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Colours , Mexico city. 2016

2016-12-20 11.30.35-A

Grey. Bogotá, Colombia, 1940. “Cough syrup Escovar. Cough. Flu. Colds.”


Musée de l’Homme, Paris. 1916. Contemporary African art.


Breton knight ready for tournament. c. mid 1300’s. Bibliothèque Nationale. (c)ourtesy Honorine Tellier. Visit her great blog for horse lovers here: (Honorine je ne t’ai pas demandé la permission… Pas de souci?)


Why Breton? The knight and horse wear a white coat marked with a tiny black motif, called “hermine”, ermine in English, the symbol of Brittany. (Breizh bepred!) Please note how the sword and mass are tied to the armour. The crown on top of the helmet looks like a Duke’s crown. So this could be the Duke of Brittany.


Karachi, Pakistan. c. 1950. Independence day. The Partition was only a few years back. (This is one of the very first slides my father shot. All his previous photos of India and Pakistan are in B&W)


Chief engineer Montgomery C. Scott, aka Scotty, claims he has managed to calibrate Equinoxio’s Time-space shuttle to go back to the dinosaurs… 2 billion years back. I have my doubts… What say you? (Kim?) 😉


“Santa Solita”, Saint “Alone”. A pulque bar nearby. Mexico city. 2016.

Kenya photos -David 226

Tsavo National park, Kenya. c.2010. (c)ourtesy David.


Netherlands. c. 1965. The Dutch were already quite tall.


Fats Domino’s house, N’Orleans, Lu-zee-anna. This past week-end. (c)ourtesy Robert at Letters for breakfast:


The house was badly flooded during Katrina. And though it was restored, Fats Domino never came back. Left his car though.

SAF 2014-07-23 19.11.29

Cat-burglars. Florence. 2014.


Thank you ma’am for the smile. This past Sunday on the city square, Tlalpan, Mexico city)

Y‘all have a lovely week.



77 thoughts on “Pot-seven-pourri-forty

  1. Lovely vignettes. My favourites are the ones from Colombia and Pakistan. Partition makes my heart ache. When Indians celebrate Independence Day and at the same time I watch stories of people who had to make those fateful crossings (my own family suffered too in East Bengal), I wonder what we celebrate in the way of independence. What kind of an independence was it anyway?

    • Both pictures are historical. The Colombia one was framed in a shop in Bogotá. The one in Pakistan was taken by my father. And about Partition… what can I say? (When asked I say I am born in India at large…) My own personal view is that it is the result of Jinnah’s burning personal ambition… He couldn’t bear to share power with Nehru… And as a result, many, many people died. But that’s just me… 🙂

      • Your father must have witnessed stories to make the bones judder. You are not off about Jinnah at all. One man’s ambition and the frenzied wrapping up of affairs by the British did the fate of so many in.

      • That is pretty well summed up. The two main factors… resulting in thousands (or millions? Not too sure) dead. A friend of ours, a Doctor, was in Karachi during the partition. He said he was running to and fro in an automobile to attend the wounded, while the driver shouted: “Doctor Sahib! Doctor Sahib” so they wouldn’t be injured, shot at…

      • Millions? You’re probably right. Your parents (and grandparents if they’re still around must know). What gives me the “hives” is that humans are all but ready to get at each other’s throats again. The killing in Manhattan yesterday? (I’m glad you’re in NJ) I know that street/avenue. Daughter #2 used to live nearby during her corporate stint in New York. She’d go running there… sooo. don’t be good (we’ve gone over that) but be safe. 🙂

      • So Brianji, my grandparents died long ag. They must have carried a lot of their stories with them. But my parents still talk about their parents’ memories and their own. I was actually in Worcester travelling with my husband but I had thought of initially attending the parade in the city. And yes Chambers St. is such a popular place. It is our subway point when we head to lower Manhattan. It strikes home when you have reference points in the city, isn’t it… I am glad your daughter does not live there anymore. I wonder if any place now is safe or is that a utopian notion now.

      • Yes, your parents (and my generation) have a… double memory. Ours and our parents. There was a book by philosopher Paul Ricoeur: Memory, History and oblivion…
        About safety? I don’t know. Reference points do strike home. But… I still remember my childhood, when Europe was safe. The problem is precisely oblivion. The last time humanity went at each other’s throats, the toll was sixty millions. Next time it will be… 600 millions or more? Whatever the reasons we have to stop.

      • I shall look up the book by Ricoeur. A good book and knowledge are not to be put aside.

        I know we have to stop but the insane nature of humanity is that it does not know how to. I believe there will always be evil as it has through eras but in the midst of it we have to keep the oasis of good alive within our own selves. If that makes sense. As for Europe, I get what you mean. Europe was fairy-tale living for us from the East and all this rubbish annoys me to no end but is there an end to it? I fear not.

