Pot-pourri 40. Feelings.


“What is important is to spread confusion, not eliminate it.” Salvador Dali. Tlalpan. 2017.IMG_4134-A

Yawn… Avenida Renato Leduc. Mexico.


Inviting. At a local café.


“OMG”, said the stork. 7.5 Billion humans? 😦


“Dancin’ in the street.


IMG_4378-AScience and Reason shall prevail. (I hope.) Ptolomeo (Ptolemy) and Copernicus. National Autonomous University of Mexico. UNAM. 2017.


Fear. “Are the drinks not cold enough?” Arenal Street. CDMX.


Regrets? Tunnel, Mexico city.



Serious. Graduation ceremony. San Juan Chamula. 2011.


Read my mind. Calzada de Tlalpan. 2017.


Confidence. Store front, hairdresser.


Sorrow. Tlalpan.


Gargoyle concerned  about the next French Presidential election. Brittany. 2013.


“Peace be with you”. Chad, Africa. 2011. (c)ourtesy Cécile Heurtebise.

SAF2014-07-25 16.40.26

Confusion. Florence. 2014.

Thank you for flying Equinoxio. Happy Easter.

(Wot? Dat’s next week, mate! Is it? I am confused then.)



35 thoughts on “Pot-pourri 40. Feelings.

    • Thank you Lullue. (Or is it Lulu?) Now the (my) thought process is clearly visible throughout the post.
      (Said post actually cost me a bit of time, for some strange reason).
      Confusion? Learning? Possibly. I think of language learning. Where at first all is blank.
      And there is structure in Chaos… (As anybody who has lived or been to in large cities of the South of the world knows)
      Take care. 🙂

      • I completely agree re: structue in chaos. In my academic and professional work I am drawing from several different variations of complexity theory- have become a devotee of Bruno Latour’s work.
        LULLUE (Laura)

  1. So many feelings I’m confused and it’s only Dali’s fault. 😛 😀
    Thanks for the flight! 🙂

    • His fault entirely. I remembered interviews with him on French TV in the 60’s. Black & White and the Master tugging at his moustache. That quote was perfect.
      You’re welcome. Until next flight… be good.

      • Recently I’ve read somewhere that there may be a “B&W syndrome” mostly found in people that spent most of their lives watching B&W TV. Coming from an eastern-European country that introduced color-TV late in the ’80s I could be suffering from that syndrome. I really prefer B&W photos over colored ones, especially when it’s about old relics.

        You have an excellent memory recalling ’60s shows and even Dali with his moustache on top of it all. Most of us may occasionally see people or places but if they’re not well-known at the time we often forget completely about that, in time.

        Yeah, in certain context Dali’s quote is perfect. Let us get above confusion though. 😉
        Have a fine weekend, mon ami! 🙂

  2. too caught in the universe, just did my first post in days and then happen upon this, Salvador Dali on my mind and I guess now I know why. I love the way life works and love your images my friend ❤

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