Pot-pourri one-and-forty

2016-07-08 16.53.14

San Francisco 2016.


West Africa. c.1960-61. Left to right: Little sister, our friend Marie-Martine, and yours truly. En route to the islands. And swimming in the open sea on the way. The boat was a wooden contraption called a Pinasse. Slow, noisy and fab.

2013 Paris 417

Brittany, home of my ancestors, half of them anyway. 2013. Not 100% sure, but this probably is Guérande, renowned for its salt. (Need to take notes)

D2014-08-07 14.04.25

Le Marais, Paris. 2014. Medusa, whose gaze could turn mortals into stone. Μέδουσα (Medousa) meant Guardian, protector. Interesting. In French it means jellyfish. Nasty beasts I once had a most unpleasant encounter with. Will post on it one o’ these days. This particular door and bronze probably date back to the 17th-18th century. I have taken countless photos, and I don’t know on which street it is. Ooops. Walk the Marais, and you’ll find it.


African fauna. Young cheetah, Masai Mara. 2011. (c)ourtesy Gini.


Mexican fauna. Tlalpan. 2016.


Near the Cardiology Hospital. Mexico city, Tlalpan. 2017.


More Mexican fauna. This is a Xoloitzcuintle. A hairless dog, raised for food by the Aztecs. (Yuk). A favourite pet of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. Tlalpan street art. 2017. I know it is unpronounceable. try this one: Parangaricutirimicuaro.


“Prestamos din(ero)”. We loan money. Calzada de Tlapan Mexico city. 2017.


Ismailia, Suez Canal, Egypt. 1937. My father on Royal. He’d have been 19. My father, not the horse. WWII was only two years away. Note the – very English – head gear. Two reins. Make the horse turn with your little finger… Good position in the saddle. Riding short as Europeans do. My father was a good rider. I’m not sure where this was taken, whether at the house or at the club. There is another photo definitely taken at the Ismailia house. My grandmother – whose horse this was – was perfectly capable, as an India-born English woman to keep her horse at the house.


Under the volcano. See Malcom Lowry for further reference. Tlalpan. 2017. A mere eighty years after the previous photograph… A trifle innit?


Valparaiso, Chile. 2017. (c) Gini.


Circa 1969-70, based on the hair and dress. I was looking for an English bookstore closer to the new digs. Found that one. The owner was not there, only an attendant. Used book store. (Now I know where to donate mine) Yet, Faulkner seemed to be one of the most modern authors on  the shelves. I like Faulkner, but the entire selection looked way too much like a part of my father’s library, which I already have. The only item of real interest was the photo of this young woman on the wall. Reminded me of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid. 🙂


“Apaga la TV.” Turn the TV off. Down below right, in yellow: “Tira el miedo.” Throw away the fear. Hey! I love that: “No fear. Turn the TV off.”

Captain and crew thank you so much for traveling Equinoxio’s Time-Space shuttle. Have a safe week. And turn the TV off. No fear.



96 thoughts on “Pot-pourri one-and-forty

      • Wow! Monsieur est un connaisseur. 🙂 mes compliments. Et tous mes remerciements. Je supposais Guérande, mais je n’avais pas vérifié la séquence exacte. A +.

      • De même Gilles. Une belle journée à toi.
        Mais quelle curiosité extraordinaire. Google street je suppose? Je sais que Guérande “est pas ben grand” mais quand même, ça prend du temps. (Je viens de jeter un cil. C’est bien çà. Pas très loin de l’église et des petits bonshommes) A +

      • En fait, j’ai commencé par chercher “maison ancienne Guérande” pour être sûr qu’elle y soit et je suis tombé dessus. Ensuite, Google Street pour trouver l’adresse. Une toute belle soirée à vous, Brieuc.

      • Merci Gilles. J-2. Mais je suis impressionné par… la curiosité de rechercher cette maison. Bien joué. Bon week-end. (Fingers crossed)

      • Émouvant parce que vos photos montrent un peu de l’histoire de votre famille. Et c’est un effet de l’art de susciter des émotions qui appartiennent au spectateur/lecteur/auditeur. C’est un peu cette émotion qui m’a fait rechercher la maison ancienne. Une très très belle journée à vous.

      • L’Art est plus que représentation, donc? 🙂 Mais c’est celui qui regarde qui projette. Je suis souvent ému par de vieux portraits italiens, Boticcelli par exemple. Que sont ces jolies jeunes femmes devenues? Gone! Gone! Ou cette jeune grecque qui posa pour un sculpteur au Ve siècle BC. On prend chacune d’elle, on la coiffe et on l’habille à la mode d’aujourd’hui. Elle sort dans la rue, et personne ne se rend compte. 🙂

  1. Great advice on the wall! I’ve given up TV 4-5 years ago already and strangled the fear. We can’t live in fear!
    I would’ve drawn a TV set as the dog’s “target”, would’ve had more impact. 🙂
    Lovely cat in that poster, I think it was a little scared. The other “cats” above remind me of that video with the blonde toying with the group of cheetas.
    Medusa has same meaning in our language as in French: jellyfish. We spell it ‘meduză’. 🙂
    As for the boat… I’d recognize you anywhere, anyway. You’re unmistakable. 🙂

    Another nice trip, thank you. 😉

    • My pleasure my friend. I knew the TV art you would like. The cat in the poster? Maybe just serious. And all our European Medusas surely come from that Greek word. “Protector” my… foot. (Is your mood getting better? You sound like it. Hopefully) Pê mai tarziu. (You can add your funny accents in all appropriate places) 🙂

      • I’m somewhere between je m’en fiche, me ne frego and I don’t care. 😀 Thanks for asking. 😉
        Medusas are probably protectors of the Kingdom of the Seas. 🙂

        You got the accents almost right, just move the angled “hat” from e to a in ‘tarziu’: Pe mai târziu. Alors A+. 😉

      • I don’t care is the third part of a four-part mantra I developed in the office to deal with stress and clients. All my former executives still know it by heart. You’re on the right track.

    • Thank you Julie. (I had to un-spam you. How strange)
      The pot-pourri concept has worked well for me I think.
      It seems to ring several bells in readers’ minds.
      And for that I am thankful.
      Take good care of yourself my friend.
      I am kinda worried about your new “jump” ahead.
      🙂 I do hope it works out well.

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