Day of Muertos #2.


Fluttering eyelashes…


Stage right.


Stage left.


Altar to the dead. The small skulls above tend to be in sugar. And often bear the names of the living.


A freshly built oven. To cook “el pan de muertos”, the bread of the dead:


IMG_7209Altars often display photographs of the departed. The old lady on top is shown younger, left, and at her wedding in the fifties, right.


The departed’s favourite food is displayed. Similar altars are made at the cemeteries, and relatives wait through the night until a whiff of air means the dead have sampled the food, and the living can now eat.


A selfie?


Catrinas ready to dance…


Let the danse macabre begin…




Thank you for dancing with the Catrinas. May be continued if you so wish…

Enjoy your week-end.



53 thoughts on “Day of Muertos #2.

  1. So awesome. Your photos make me wish I could see it in person. It must be such an wonderful atmosphere to be able to walk around and be part of all that. Hugs

    • After so many years in Mexico one becomes used to it a bit. But this year’s celebrtion was particularly well done. The dancers in particular. I still have more. Will post next week prob’. Have a great week-end.

  2. Beautiful photos ~ you capture the scene so well…and makes me wish someday to join in the celebrations and to dance with the Catrinas 🙂 Look forward to seeing more.

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