Manchester, England, England


This post is dedicated to the people of Manchester, London, to my friends and relations and their friends and relations in England and elsewhere. It seems only a few weeks ago that I remembered the French version of Hair, sang then, around 1970, by Julien Clerc. I had checked my LP’s, but I “only” have the original English Broadway version. For once, I find the French lyrics and version much better than the English original. Exception that confirms the rule. The English words you can read to the right are my own translation, and differ widely from the original Lyrics by James Rado and Gerome Ragni. Only a few weeks ago, it was just an old musical. Though largely written in its time against the Vietnam war, the words still have a ring to our current dire reality. Listen to the French version here. Even if you don’t speak the language, the English text is above:

I understand another attack occurred today at Notre-Dame, which should be another reason to urge Britain to cancel Brexit. Don’t be daft. There is plenty of evidence we are all in this together.

Though I’m afraid Love won’t cut it in this coming war with no name, and stronger measures will need to be taken, just to be clear, allow me to second the motion put forth by London Mayor Sadiq Khan to cancel the Orange man’s State invitation to the UK. No need to add insult to injury. All in favour say “Aye”?

London Bridge

35 thoughts on “Manchester, England, England

      • He has managed to alienate our allies, he is a thug surrounded by a swamp of deplorables. His cohorts are trying to bully and intimidate Comey prior to his testimony Thurs but I am hoping that we will eventually uncover exactly what is going on in this administration.

      • A thug seems to be a very apt synthesis. I am curious to hear what Comey dares say before the Senate. That is not an institution to take lightly. The people there may actually have more power than the orange moron. And they have earned it.

      • Thing is the Republicans have circled the wagons and many are trying to protect their territory now that they have the majority in both the senate and congress …and the white house. We will see. I am hoping for the sake of my country…

      • Indeed. Everyday it seems our president exhibits his lack of judgement-ineptness. Look at Qatar. I heard today the prez didn’t realize we have a lot of troops there. Omg.

  1. Apparently unrelated but maybe not so much: La chasse aux papillons (1992). Watch it. Pay attention to the “news on the radio” – nothing changed since. The fate of the train in the end will make the puzzle pieces fall into place. That’s how it works, that’s how it always did. The red-headed girl and her “comrades” are just tools – who’s the master of the castle now? That’s your real target!

    But what happens when gentle, honest people start fighting (back)? Watch the battlefield: there’s no difference between left and right. They all kill in the name of something. When does it end? Or does it ever… Oh, these humans…! 😦

    • I do remember all the Palestinians’ acts of cowardice in the sixties and seventies. Then more killings in the 80’s, etc. Doesn’t seem to stop.
      I “like” your point about the “Master of the castle”. Years ago, politicains seemed to at least “play the game” of apparent democracy. But now? Masks are down aren’t they? And the Masters of the castle have no shame left.

    • Both probably. I still vividly remember the Palestinians setting up the fashion to kill randomly in the 60’s and 70’s. Preferably unarmed civilians. Sooo much easier than armed Israeli soldiers. But this particular blend is even more dangerous. It is a religion war. In disguise. Remember the French Huguenots who fled to Holland and then South Africa? Problem is now that the enemy is inside our borders… And nobody dares call a cat a cat. Anyway, one of my cousins (the Durban one) just posted a terrifying piece on the violence situation in South Africa. Watch your back my friend.

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