Mexico Earthquake

IMG_6563Hi everyone. Yesterday’s earthquake in Mexico has had very strong consequences: dozens of collapsed buildings, people trapped underneath, a school nearby with many children, bridges, a supermarket. There are thousands of voluntaries, people helping in any way they can. But more is needed. If you can, please donate. Something. Anything. Whatever you can, it will help tremendously. Here’s a link in English that is very easy to follow. Thank you:

The above photo was taken yesterday about an hour after the earthquake, around the corner from my house. Fortunately there were no victims. But we can use all the help we can get. Thank you again.



112 thoughts on “Mexico Earthquake

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    • Thank you Victoire. I feel quite moved. And an apology for not giving earlier notice. It’s been a bit chaotic here. And more buildings or constructions seem to be collapsing. Not to mention those trapped in fallen buildings. It’s a bit like ’85 over and over again… Very sad. Y’all take care. (hugs to your kids pliz) 😉

  2. Another one?! This doesn’t feel right at all!
    But it’s not time for debate now.
    Glad you and the family are alright. So sorry for all the losses.
    Wish I could do something actually helpful but I feel helpless myself.
    May God be with you all!

    • Thank you dear Tish. On all counts. We are ok, but it’s the damaged buildings that concern me. many can fall at any time. And the volunteers are risking their lives to rescue trapped people. Sad. Mbaya sana.

    • C’est un peule choc. Ce que les Français appellent maintenant la sidération. Petit à petit on apprend que tel ou tel connaissait quelqu’un qui est mort dans tel ou tel immeuble. Et surtout, c’est un peu la répétition du grand seisme de ’85. 10 à 30,000 morts à l’époque. Et apparemment ici, les mêmes erreurs se répètent. Constructions baclées. Corruption pour avoir des permis même si c’est pas conforme… Makes me mad. Angry.

  3. I am so sorry you were hit with that!! I know you’re not hurt but are you all right (enough)?? This is why I didn’t post for a while – it felt too much of a shameful luxury midst all the hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes.

    • Thank you my dear. We are fortunate, no loss in our circle, but in indirect acquaintances yes… And understandably one wonders whether to post or not… I think so. Keeps our mind from wandering… into sad territories. 🙂 I will post next week. The post I was working on the day the earth shook. Have a lovely week-end. Play some music… 😉

  4. my first thought when I heard about it was how close you were to it. Praying for healing and will give what I can, crazy things happening, hurricanes, earthquakes….sigh. Peace and love my friend and also today the word of the day on my calendar was Equinox….. ❤

  5. Heureuse de vous savoir ok après cet énorme tremblement… Raul était dans le Chiapas la semaine précédente pendant le premier séisme… Tout va bien pour nous, j’arrivais à peine à Cancun le 19 quand j’ai appris pour le nouveau séisme au DF. On pense bien à vous et à nos amis sur place, qui sont parmi les secours et font leur possible pour aider les autres. On participe de loin, par dons, à ce que l’on peut.
    Courage pour les jours à venir!

  6. Wowsa (again) these things take on a whole new perspective when you know somebody right in the middle of it! Sorry B, when I switch off I REALLY switch off to kinda cope so I missed this. I see once again poor building construction for the average, everyday or low income person chickens are coming home to roost?
    So what about your building? Do you feel safe in it? Is there water? Roads accessible?

    The good (selfish for me) news is that you are okay, you’ve got the grandson gurgling by your side and Daughter no.1 is being her amazing self.

    • Low income or high income. All are affected. Pricey new buildings have collapsed. Now in a distant village all 600 houses have collapsed. (according to a friend of mine, but there has been a lot fake news). The “new” house (we moved in last October) is fine. It did shake, rattle (and not roll) quite a bit. But it should be fine. There was another ‘quake early this morning. 6.sthg. Freaky. And yes, perspectives change, but no worry: my eldest brother called me only today. He’d been in Canada all week, and somehow managed to miss all about the quake, until boarding his plane back to France last night! Ha! Ha!
      Have a lovely sunday.

      • I have to say dear Horace that the sabbatical has been great. The only problem is I still would like access to news that matters or is at the very least not puerile, so I’m working on finding a non partisan source with journalists that have a grasp of basic level English (good luck with that The Ed!) To be fair even being told a few days late on a blog is still a valid source.

      • Thing is writing is getting bad everywhere. Now the Times? Haven’t read it in a while, it seemed ok. In terms of proper English. I did have a feeling last time I read it. They don’t seem to understand that times have changed. Articles are wayyyy too long. As in the 19th century. (Wake up guys!)

    • Thank you Patti. Yes, bloody hard. But the disaster and destruction go much beyond Mexico city. Beyond the dead. Many, many people have lost their home. Or their office. Or their source of livelihood. There was a message on the news the other day: “Please stop sending food to the interior. It is now disrupting the economy. A family that lived on selling tacos is now facing free food everywhere… Sad. But again thank you for your thoughts. (And I found the way to receive you in my mail and not on the reader…) 🙂

  7. Such a terrible tragedy, Brian. So many lives are taken, and so many lives are destroyed economically. Used your link, thank you for providing it, I wouldn’t know where to reach. So glad you and your family are safe.

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