Street Art Around The Globe: Mexico City FD (Part 2)

A great selection of Mexico city street art. Highly recommendable


The second episode of Street Art Around The Globe Mexico City is about the Street Art that I found in La Roma Norte District. A wonderful vibrant district, full with cosy restaurants and bars, painted walls. I really recommend to book a ho(s)tel in this area if you visit Mexico City.

Click to enlarge the pictures

See also the first episode: Street Art Around The Globe: Mexico City FD (Part 1)

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8 thoughts on “Street Art Around The Globe: Mexico City FD (Part 2)

      • Hey Brian. I you should post it I’d are able to locate the image.

        So far things are going good. About to go on vacation Saturday to north Carolina. Long over due.

        I have also just started looking for a new J.O.B. not looking forward to working, but the money will be nice… Lol

        How’s the family and little Gonzo (I am sure he is not little anymore) doing?

      • The author gave me the street names.
        North Carolina? Your annual family vacation right? Great. I know how much you enjoy that.
        Good luck for the J.O.B. hunt.
        And little Gonzalo is now 14 months. Walking and running everywhere. (I remembered the leash controversy) 🙂 A joy to everyone.
        Be good. And have a lovely week-end.

      • Yes OBX, Outer Banks.

        Are you rethinking the leash idea… Lol although we may want to do it we must continue to resist. Thank you! Enjoy your weekend as well.

      • No. Leash is out. Extra care is enough. I have put a staircase barrier this week-end. Quite a pleasant feat, adapting another thing and fixing it. Working with one’s hands is always a pleasure. Be good Robin

    • This is actually a reblog. Photos taken by another blogger in Mexico city. But He’s given me the exact location. I will probably take a walk there one day to see for myself. 🙂

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