Pot-pourri one and fifty

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“Evening Captain. Another Pot-Pourri, Sir? It’s been a while.”

“Evening Scotty. Yes it has. Do you have your destination?”

“Yes, Sir. All over the place?”

“All over the place Scotty. Beam us down.” (Above: a chair from Rajahstan. Author’s personal collection. Didn’t go there yet. Bought it here.)


Cheetah mother and her two cubs. East Africa. c. 2010. (c)ourtesy Gini.


Amsterdam. c.2011? The houses are 17th century.

18 Cyril-Julie-gaud

1918. Saint-Malo, Brittany. L. to r. my father, grandmother and aunt.

4 S2014-07-24 16.57.38

Sienna. 2014.

“Captain? You do remember the Ed’s comment about the title ‘Pot-pourri’?”

“Yep, Scotty. I do. She says and probably is right that many readers bypass it as the title is not clear. But I’ve looked for alternatives. ‘Medley’? ‘Melting pot?’ ‘Martini stirred’? I’m not convinced. Anybody got a better idea?”

2015-07-31 14.24.16

Paris. 2015. The building is typical 19th century.

2016-07-27 19.05.24

Matisse. c.1925. At Beaubourg.


Bienvenidos. Welcome. Mexico city. 2018.

2016-07-30 18.13.01

Paris. “Here fell for the Liberation, Montauron jean, police officer, August 24, 1944″. There are many such plaques on the streets of Paris, particularly near the Seine, Concorde, and Ile de la cité, where most of the fighting took place. Some of those fallen were 18 or 20. Never forget them.


Amboseli National park, Kenya, c.1988. The Kilimandjaro, Africa’s highest mountain is on the right. (Not in the picture)


Louvre, cour carrée. Early 19th century.


Paris. Early 21 st century. “Kookaï forever”.


Tlalpan, Mexico city, late 19th century. Painting on City hall, 1989. The church, yellowish front gates in the centre and belfry to the right, is still there.


“OMG! Where did that “·&(/()&/&$%”·$”/%$· button fall?” Mexico city. 2015.


Have a smiling week-end. Tchad, West Africa during an MSF vaccination campaign.  c. 2010. Photo (c)ourtesy C. Heurtebise.

Thank you for hopping around on Equinoxio’s Time-Space shuttle.

“Scotty? I just saw the pilot of Star Trek last night, and only Spock was there. You weren’t. Neither were the others. Why?”

“A very unfortunate occurrence Sir. That pilot looks like it was done in a parallel universe. And it actually was. Discard it, please. The second pilot is the good one.”




74 thoughts on “Pot-pourri one and fifty

    • Good. That is exactly the point. To move the reader from one side of the planet to the other. Jump! Jump! Keeps attention. And yes the last photo is incredible. (Regrettably It is not mine) 🙂 Did you notice how the eyebrows are tattooed?

  1. No other word serves as well for a mixture of unrelated objects or subjects. Of course, it would qualify for a bonus point if you could add fragrances to the pictures … though maybe not the elephant.
    The family portrait is a treasure. Lovely lady your grandmother, and I may have mentioned that my father’s twin brother was a Cyril.

    • Cyril? Is that right? It is was very “stiff upper lip” English name. (My grandmother was English, India born)
      Thank you for your comments. Pot-pourri it will remain then.
      Bon week-end my friend
      (We will skip the elephant fragrance part, though I will ask Scotty what he can devise)

  2. Just what the hell was the point of telling us Kilimanjaro was on the right if it wasn’t in the photo!

    ”And on the right – but you can’t see it Mwahahaha – is the elephant’s partner, drunk as a skunk on marula fruit and delightfully adorned in a pink tutu.”
    (Would I lie to you? ) Sheesh!


    Lovely selection Brian.

  3. I don’t even remember what I said! But here’s the thing, your fans (such as me) know and enjoy your Pot Pourri’s and understand what it is all about – we know it’s your vibe and appreciate it. I guess it is whether you are particularly bothered about attracting or potentially losing newbies who will see your title in the WordPress timeline or indeed in the world outside of WordPress (i.e Google or maybe a social network) and think your post is about about dried flowers! Finding out it is not could provide a negative or a positive response!

    The other way to look at it is, say you decided to keep ‘Pot Pourri’ (and indeed why not?) in your submission schedule you will no doubt have other post titles that are more accurately self explanatory and will bring new folks in and then they can get to know you from there…so don’t stress.

    Also having a descriptive tail on the title like ‘one and fifty’ might indicate to a potential reader that it is likely not about flowers… I have something similar in that I have repeating series posts that have the same main title but with a tail on the end to differentiate them… so as I said chill.

    Hopefully I said something similar last time!

  4. Hi Brian, thank you for a wonderful trip this evening. As always a lovely collection of photos. The family photo of your father, grandmother and aunt is priceless. Such a fantastic smile in the last photo. I like, ‘Pot-pourri’, hope you don’t change it. 🙂 Please enjoy your Saturday evening and have a good Sunday. ~ Mia

    P.S. I adore your chair.

