Sketch of the day no 1064 in my moleskine art journal: union jack.

I find it increasingly difficult to talk about, comment or post on the endless and hapless killings the world over. London yesterday, Antwerp today, with no casualties there. But the madness is everywhere. Hard to write about it. Hard to be silent. So allow me to reblog my friend Tiffany’s post. She is right: “we are not afraid.”

Stay strong London.
Yesterday’s terror attack was such an awful event beyond belief. I still love this city. From London with love ❤️
Sketch of the day in my moleskine art journal is of the Union jack.

We are not afraid.

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20 thoughts on “Sketch of the day no 1064 in my moleskine art journal: union jack.

  1. Brian,this is truly horrific!The worst about it,is that you never know where these sickos will strike next!
    Unfortunately I live in a country where this type of thing happens daily and it doesn’t even reach headlines anymore.The world doesn’t know what is happening here.We are so desensitized that we just carry on and say thank you that today wasn’t my day to be murdered,robbed or raped.Sorry,I sound terrible,but that is our reality here and the world gives no attention to it!

    • It is horrific. My cousin John (Cape Town) once referred to SA as the land of “grime and crime.” Europeans have no idea. Here, in Mexico, there are about 12 to 15,000 homicides a year. And the world has no idea. Worse, I think if you mention it, you are catalogued as a mean “post-colonialist” or racist. But it is a fact. Now my last summer in Paris? I was a bit paranoid all the time. Watching my back. And then you realize you can’t live like that… 🙂 Still, I believe something can and has to be done. But what?

  2. It’s a sad world the one where an ideology gives a fat, balding, failed thug the ideas of murdering someone. Wish he simply bought himself a flashy car if he had a mid-life crisis, jumped off a cliff or somehow dispatched his miserable life without bothering the rest of us, but alas he didn’t. What I found reassuring was how the city reacted, those Londoners – locals and immigrants and tourists – helping the wounded and doing their damnest to avoid further bloodshed. I refuse to be afraid, because being afraid makes Katie Hopkins right and I can’t stand that smug twat that calls me a cockroach.

    Ah, Sunday rant over!


    • Rant approved. (Don’t know Katie Hopkins, had to look her up) I agree with you. What me off most is all those idiots who find it so easy to grab a car, a lorry, and run down as many people as they can. Or a gun in an unarmed crowd. Go fight somewhere real. Against real soldiers. Syria for instance.
      Grazie for the rant.

      • I agree wholeheartedly. Want to be a big man and blah-blah-blah? Then do the big man thing and go to a war and fight. My commie uncle did that in Spain, my fascist uncle did that in Spain. Won’t judge them, but at least they had the guts to do it.
        Merci pour tous le voyages sur Equinoxio Airlines!

      • Agreed.
        Uncles? Spain? That sounds very “La guerra civil”. War inside the families.
        I spent a year in the Army. Peace time fortunately. We still spent more than half the year in manoeuvers.
        Training and training and training.
        War is no place for for cowards. And that is all they are: cowards. Anyway. I’m getting old I guess. 🙂
        Ravi de partager ces voyages Fabrizio.
        More to come.

      • Indeed Brian, my family was divided between red and whites and a few blacks, politically speaking. Christmas times were great: add a bit of alcohol, throw in a question on the war and sit back with popcorn!

      • ¡Jaja! 🙂 Clásico de España antes. Civil wars are even worse than wars in that respect, they split families. How did you end up with and Italian name?

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