that I didn’t know about your son-in-law…but I knew you’ve been grieving…and I have no words…jusy heartfelt feelings for you dear Brian…sending peace and love and BIG hugs for you and your loved ones… ❤️💫om

    • Thank you Hedy. Those are precisely the moments when feelings supersede words. My main concern obviously is my daughter. But she is a fighter. And we will all get through this together. (With a little help from our friends…) ❤

    • Thank you Paul. Yes, that was a… “dreaded” anniversary, but local culture and courage from all do help. It was a beautiful celebration. Reminiscent in some way of the Americans’ “wake”. I don’t know whether you have that in the UK?

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