Paris in the sky with diamonds


In times of trouble mother (sky) comes to me. Feeling down? Everybody’s out to get you? You may be right. Even paranoids have ennemies. Nonetheless stop looking at the ground. Look up. At the sky. Wherever you are. After a while, apart from a cranked neck you will feel better. Of course, a bit of sun helps! 🙂


Paris, 15e arrondissement.


Rue de l’Université


The Louvre (left) seen from Orsay (right)


Le Louvre, from le pont du Carrousel


Jardin des plantes (birthplace of evolution theory)


Paris, 15e arrondissement

467Pont Alexandre III

Pix (c) yours truly

Lyrics: Lennon/McCartney

Where are the diamonds? Everywhere! The entire city is a gem. (And I dare anyone to say otherwise!) 🙂

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56 thoughts on “Paris in the sky with diamonds

    • I love bridges, just about anywhere. Alexandre III is one of my favourites, but the London bridges I like very much. I think there is something about a bridge that makes it special. Trite as it may sound it connects different worlds. (Need to check my medication…)

  1. You have been very quiet,Brian!I am happy to see all the diamonds in the sky….lovely photos! Our skies are grey nowadays…winter,dust,smoke from veldfires and all that jazz😜😄

    • Sorry to her about the grey. Forest, bush, veld fires are a bore. I imagine it’s that dreadful custom to set fire to the fields for the next crop? Very common in Africa and other places. yes I’ve been quiet, but… I will slowly come back. Thank you for your… concern. 🙂 Will you into the bush this week-end? Tot ziens.

      • Because of the dryness in winter,the fires are even caused by some stupid motorists throwing cigarette buds out of a car window! Glad you’re coming back!

      • Same old stupidity the world around. There’s been a lot of fires in the south of France in the past few days. Negligence most of the time.
        And thank you. It is good to be back. Even one step at a time. Be good.

    • N’est ce pas? “Le ciel est par-dessus le toit,
      Si bleu, si calme,
      Un arbre par-dessus le toit
      Berce sa palme…
      Verlaine, written form his prison cell. If you don’t know the poem yet, look it up.
      Yes, it is good to look up at the sky. De temps en temps. Regarde les cieux d’Angers. Ils sont sûrement très beaux. Quand il ne pleut pas. ; Bonne semaine Julie

    • Glad you liked it. And you are in Paris right now? Fantastic. And a hidden cottage? Even better. I rent one every summer near Convention. Precious. How long will you be in Paris’ (Bonnes vacances)

      • Wonderful! Three more ticks you may not have seen:
        1) Musée Gustave Moreau. Quite unique. If you are not familiar with this painter, look up his work.
        2) Musée Bourdelle. A must. Whether you like sculpture or not. And very close to Montparnasse
        3) “Sail” up the canal Saint-Martin. Takes a few hours in the morning, but again if you haven’t “done” it, well worth
        the ride.
        Enjoy Paris. (We might actually have coincided, I was there in July planning yo stay through August but had to cut the trip short.)

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