Catch 22 x 2 = Pot-pourri 44

2016-08-01 17.52.28-1

Another voyage in space and time. Scotty has taken the day off. I hope the ship will run smoothly. Otherwise we may all be trapped forever in a distant parallel universe. Above: an art gallery at Place des Vosges, Paris. c. 2015.

2015-12-26 15.40.06

Angry panda. Bogotá, Colombia. c. 2016.

2014-12-13 09.52.37

17th century street art. Tlalpan, Mexico city. c.2017.


Clown triggerfish, by my sister, Gaëlle. c. 1995.


African mask. Most likely Congo, first half of the 20th century. Brussels. c. 2010. (Dates are approximated. Scotty hasn’t fixed the timer. But rest assured, the engines seem to be working fine.)

2016-08-12 17.25.06

Regina. (Queen in Latin). Montmartre. Early 21st century. (Oh. Oh. Timer seems to be screwing up…) Just reminded me of a Victor Hugo poem: “L’oeil était dans la tombe et regardait Caïn”. The Eye was inside the tomb and looked at Caïn. Caïn is pursued for his crime across the earth by the Eye of God. No matter how many walls Caïn builds, the Eye still finds his way in until Caïn has a tomb built to hide inside. And yet, even within the forever closed tomb, the Eye is inside the tomb and looks at Caïn. (I knew there was something weird in the orange juice this morning…)

RMO 1 1c

Knight templar. A Poor fellow soldier of Christ and the Order of the Temple of Solomon. 12th century. Sketch by my mother Renée. Late 20th century. (Mental note to Scotty: fix the bl..dy timer…)


Mexico city. Roma district. Kindergarten school. About a month ago. The Roma district was one of the (many) areas most affected by the Earthquake. (Mental note to Dragos: did I already post that one?)

0 IMG_5770

That is not a Magritte. Paris, right bank between Grand Palais and Concorde. Time unknown.


That is a Magritte. Magritte museum, Brussels. c. 2010. All rights reserved, etc.


Gwalior state, India, c.1899. Left to right: my great-grandfather, Henry-Felix Onraët, a few months before his death, age 57; Marthe Goutière, a cousin who would become a nurse in WWI; little Irene Onraët, my grandaunt (the prettiest one); my great-grandmother, Wilhelmine, née Goutière; granduncle Philippe Onraët, six or seven then. In the late 19th, early 20th century, little boys were dressed as little girls with skirts and long hair until they were 6 or 7. Long before Genre theory.

Captain and crew thank you for hopping on board Equinoxio Time-Space shuttle. Can’t guarantee the exact time of your unboarding. You might be late for an appointment or two. Plus or minus a few weeks. Have an excellent 25 of November week-end.



40 thoughts on “Catch 22 x 2 = Pot-pourri 44

  1. a lovely post again Brian and I don’t think you posted that pic before, even if you did, they’re always so lovely to look at. I love these time warps, flying along is always a treat ❤

  2. I admit I was fascinated by the first photo of the large face. The thing that drew my attention was the base made of posts. That implies that the face must weigh quite a large amount. The last time I used posts like that I was blocking up my 19,000 fifth wheel RV. 🤔😃 Hugs

  3. Lovely photographs. I have been for a guided tour recently and they explained us the reason of why the boys were dressed as girls until they were sent to school. It comes out the reason was kidnapping. The boys were heirs to the title and property, particularly the land, and often got kidnapped. I would never thought about that.

  4. Got here quite late, sorry, been having serious health problems with my new kitty Lily and she’s still not out of the woods yet.
    The photo of the Roma kindergarden art doesn’t look familiar but you know my memory loves to fail me. It’s a nice one nonetheless, deserves to be posted multiple times.
    I also like the panda, they “built” the drawing around the crack.
    The knight sketch too.
    I remember grandaunt Irene, pretty at all ages. 🙂
    Enjoy a lovely, safe Sunday! 😉

    • Multumesc Dragos. I was wondering whether you might have fallen for a new kitty. I sincerely hope Lilly will be fine. How old is she? And what is wrong with her? Best wishes for a prompt recovery.

      • Found Lily in the garden on August 10. She might be one year old, give or take a few months – can’t know for sure. Dunno what happened, the vet said something about her lungs, pneumonia or similar. She used to cough, wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t move from her place, wouldn’t purr. Three subsequent sessions of IV, Saturday she seemed better, no more fever, Sunday she slept next to the radiator through the whole day and today the vet said she still has fever. Dunno what to do anymore, where to go to.
        If you go to my old blog you’ll find a new widget with short movies of Lily and her new companion Ursu (Eng: Bear).
        Thank you for the good wishes.

      • Oui, il est un vrai ours. Un ours noir. 🙂
        (our language has borrowed many words from other languages, most of them being translated phonetically)
        Blog is still here. Videos are on Vimeo.
        Pneumonia is tricky, fever oscillates and treatment takes two weeks or more. And this cold weather doesn’t help at all. Still hoping for the best. Merci beaucoup!

      • Probably the same Latin root. Ursus? Hang on with the treatment. Cats are strong. Saw a few videos. Lilly is very cute. Now Ursu? Is that the white kitty? (And your graden looks like a jungle. Very nice)

      • Ha, Ursus is a local beer brand. 😆 Yeah, they don’t call’em roots for nothing. 😉
        Today I got pills for the next five days, no more injections. Lily seems to slowly get better, fever’s down – knock on wood.

        Ursu is the black massive male in the last three videos (see the names in the widget). The white one is the nemesis, clawed Lily in the eye a few days after I found her; luckily she didn’t lose the eye but she needed treatment for it too.

        That garden is just unattended for, bad soil doesn’t help so I just let it be. Weeds do grow but vegetables and flowers not so much. Indeed it does look like a jungle, I myself call it like that sometimes. 🙂

      • Despite his size and probably age Ursu is quite playful, guess you saw him playing with that fish before eating it. 🙂 His eye is also better now after the treatment. Became more friendly too. Not sure what will happen when Lily will be allowed to go out, I’m afraid Ursu might claim the garden as his territory and chase Lily out; that would be bad because she longs for her freedom, been confined inside for too long. Oh well, we’ll see. 😉

        Haha, good one, knocking. 😆 I do that often too. 😉

      • True, but a little planning ahead wouldn’t hurt. 😉
        Here I am, hijacking the topic for the n-th time. Gotta stop. 😳

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