Dancin’ in the street

1 IMG_0565

…Calling out around the world
Are you ready for a brand new beat
Summer’s here and the time is right
For dancing in the streets
They’re dancing in Angkor

2 2016-08-01 17.38.24

They’re dancing in Paris

3 img_4878

Down in Buenos Aires

4 IMG_0147

In Angkor Thom

5 IMG_6788-A

All we need is music, sweet music
There’ll be music everywhere
They’ll be swinging, swaying, records playing,
Dancing in the street, oh

6 IMG_0563

It doesn’t matter what you wear, just as long as you are there
So come on, every guy, grab a girl, everywhere, around the world
They’ll be dancing, dancing in the street

7 2016-08-01 17.38.14-A

8 img_4880

It’s an invitation across the nation, a chance for folks to meet
They’ll be laughing and singing, music swinging
Dancing in the street

9 ca01ac

Phnomh Penh…
Baltimore in dc now
Don’t forget the motor city
On the streets of Brazil
Back in the Ussr

10 CGB29

Back in Africa…

11 IMG_0557

12 2016-07-04 11.04.55

No matter where you are

All we need is music, sweet music
There’ll be music everywhere
They’ll be swinging, swaying, records playing
Dancing in the street, oh


Me and you
Dancing in the street


Don’t you know
They’ll be dancing
Dancing in the street…

Thank you for this dance. Lyrics Clifford/Jagger. The divine Apsaras are from Angkor in Cambodia, early January. There are 1500 of them, dancin’ in the temples. Tango photos in Buenos Aires (c)ourtesy my friend Paul (Dankje wel Paul). Visit his great site at:


Little bunnies in Africa: c.1963. Little sister to the left. Phnomh Penh: the Royal Khmer Ballet, c.1957. Toulouse-Lautrec mural: Mexico 2016. Danzón, the couple in blue with a feather in the hat: Tlalpan 2017.

Keep dancing.


52 thoughts on “Dancin’ in the street

    • Haha. That particular song is very catchy. And sometimes one song runs around in your head… 🙂
      Means the post worked I guess.
      Is the light growing in your neck of the woods?

      • Yes, slowly but surely – thankfully!! That will be a big relief. Right now we have been having some sunny winter days, in between the darkness, but sunny skies in the winter over here always mean cold temperatures… today was -18C, plus the wind factor. Brrrr…
        I wonder, how many languages do you speak? Saw you replying to someone in Dutch, is that? Or Afrikaans maybe? Or am I just imagining… can’t find that comment anymore!

      • -18C? OMG…
        I speak 4 fluently: french, english, spanish, portuguese. I get along in Italian. Understand some german and dutch. (Lived in Amsterdam for a while) the comment was in Dutch. (Dankje wel) But then I can pick an Afrikaans word here and there: dankie is dankje…
        How do you say thank you in Finn? 😉

      • It’s “kiitos”! And “you’re welcome” is “ole hyvä” (literally: be good!) Portuguese always sounded difficult to me! The pronunciation! I used to speak French and Spanish quite well and Swedish fluently, but now I’m glad if I can somehow express myself in just English and Finnish, hahah. Also spoke some Italian. And had Dutch roommates in France for a while – could understand them based on Swedish but all I remember now from that Dutch period is “doei”!

      • Kiitos then. When I saw hyvä I assued it meant good. Probably masculine, since it looks like yvää with only one ä.
        I’d forgotten doei. I tend to say “tot ziens”. See you later. About your old “languages”? They never really go away. Keep practicing and they will come back. A bientôt mon amie.

      • Merci! You’re right, I’m pretty sure they’ll come back given the opportunity. When we went to Argentina for 7 weeks a couple of years ago, I suddenly whipped up some pretty ok Spanish out of the blue – it was a spontaneous trip and we didn’t have time to read up in advance, so I was surprised that they really spoke NO English there! I had assumed it would be all globalized – very happy that it wasn’t. Anyway, bonne nuit et á bientôt! 🙂

  1. Grand idea. I have to say that looking to some of the pictures I think if I danced like that I would throw my back out and dislocate my hips. 😃😄😉😎Hugs

      • 87 ans, usé par la maladie, plus très présent. Les trois cérémonies ont été de belles rencontres apaisantes. Il a également eu une manière douce de quitter Maman. Alors, ce n’est si traumatisant. Un bel après-midi (sans doute ?) à vous, Brieuc.

      • C’est souvent le problème: l’espérance de vie augmente pas tellement la qualité. Donc, parfois on se dit que c’est mieux comme ça. Maintenant il faut s’occuper de ceux qui restent. Ta mère en particulier. Allez! Bon week-end quand même. Autant que faire se peut.

    • You know you’re the second person to say that about that song stuck in your head. It is catchy. And I’m sure we all danced to it at least once. It was a fun post to put together. Keep dancin’ Julie.

  2. Yeah, we need to stop shopping and start dancing, maybe the world will become a tiny bit better then. (someone above said about the same thing so maybe there’s still hope)
    Fondly remembering some of the photos from previous posts. Merci. 🙂

  3. Love it Brian, made me smile. Interesting how much dancing there is in the streets! The Toulouse-Lautrec painting is great, but the Dancing Bunnies steal the show. Hope all’s well?

      • You’re welcome Brian. The ‘Beast from the East’ has thankfully given way to some warmer weather. We had three weeks of the (very) cold stuff though, cold enough for people to skate on the canals. Take care.

      • City canals? Wow. I remember one winter when the canal in front of the flat froze, but not enough to skate. We went to the countryside for that. (Have you tried skating now?)

      • The canals in Amsterdam froze hard enough for skating, but here in The Hague it’s a bit milder because we’re on the coast. The canal in front of my apartment remained completely ice free despite the -8C temperatures.

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