  5. I just adore the old time pics of people, that of your women relatives is splendid Brian, stark yet so filled with happy life, another great time round the blue marble ❤

  6. Actually there’s an extended footage of the first pilot (titled “The cage”) found in a series of “specials”, that includes Gene Roddenberry’s explanations about it, and also some B/W scenes missing from the final public version. 😉 However, no explanations of how come Bill Shatner replaced Jeffrey Hunter as the captain of the Enterprise. The others came along in time, I think Chekov (Walter Koenig) only joined the crew at the beginning of the second season. Yeah, I’m watching the whole series again right now. Coincidence? 🙂

    Anyway, thankfully Captain’s chair didn’t resemble at all the one in first picture above. You’re perfectly right: quite unconfortable. Getting stung by that pointy nose everytime…? 🙄 😆

      • Needles and pins. 😀 (does that bring up memories?)
        Try to find all four specials of StarTrek, they may prove interesting.
        That bull outside the store is much better proportioned than Matisse’s woman.
        Cheetahs remind me of the documentaries featuring Marlice van Vuuren (formerly van der Merwe) found on YouTube.
        The Kookaïette girl is very attractive, I wish she had swapped clothes with that Louvre statue. 😀
        But where the heck is the pink tutu eleph… I mean, the Kilimandjaro? 😛 😆

      • Needles and pins? I draw a blank here. The bull is fun, but I prefer Matisse. Marlice? Hadn’t heard of her. (Just looked her up) Young. That’s good. Need young people with the energy to save what can be saved. 🙂
        And I am glad you noticed the Kookaïette. I placed her after the statue precisely for contrast.
        And the Kili? working on it… Cheers.

      • C’mon, you must’ve heard that song in one version or another. Here’s some info from Wikipedia. 😉 No relation with the chair apart from the nose. 🙂
        Maybe that was an early Matisse. 🙄 A young Matisse, a young Marlice – it rhymes. 🙂 Yes, it’s good to have such people that care for species that maybe once ruled the Earth or at least a piece of it and are now almost memories.

        I could never overlook beauty, in whatever shape and form it may present itself to me. I didn’t overlook Cyril, Julie & Gaud either, actually I think I’ve seen that picture before, or one similar to it; the joy on their faces – on all (fortunate) children’s faces – is among the most beautiful things in the world. 😉

      • Just listened to ins & needles. No bell rang. 🙂
        I liked the fact that there is a young Marlice to take up the fight.
        The family photo I may have posted before, but there are two, slightly different and from different times.
        Take care Dragos

      • No worries about that song, it was just a poor attempt at humor. 🙂

        Young people won’t step up to fight for wildlife preservation unless their awareness is raised one way or another. I’m afraid the regular media channels may perpetuate a false message like “don’t worry, there are parks and reservations, they are well taken care of, it’s not your business to get involved, mind your own” and thus people may never know the cruel reality until it’s too late, if ever. Blissfully oblivious to whatever doesn’t directly touch them.

        You know best your family pictures, my memory is like swiss cheese, you know that. 😉

        The Burton Pop-labeled drawing is quite expressive, noticed it the first time.

        That vast open area behind the elephant provides a feeling of freedom. However I bet there are people in this world that would just think “Oh, I’d raise a hotel there, why all that unused space?” or something along those lines – they can only see profit, with no respect for others’ properties, be those humans or wild animals.

      • I think young people are concerned about other things. Wildlife may not be one of them.
        The Burton-pop? I had to look it up again. To me it’s the button shop in Polanco. And yes, I’d published one before. This particular… “sign” is difficult to capture all at once. There are trees and lampposts in the way. But I love it. Very Liechtenstein.
        And you are right about the open space behind the elephant. Land is the major cause of wildlife extinction. As human population grows, those empty lands are like cheese for a mouse. Tanzania has been planning for years to build a highway in the middle of Serengeti Nat’l park, thus cutting the great migration route of gnus and antelopes. They have been stalled so far by NGO’s but who knows until when?

      • Unfortunately, young people are concerned with career and money – not necessarily in that order. Wild life is something very far away, interesting only on the TV screen between other more “important” activities.
        Yeah, we need more fuel-based vehicles, more highways, more large properties for the rich – animals are just animals, they have no rights. Actually Orwell was right: some animals are more equal than others.

  7. Always a joy to be teleported across the world and across time zones through your wonderful keepsakes Brian. Your family portrait and that of the young girl and her infant are truly special. No.14 takes me back to my (vain) contact lens days 😀

  8. I like ‘pot-pourri’ Brian, don’t think it’s confusing anyway. Plus it reminds me of one of my more embarrassing moments at university while making a pun about the “fear of Popery” in 17th Century England. If I recall well, it went something like, “For the avoidance of confusion, that’s the fear of Popery, not the fear of pot-pourri”. It was met with a bemused silence from my professor and fellow students. I think I passed that course!

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