A morning walk, Mexico


IMG_4190Being a bit short of time today, I just put together a few shots from my morning walks in Tlalpan, the new neighbourhood we live in Mexico city. Good news: Spring IS here. It will reach you soon. February-March mark the blooming of Jacarandas. Some years the city turns all mauve. I thought this year would not be a good one, jacaranda-wise, because of the cold (relatively) January-February we just had. But I was wrong. Jacarandas are superb. 🙂


First time I saw jacarandas was in Kenya, a long time ago. I don’t quite remember the season. The tree seems to originate from tropical central and south America. Though it has now been planted in Asia (Nepal) and Africa, East and South. A question to my South African friends: are your jacarandas blooming now?


“Here lies an open heart”. Or broken? Is that a lemon tree growing in it?


My words are my soul…


Hail Mary. A preview of a “Special” I plan to do. Plenty of material everywhere.


Fragments of Greek walls?


The tree seems to still be alive.


Urban jellyfish. Just discovered a new street art wall. Behind the “Sematary”.


AA, Tlalpan. “I recognize my defeat with alcohol”. “Sólo por hoy”: Only for today! I knew the drawing reminded me of a Greek mythology figure. I had to look around a bit, had forgotten the name: it is Laocoon and his sons. An old greek myth. The statue is in the Vatican:


Laocoon and his sons. (Haven’t got a clue as to the source of the photo)


Spring is definitely here. Those azaleas have never been better. They probably like the new balcony.


“Here lives a dentist.” A nice “plaque”.


“Don’t mess with me.”


“Waiting for a love letter…”


“Hurry! Hurry! We are already late for the next flight!”

Thank you for flying Equinoxio. We need to do a few minor repairs (see above) to our Space-Time craft before our next “shift” in time. Meanwhile, enjoy the week. 🙂

34 thoughts on “A morning walk, Mexico

  1. Such great photos – and obviously a very cool neighbourhood. Me gusta much la Ciudad de Mexico. We were just there in early February, so missed the jacarandas. They are indeed glorious!

  2. Reblogged this on lullueblog and commented:
    At the risk of seeming lazy, I must share another blogger’s wonderful post of various Mexico City vistas- mostly murals and wall art. Sharing because others should see these lovely photos. Enjoy!

  3. My (98SE) Windows theme has been mauve for many many years so – as Metallica says – nothing else matters. 🙂
    And by the way: when life gives you lemons, all you need is some vodka. XD

    • It is a very classical… position. I don’t remember all but I believe it is part of the Iliad, the conquest of Troy. (Rain has caught up with us. You should be fine soon) 😉
      Y’all be good my friend.

  4. Very nice and humorous pictures. I feel like you have a great affection towards “arboles”. The love letter is very romantic 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    • Avec plaisir. 🙂 J’aime bien les arbres. effectivement. La première chose que je regarde en arrivant à Roissy, dans le bus pour Paris, ce sont les arbres. Si différents: hêtres, bouleaux, chataigniers, noisetiers. Les feuilles, les formes, sont si différentes. Et me disent que je suis de retour chez moi. 😉
      A +

  5. Lovely post. Down here in Johannesburg, the Jacarandas begin to flower around November …. spring in South Africa, and many parts of the suburbs are awash in mauve – 50 kms up the road in Pretoria, even more so!

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