Merry Year a new and Christmas happy a

“Scotty, have you heard of the major bug at Gare Montparnasse?”

“Yes, Sir. Hundreds of trains stopped for a day or so. But we had nothing to do with it. Sir.”

“‘You sure, Scotty? Have you noticed how the titles of those posts tend to come out a tad random?”

“Just a minor bug, Sir. Nothing to worry about. Does not affect passengers’ molecules re-assembly.”

“All right Scotty. Buckle up everybody. Tight. Let’s hop!”

40 cmo-aspi02

Paris, April-May 1940. My father in his brand new Uniform of sub-lieutenant. He was at the Air Force Academy preparing for the war. As the Germans were advancing towards Paris, authorities kept moving the Academy to the South. When France surrendered in June, my father and a friend tried to go to England to continue the war. Alas, they had stolen the Colonel’s car – a bad idea -, got arrested by the Gendarmes, and discharged – honourably – a few days later. End of the war for him. Otherwise, I might not be here to tell the story.


Teotihuacán, Mexico. 1990. Temple of the Feathered Serpent. Actually two gods share the temple. On the left column: Tlaloc, God of Rain. On the right, Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent. (Quetzal is a bird, of the rain forest. Coatl means snake)


Brazil, 1975. Sailing to Alcantara, from Sao Luis, in the state of Maranhao. The ship was called Mensageiro da Fé, Messenger of the Faith. A trip in the Northeast of Brazil, between Fortaleza and Belem.


Provence, c.1975? Herman’s tortoise. A small – 15-20 cms – tortoise of the mediterranean, it can be found from Spain to Greece. I picked this one up in the garden of a house my parents had on the Côte d’Azur for many years. Near endangered, this species is particularly vulnerable to forest fires.


Pokote woman and children. Northern Kenya, c.1971. (c)ourtesy Claude & Dominique Millet. (See Crows reloaded for a story on the Pokote tribe)


Cyprus, 1967. This Gothic church, built by Crusaders was turned into a mosque at some time, during the back and forth wars of crusaders and Turks. See the added-on Minaret on the left. From this tower, the muezzin calls for prayer.

Foto 21-12-16 1 00 55 p.m.-A

“Error”. One of the first prototypes of the Equinox Time-Space shuttle. Only carried one passenger and worked on bird seed fuel. Environment-friendly but not very stable. Scotty destroyed a few other prototypes until developing the one you are flying on today. Relax. All bugs have been fixed, or so he tells me. (Bogotá, Colombia, early 21st century)


Asian elephant, Zoo de Vincennes, Paris, mid seventies. Last century.


A squirrelly neighbour. Mexico, December 2017, outside my library window.


Brussels, 2011. A taller than average Belgian.


Chichicastenango market, Guatemala. 2000.


Nairobi, Kenya, 1968. To the right, Dr Ashe, Director of the Museum of Natural History. To the left… well. A cousin of Nag, the nasty black cobra that Rikki Tikki Tavi, the fearless mongoose fights in the Jungle book.

This last picture I have already posted. Taken off the coast of West Africa, around 1960. Only 20 years after my father’s gallant uniform picture at the beginning of this post. More than fifty years ago! I feel it is a good symbol of the trip we (the whole family) will be taking to Asia (Singapore, Penang, Thailand, Cambodia) at the end of the week, to reunite with Daughter #2.


Thank you kindly to all of you for accompanying us on Equinoxio’s crazy Time-Space travels. May you spend a lovely Christmas with your dear ones, and may the New Year bring you all Peace and Happiness.

114 thoughts on “Merry Year a new and Christmas happy a

  1. C’était donc une très bonne idée d’emprunter la voiture du colonel … même si la question de la rendre n’avait pas encore été envisagée. Un très bon voyage à vous, Brieuc, et de très bonnes fêtes également.

  2. What a send off for your Asian odyssey. The tortoise is so beautiful and precious. They always seem so vulnerable, in spite of their shell. Bon voyage et Joyeueses Fetes, mon ami!

    • Merci Julie. Likewise. The tortoise was quite a find. Dans la “garrigue”. Put it back there after the photos. I wonder whether Angers has lights on for Christmas? Many cities have developed pleasant decoration. 🙂

    • Thank you. On all counts. The “new” house is in a private garden with 7 other houses, small gardens, a few squirrels. And very conveniently located in the historical part of Tlalpan an area of Mexico. It is a nice view. 🙂
      Take care

  3. seeing that snake made my goosebumps rise…..eeeks 🙂 don’t like snakes, but like nice turtles and nice time machine captains 🙂 happy hollidays Brian and stay safe, enjoy the trip and see ya when you return ❤

  4. Hello, that is one long travel! And we find all kinds of vehicles, can we say? 🙂

    Elephants, turtles… I like the ‘Bug-fixed’ Equinox Time-Space shuttle best! Wish You all Happy Hols, and a Happy Christmas and New Year! 🙂

  5. Wish you an awesome Christmas and a fantastic 2018 guglu! loved your squirrel neighbor! he is one handsome fellow!

    By the way happy birthday! God bless you now and forever my dear friend, hope you got my email sent on right date 🙂

  6. Your dad in uniform is the star of this show, followed closely by your little self 🙂 Happiest of holidays to you and your loved ones Brian. Enjoy your time in SE Asia.

    • Thank you Madhu. 🙂 I hope end of year was good to you and yours. SE Asia was fabulous. Spectacular. And aside from the wonderful experience, lots of material for future posts. 🙂
      Happy new year.

  7. Having been out of the blogging loop for many months, I had forgotten how much I enjoy your posts! Particular loved the two Guatemala pics in this and previous post, not to mention the elephant and tortoise. 😊

    • Well, thank you. Guatemala was a fab trip. The tortoise I’d almost forgotten about. I’m now sorting our Asia trip pix in December. Hopefully I should be able to post more regularly soon. Take good care of yourself.

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