Street “art”. Somewhere.


I‘m not too keen on so-called “Street Art”. Most times it involves stealthy individuals spraying your (not their) wall with ugly nonsense which you then have to paint. Transgression seems to be the key word. “Oh. So daring!”. The vast majority of it defaces someone else’s property but the exception makes the rule, doesn’t it? When you walk around with your camera in hand, you may find interesting stuff. Or something that actually enhances the abandoned wall. Here it is, gathered during some of my travels.

WSA 010-NyNew York city.

WSA 035 (2)MX

Palissade. Mexico city. Not Peking or Beijin!


Vodka outdoor ad. Mexico city. Very good art. Poor brand recognition.


Dream on. Mexico city. (Tagged on my recently departed father’s house). I left the tag on for a while for the – unaware – message!


Bogotá, Colombia.


Rue de l’Université. Paris.

WSA 127bog



Paris. Marais district. “Street of the market of the White-Coats”…

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60 thoughts on “Street “art”. Somewhere.

  1. Interesting how some areas almost encourage it while others paint right over it. I can’t imagine living in an area that encourages it even though I do enjoy seeing it. That area near the entrance to the Paris catacombs comes to mind. It is a beautiful historic area with street art everywhere. In a way it enhances and in a way it takes away.

  2. I love Artwork on buildings and walls, as long as the owner agrees to it. Like you I feel it is wrong to cause the owner to take on the burden of fixing what someone defaced. Hugs

  3. For sure tagging and street art are different beasts I remember Bogota and being overwhelmed by so much graffiti also Lisbon had a lot….here unless it’s been “approved” it gets painted over almost immediately….have a good weekend and dream on….thinking of you Brian I know this story too….happy snapping day! Smiles hedy

    • Thank you for your smiles Hedy. Hmm. So you know Bogotá? How nice. My wife is Colombian, and we go once or twice a year. I am actually planning – in December – to take a ride with my niece (a graphics designer) and do some shooting on Avenue 30 or 28 (always get them mixed up) They have fab stt art there. 🙂 Lovely week to you. B.

      • Yes I’ve been…my husband does international wheelchair basketball so sometimes I travel with him…he loves the Latin countries…I’ve had the great pleasure to see and met people as well and that’s wonderful for me as a street photographer…enjoy it’s a beautiful place…I’m sure I’ll return….smiles hedy 🤓😀

      • Parts of Asia, Europe, South America and Canada…he’s been in the sport for over 30 years from local to the Paralympics developing the game of bball for children, youth, women and men…it is his passion ☺️ I’m proud of the volunteer work he has done and continues to do 🤓😀

      • Life would be a bore without Passion. (It used to be my key question when interviewing young execs to work in my Research Agency: “Do you have a Passion?” Some did. Hired. Some did not. 🙂

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