      • Fairy-tale? Yes. I was born in the east, raised in the South and still live there. Whenever I go back to Europe, I just can’t understand their folly. (Brexit? Come on!) They have no idea what it means to have people stop at the red light. Or have no holes in the street. 🙂
        Now Ricoeur? Title is very good, but the book is a bit… hermetic? (I ended up dropping it. I’d rather recommend Hannah Arendt’s “The human condition”. Just fab. Or her “The crisis in culture”. And I think you might enjoy Russell’s “History of Western philosophy” if you haven’t read it. I’m sure the NY Public library has them. To keep the oasis of good within ourselves. Have a lovely week-end Arundhati.

      • Brexit is another discussion altogether. I know you were born in the east. The way multicultural influences can temper your world view is something I relate to.

        I have not read any of those titles so I shall look them up. Thank you..do have a lovely weekend yourself Brianji.

      • It’s like multivariate quantitative techniques. There are many angles to look at anything. 🙂
        I hope your week-end was pleasant. Exploring no doubt? And a lovey week to you ma’amji. 😉

    • Merci Coeur de feu. The NL photo is a “rescue” when I digitalized all my parents prints, I went through all the negatives. many were never printed then. And I found that photo fun. Happy Halloween.

      • Yes to better. No on the treatment. The doctor bailed on me. HE gave me two different diagnosis and when the labs came back good for them he never contacted me again. His office never called me back when they said they would. SO I had my Pain doctor schedule me for physical therapy. I am taking a set of different vitamins to keep my blood labs in the right amounts. Thanks for asking. I am not as tired as I was, but still have times I just can’t stay awake. Last night I went to bed at 8 PM and woke up at 10 AM. Yet I could go to bed right now at 3:30 PM. How have you been? Are you doing OK? Hey do you celebrate Halloween? I love it but where we live there is not much sense, no kids to trick and treats. Hugs

      • Bailed on you? I can’t believe that. Keep calling. Every day! Physical therapy won’t help the drowsiness… There must be something in your blood count to steer treatment in the right direction.

      • His office said he would check again in 6 months. I think I need another doctor, this one is one Ron used and he promises stuff and then never does anything. I will go back to my primary and see what he wants to do next. That is the biggest problem right now I have unaddressed. Everything else has been addressed and a solution worked towards. I will let you know. I admit it is weird, two blood test showed everything messed up, then I do two pages of labs and the results are all within range. What changed, What happened? The Endo office responded with I need to see a nutritionist. I was not happy. Hugs

  2. Like the Bogotá tram, reminds me of our own buses in the 60s-70s: crowded as hell. 🙂
    There’s no such thing as independence, country was torn in two for obscure reasons. I’ve seen “Earth” (1998) by Deepa Mehta.
    Elephants know it all. Could it be the Duke with such long hair? Maybe it was the Duchess… a woman with cojones. 😀
    Check the dino, there’s an A missing in space. 😉
    And obviously have yourself a great week ahead! 🙂

    • Haha! I still call it “Partition”. For obvious reasons. Basically, it was Mohamed Ali Jinnah’s personal ambition to have a country of his own, and did not want to share with Nehru. Thank you for all your comments. I will make the appropriate editing. 😉

      • These bastards, thinking a country is just like a piece of bread, breaking it into pieces… There’s people there, there’s families… We’ve had our own country bitten into, pieces gone to USSR, Ukraine, Hungary after WWII. Now other countries breaking up. Who’s the architect of such undoings? World is falling apart.

      • I don’t trust books. Actually I don’t trust anything I haven’t lived through, these days. Thanks anyway.

      • For some reason the search came up empty for the said title. Results are heavily filtered so it’s no wonder.

        I’ve had my share of reading in my youth, now it’s the bad eyes and failing memory that make it pointless to me. A good soul in a bad “container” – tough luck! 🙂

      • Ah, that was it: your first mention of the title was a tad wrong and I searched for an exact match, hence no results. 🙂
        Thanks for the Wiki link, I see there’s a new 2006 edition with pictures, I wonder which one floats around on the web and how accurate are they compared to the original book.
        The film also seems to be prety accurate to the book, as far as I read, maybe I’ll find that one instead.

        I forced my eyes years ago with miniature electronics, retrieving and drawing schematics and whatnot, then with CRT monitor(s) too close and for too long. I now need to switch eyeglasses when switching from one monitor to the other just one foot away from each-other. Reading a book would force my eyes even more and I don’t even have proper lighting for reading in either room. That’s why I prefer movies although they kill imagination.

