The White Mountain*

A true story from a not-so-distant past.


At the end of June, a team from Research International set out to conquer Europe´s highest mountain – Mont Blanc. As it transpired, the RI mountain squad was returned back by a blizzard just short of the summit.

The assault on Mont Blanc was co-ordinated by Brieuc Martin-Onraët (editor of this story; See italics) of the French office, and the squad comprised the following intrepid novices: Dave Phillips (author of these lines), Pete Evans, Roger Banks, Tom Perrot (Head Office UK), Martin Staehle (German Office), Erik de Kort and Loet Magnin (Netherlands), and Giorgio Rusconi from the Italian office, and the only experienced mountaineer. All the above had invested in some training prior to the trip; ranging from drinking less, to serious athletic or troubled to ascertain the likelihood of conquering it armed only with a combination of “gung-ho” and…

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7 thoughts on “The White Mountain*

    • Quite true. We were very lucky. The next day got much, much worse. But never ones to accept defeat, the Brits went back 2-3 years later and made it to the top. Hear! Hear!

      • I once had a near-accident in the Austrian Alps at around 2,150 m (when using a climbing path not really difficult), just my steady left feet saved me from falling down because I had not cared enough about my right feet which had slipped away down. It was a bit scaring to be honest. Fortunately, all took a good end!

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