Pot-pourri trente-neuf

2015-07-07 18.09.33

London bridge, 2015. We are not afraid. (In French: qu’ils aillent se faire foutre!)

2016-03-08 21.54.28

New Orleans, 2016. (c)ourtesy Gini.  A “purrty” littl’ house. (For Robert)

2015-07-29 18.32.43

“I have hit, do you know? unbelievable Floridas / Mixing flowers with the eyes of human-skinned panthers/ Rainbows held tight as reins / Under the horizon of seas, to opaque herds…” Le Bateau ivre, The drunken boat, Arthur Rimbaud, 1871. Paris, 2016, around the corner from the church of Saint-Sulpice. Should you wish to read a – better – and complete translation… click here:


2016-04-23 14.03.19

Tlalpan, Mexico city, 2017. Or was it 2016? “Scotty! Can you fix the Time-counter, please? Thank you!”

36 2016-08-04 13.04.28-A

Planet of the (gr)Apes. London, 2016. Be strong London. We are with you all the way.

2016-07-05 18.49.20

City Lights Bookstore, San Francisco, 2016. Above and below, a mural at the back of this fabulous and historical bookstore.

2016-07-05 18.49.37

“Chiapas, Peace, Mexico”. Dedicated, I suppose, to the Zapatista Liberation Army. (Yeah, let’s work on Peace for a while. That would be a change.) 😦

2016-11-14 11.05.11

That was a door. Tlalpan, Mexico city, 2016. (Are you sure Scotty?)


Phnomh-Penh, Cambodia, November 1956. My father’s work permit. He was 38. (OMG!)


Castle of Cheverny, Loire Valley. 2009. This castle is said to have inspired Hergé, the Belgian comics artist to draw the castle of Moulinsart, in the latter adventures of Tintin.

Cheverny 040a

Cheverny castle, 2009. L. to r. Tintin and his friend, Captain Haddock. There was a great Tintin exhibition at the castle then. Priceless for a Tintin fan like myself. The “trompe-l’oeil” is very well done.


Chocolate cake anyone? Mexico city, c. 2016. Authentic. I went inside the pastry shop and asked. 100% Chocolate and cream.


Santiago de Chile. Yesterday. (Don’t you love time-space travel technology?) Estar Guars. Pronounced: Ay-star Goo-ars. (c)ourtesy Gini.


Mother and child. Maasai mara, Kenya, 2011. (c)ourtesy Gini.


Minette, our tabby cat, in the garden at Lavington. Nairobi, Kenya, c.1967.

Captain and crew wish to thank you for traveling on Equinoxio Time-Space shuttle. Always a pleasure to have you on board. Have a safe week-end, wherever you are. Watch your backs. But. We. Are. Not. Afraid.


38 thoughts on “Pot-pourri trente-neuf

    • Thank you Scottie. Yes what could be retrieved has been 95% reorganized. Basically lost New York and Washington DC. Darn. I will have to go back. 😉
      have a great week-end.

    • Thank you Kate. Tintin? All the way to Down Under? Amazing. Tintin has played a significant part in my life. As I was reading – all – his adventures in the middle of Africa, I came to think that his adventures were real… Everything fitted with what we were experiencing: the snakes in the garden, monkeys, sharks in the sea ten yards away… 😉 (I still have the complete collection) What is your favourite(s) Tintin adventure?

      • I don’t have a favourite. I love them all! I read them in English when I was young (all library books) and then in French when I was studying the language in Annecy. All the TIntin books that I own are in French. My best friend from school named her beagle Tintin and when I was given a puppy soon after she got hers, I called mine Snowy, which is Milou’s name in English.

      • Mille sabords de Tonerre de Brest! 🙂
        A fellow Tintinphile all the way Down Under. How nice to have a Tintin et Milou between the two of you. 🙂

    • My pleasure Kim. When I was a child, I felt that was the “normal” life. 🙂 Until I went (back) to France to College and realized it was not. 🙂 Then I worked hard to make it “normal” again. Glad to share. Have a lovely week. (Starting the new job today, right?)

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