      • To each his own. Now though you are certainly much younger, your eyesight necessarily drops a bit. I have found I need more light than before. (Though I can see pretty well in the dark. I was a cat in a previous life!) 😉

      • Usually I try alternatives but this time I was… distracted or something. No biggie. 🙂
        Found a couple PDFs but they’re in Urdu, can’t read it. Didn’t search for the movie yet and I foresee slim chances to find it.

        I wish I was a cat in this life – neutering apart! 😀 – if only for the good eyesight. I know it does depreciate with age but to me it happened suddenly, as if someone poked me with needles in the back of my eyes and then it was all blurry. I was only 42 at the time, with a perfect sight especially at long distance. Damn CRT monitors and stupid me sitting so close to them.

      • Merci beaucoup! 🙂
        Oh and I dare you to find online a subtitle – any language! – for the movie (YouTube has at least two entries for this title). I couldn’t. Is this an international boycott or what? I remember searching years ago for a subtitle for ‘Marock’ and it came up empty everytime, just like now.

      • Especially when one of them is not googling but… ducking. 😀

        Nevermind, one of the YouTube entries (may be this one) has built-in English subtitles. Too bad I wasted time and bandwidth on another one previously, which has no subtitles but has bad audio (left channel volume is very low).

        This apart, the movie didn’t impress me much. Maybe I was not in the right mood? Dunno about the book, will see when/if I manage to read it.
        Interestingly, both ‘Train…’ and ‘Earth’ were released the same year 1998.

    • A tall tale? Haha! Yes I think they are, close to the Swedes. Glad you enjoy the “composition”. I have sought ways to shorten my post preparation time, but haven’t found it yet. So I stick a “system” that is pleasant to select and hopefully “read”/look at. Tot ziens Hedy.

    • Thank you Kim. (Dinosaur was especially for you.) I have done a few seminars for clients. But mostly, hundreds of presentations of results to clients. And many papers at congresses. Whatever the material, it is always the same: “Tell a story”. 🙂 ❤

  3. I don’t think that many years by the clothes they are wearing…didn’t want to upset Scottie or he’d take us on some nasty trips to the amazon river or something where the pirañas and anacondas play 🙂

      • Hey Brian, all fine here in NYC until Allahu Akbar struck not so long ago in lower Manhattan. My family & I are all safe and my heart goes out to all concerned.

      • Jesus! That just happened, right? I was wondering why “Manhattan”. Googled it. Another bloody nitwit. I’m glad you and yours are safe… But then, as before, I feel like all the victims have become my relations. This really pisses me off. Pardon my French. When are we going to really do something about all those “idits”? How many more will die until we sort out the good from the bad? An Uzbek, right? Not even on the list of the other “idit” at the Tower… I’m very sorry. Stay safe.

      • I’ve looked at more news. I know that place. Daughter #2 used to run nearby. She lived near Houston. I’ve taken photos of the river. This is very sad. And it takes its toll on everyone. My sympathies to all New Yorkers.

      • Inadvertently saw some pictures in the morning paper. Strewn bicycles. A young woman in shock with an oxygen mask comforted by medics. 5 of the dead were buddies from Argentina celebrating their… I don’t know… 20 or 30 year high school anniversary. I hope you won’t mind saying that (you can always trash the comment), I say we should have no mercy on the rabid dogs. There. I’ve said it. 😦

    • Thank you. The photo does not do justice to the “cat burglars”. It’s in a small street close to the river and the Uffizi. There were plenty of such statues on the street, on the buildings. Nice.

  4. Okay my faves: the African men, the cat burglars, the heffalumps.

    I think your chum is lying. Having tried to calibrate the time space shuttle and failed he has resorted to fibs by placing fake plastic people next to a real dinosaur. I am both appalled and disappointed.

    So what was your take on partition?

    • A good selection. (Not too sure what the heffalumps are. Les éléphants?) You’re the only one to have spotted the plastic people. Scotty has received a warning. Partition? Of course I am biased, but I side with Gandhiji. India was one land. With zillions of different/close people. There are more differences within today’s India than betwen India and Pakistan… Even Urdu and Hindi are basically the same. I will applaud the first politician on either side who will propose a community of states. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh.

      • Eléphants? Lol. Oh. Timings? Not affected. Partition was in 1947. My parents arrived in Pakistan in 1949. I was born in ’53. But still Partition is like a shadow hanging over… One may dream that one day, one day, the leaders of India and Pakistan (And Bangladesh) will bury the hatchet. 🙂

    • Don’t remember. That was a meeting of the airlines who flew to Amsterdam. It could have been anywhere in Holland fom Eindhoven to Breda. Though not everywhere were people using traditional clothes then. It will remain a mystery.

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