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2016-07-07 16.01.00

“Scotty. The Title generator software is down again.”

“Sorry Sir. We’ll fix it. ‘Meantime, the Time-Space shift modules are fine.”

“Sure Scotty? Last time we emerged in that wall above in San Francisco. 2016, if I recall.”

“Because of the peacock, Captain. That is why peacocks are not accepted on Disjointed Airlines anymore as comfort pets. Sir.”

“Fasten seatbelts every-one. Tight!”

2016-08-04 10.48.17

London. 2015. Or was it 2016? Scotty!


Dante Alighieri. Florence. 2014.


Siem Reap, Cambodia. 2018. Note the eyebrows.


Bogotá, Colombia. Before the eyebrows thickened worldwide. c. 2015.


Mexico city. Date unknown. (Scotty’s electronic calendar just broke down…) Note the stegosaurus below left for possible time identification.


“The corner of the arts. Paris, 2015. Near the Rue de Seine, in the Latin Quarter.


The royal barges of Siam. Bangkok. 2018. Near Klong Bang Luang. Note the wooden house on pillars in the background. Some still survive. We will come back.


UNAM. National Autonomous University of Mexico. 2017.


The Guardian at #13. Penang, Malaysia. 2017.

Captain and crew thank you for hopping around on Equinoxio’s Time-Space shuttle. Unbuckle your seatbelt carefully lest you re-materialize inside one of these places. There is a safety software tied to the buckle. Enjoy your week wherever you are in Space and Time.



54 thoughts on “Street Where Art Some

  1. I am not sure I should unbuckle any time soon as I live in the US, and we have tRump administration. Shouldn’t we wait at least until the 2018 elections for house and senate? I need to restock more dramamine for motion sickness with how fox news spins stuff. Hugs

    • There was a lot of nice street art in Florence. You could actually compare with many of the paintings in the Uffizi. So there is still “speranza”.
      Now, Sartre? I thought he said: “L’enfer c’est les autres”? Sono li altri?

      • Sartre did indeed say: L’enfer c’est les autres. I made a little quip. When I was in Florence I did not notice, or didn’t pay attention to, the street art. Or maybe there wasn’t that much around then. But it’s wonderful on your pictures and I’m sure Dante would not have objected being depicted like this.

      • I thought you might be joking. 🙂 There was a lot of Street art, but more in the back streets. And it depends on when you went, who was the mayor and who might have decided to paint over… And I agree. Dante would have found it fun.

  2. The place I play qigong most often in the Netherlands is named de Paauw … the peacock in English. It is a large house, now the property of the city. It has 4 sculptures of peacocks in front. Why ? Well, I have no idea ! The park on the back of the house is just gorgeous. This being said, flying with a peacock as a pet must be quite a challenge, almost equivalent to Eco’s salmon ! I love street art, Brieuc !

      • Bonne nuit. (6h ici, 1h là-bas) Toulouse doit être mieux que les Ardennes, bien que j’ai vu des nouvelles de neige dans le sud.
        Qigong? C une découverte. Jamais entendu parler. A deuxième vue ça ressemble au Tai chi? Je vais explorer la chose. I could use some peace. “Xie xie”. 😉

      • Taichi et qigong se ressemblent en effet. L’esprit et le même. En fait, taichi fait partie du qigong. Il est plus formel. Qigong peut être plus créatif. Je pratique les deux. Bonne journée à toi, Brieuc.

      • Je ne sais pas, Brieuc. Une femme pratique le qigong avec moi pour “vivre mieux” avec son arthrose. Elle revient régulièrement. Alors, j’imagine que cela lui profite. Le qigong est peut-être préférable au taïchi parce que je peux choisir mes mouvements. Bon courage et bon bout de semaine, Brieuc.

    • I hadn’t. Seen that. To be honest, art is no longer in the galleries. But in the street. There is some amazing stuff everywhere. And it is a way of… painting the city nice. Some places would be ugly. But a mural changes everything. How are things with you?

      • Sad to say but the application of Law may depend on the lawyer… (Did I just write that?) (I have an 1820 copy of Montesquieu, the one who invented checks and balances. It’s on my to-read shelf…)

      • No rush. Those things have a way of hiding and popping up at the least expected time. Muy cansadA? (It’s A for a female). I can’t understand. No matter what a working mom has a double job. And those early years are so important for the child’s development that one always wants to do a lot with them. At least you have today off. 😉

  3. Thank you for a wonderful trip, B. The street art photos are spectacular, and the colors are amazing. I had to laugh, “…peacocks are not accepted on Disjointed Airlines anymore as comfort pets.” Have a terrific Wednesday! 🙂

  4. The UNAM girl is so sad

    I remember the peacock. And the wolf/arrow girl. Or was it in my dreams…

    We need more comedy. More free laughter. And I mean free.
    Eh, Dante e la sua Divina commedia…

    Grazie per la passegiata attraverso il spazio e il tempo! 😉

    • Piacere amico mio. 🙂
      I don’t know why the UNAM girl is sad… Maybe she is cold?
      Your visual memory is flawless. No way I can stick back in any old pic… 😉
      (It used to be that when I moved a photo to a pre-WP file, it MOVED. But now it seems to stay. So I sometimes repeat photos not quite willingly)

      • Yes, maybe she’s a bit cold, standing out, naked, in the early Spring. 🙂

        Don’t worry about repeating pictures, it’s always a pleasure to see them again, and then how many other people may not have seen them yet. Whatever fits is perfect. 😉

        As for copying instead of moving, maybe a default setting has been changed in your file explorer with the recent upgrade. It’s worth checking all related settings thoroughly. Wish I could help but I have zero experience with Mac; maybe someone else here could lend a hand…

      • She might be cols.
        Agreed. Repeating some is ok. I just don’t want to fall in self-copy. 🙂 Trying to invent different stuff – within a style – is nice.
        The moving part is more procedure. I’ve started storing “current” pics in Dropbox. (Increased the storage facility) in addition to physical backups. So when I move a picture from Dropbox to “Documents” I think a copy stays in Dropbox. Need to check. No big deal.
        Have a great week-end my friend

      • Ugh, Dropbox! 😦 Read some nasty things about them in the past. Wouldn’t touch them with a ten feet pole, so to speak. But that’s me.
        I hate the fact that everything online has to be connected to Google one way or another. I loathe Google and don’t wanna have to deal with them in any way, but unfortunately that’s not possible anymore in this century. Even my swedish cloud provider CloudMe uses googleapis so I have to manually allow that domain when I want to check out my repository from the web side. Local application works just fine without, though.
        Anyway, do check your settings, maybe you’ll find the culprit.

        Merci, un bon weekend a vous tous aussi! 🙂

      • Merci. I dislike too all that “interconnection” where everything is exposed, stored and analysed. The prelude to a global totalitarian state really.

      • Reminds me of the “Matrix” trilogy where people were all connected to that matrix, all thoughts were being retrieved and analyzed, and – if necessary – corrected or disposed of the “container”. Of the person, that is.
        We do live in the matrix and it’s scary as hell.

    • Thank you. Last two shots? (Let me go back…) Agreed. I always take particular care for the first and last shot. (And the others too, but overture and finale need special care) 😉
      Tot ziens

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