Breaking news: Hydrants invade Asia

“Morning Scotty. Morning everyone. Apa kabar?”

“Morning Captain. What news ? Not good, I’m afraid. Just got a report on a possible alien hydrant invasion in Asia.”

“Bad news indeed. What is the source?”

“Our agent in Kuala Lumpur, Captain.”

“Stéphanie Lung? She IS our best agent in the region. What evidence did she send?”

“A sketch, Sir, you know Stéphanie…”

“Yes. She takes a picture. Then draws and sends the paper sketch by Confederate Express. Claims that paper cannot be hacked. She may have a point. Let’s see the sketch.”


“Oh. She’s right Scotty. Red hydrants could be a threat. Beam us all the way to Singapore please.”


Rain Hydrant Singapore.


Jungle hydrant, Singapore.


Street hydrant, Singapore.

“Stéphanie’s right, Scotty. That is a threat. Where else have hydrants been spotted? We need to dimension the problem.”

“Penang, Malaysia, Sir. Shall we hop?”

“Pray hop, Scotty.”



Penang hydrant. Lebuh Campbell.


Penang again.


“Don’t let yourself be fooled by the peaceful Chinese lanterns, Scotty. Those are spores. They are reproducing… Beam us to Bangkok. Now.”

“Copy that. Beaming to Bangkok.”


Street fighter hydrant, Bangkok. Extremely violent. Note the scars on the head?


Undercover hydrant. Bangkok.

“Scotty! Undercover? This is bad! We need to do something!”

“Doing something, Captain… Er. There we are:”


“A Hydrant Mother Queen! Bangkok. Bingo! And look at those eggs! Scotty, get Civil Defence. Yesterday!”


Hydrant eggs ready to hatch. Bangkok.

“Civil Defence called in. Sir. They got it.”


Civil Defence, Singapore.

Thank you, Kam siah to Tiffany Choong at Bulanlifestyle for her hydrant sketches. Visit her at:

Thank you to Stéphanie Lung, our agent in “Kuala”. You can read Stéphanie Lung’s first adventure, “Breakfast in Istanbul”, here:

Hydrant threat contained. Have a nice week.



27 thoughts on “Breaking news: Hydrants invade Asia

  1. Those are not ready to hatch, those are… rotten eggs. Hahahahahaha!!! 😆

    Oh and that “undercover” blue thing is not a hydrant but a water counter, by the looks of it. Dangerous nonetheless if not kept under surveillance. 😀

  2. Nasty-looking brutes, all of them, particularly the ones with threatening postures. And the horrors of that nest!
    Is it true that these dreadful creatures have put out fires that were designed to eradicate many hated humans?

  3. Hilarious, Brieuc ! Il y en a plein par ici. Ils ont tendance à s’en prendre aux voitures, par derrière, les lâches. J’en ai même vu un auquel avaient poussé des grandes tentacules. Tellement effrayant, qu’un tas de soldats aux casques brillants essayaient d’en couper les têtes … dans une odeur âcre de brûlé !

    • Haha! All Tiffany Choong’s doing. After I saw her first hydrant sketch, I saw hydrants everywhere. 🙂
      Fun isn’t it? A detail one never pays attention to. (Sharpens the eye, I think)

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