Paris Time Patrol numéro deux

2 IMG_5860

Paris 1964*. I but vaguely remember the horse-drawn carriages, not enough to be sure. Though seeing them, it would seem like a good idea to re-implement. There still are in Central park. I do remember the buses though. They were lots of fun to ride in the back, in the open part. The dress? Well, I remember my mother wearing the same as well as the ladies from the American Embassy.

2 2015-07-15 13.13.06

2014. No more live horses. That particular Deux-chevaux (means two horses in French), near the Bois de Vincennes, is probably from the 60’s.3 IMG_5857Place de la Concorde*. 1964. Those stairs come up from the metro station. I’ve taken that lion countless times, but couldn’t find one now. Need to upgrade my filing system.

3 IMG_20150813_123344

Concorde 2014 plus change. An apology for the lousy quality. This was taken with an Android phone. Won’t do it again.

3 IMG_5823

Another horse-drawn carriage*. And the source of those photos. “The Paris I love.” 1964.

3 IMG_5872-A

A superb view of la Concorde*. 1964. This was probably the height of de Gaulle’s “reign”. Paris was at peace then. The Algerian war had concluded in 1962. The newly independant Algeria had sent “back” close to a million “pieds-noirs”, settlers of french, spanish or jewish origin, many of whom had never actually set foot on the motherland. The OAS (Organisation of the Secret Army) had mostly been disbanded. De Gaulle had come out sound and safe from several assassination attempts, particularly at Petit-Clamart. Peace at last. For a while.

3 2014-07-17 16.51.59

The Ministry of the Navy, to the right of la Concorde. 2014. This 18th century building was until recently the home of the Ministry of the Navy. It faced possible privatization for a while. (I don’t want to think of the Post Office in Washington D.C.) Until the decision was taken to maintain the building in the public domain. During WWII, it housed the Kriegsmarine’s (German War Navy) headquarters in France. The façade was covered for 4 years with the red and black svastika flag. During the Liberation of Paris in August 1944, la Concorde was the stage of fierce fighting.

4 2016-07-30 19.24.04

Notre-Dame. 2014 (+/-). As seen from the Quai de la Tournelle.

4 IMG_5829-A

Up the stairs of Notre-Dame*. 1964. As a true – once – Parisian I must confess I only recently climbed the stairs of the Tour Eiffel. Haven’t climbed the Arc de Triomphe nor the stairs of the towers or Notre-Dame. Yet. I will get therapy.

4 IMG_5837

1964 again*. Notre-Dame with a view to the North and Montmartre. The American corporal on the right reminds us that Nato headquarters for Europe were then in Versailles until 1966 when De Gaulle and the Americans had a fall-out.

4 IMG_5838

Notre-Dame*, 1964, from the Ile Saint-Louis. Look closely. On the right.

4 ND275

Notre-Dame today. Taken from the Quai de Montebello, across from “Le pont au double”.

1964 images come from “The Paris I love”, printed  on the 15th on May 1964. (c) by Editions sun Paris. World rights reserved. Printed in France by Draeger and Braun. Photographs (marked with a *) by Patrice Molinard. The recent ones are mine.

Thank you for flying Equinoxio Time-Space shuttle. A pleasure to have you on board as always. Have a lovely week-end in your own personal time-space slots.


79 thoughts on “Paris Time Patrol numéro deux

  1. This time I just admire the scenery, no analysis. There’s something with the old photos that just suck me in and send me back to those times that seem so familiar yet I wasn’t even born then. You may actually have a time machine here, mon ami…! 🙂

      • As all Apple users I have a beef with Android. This one is practically a burner phone I use when in Paris. The thing is I find it very difficult to use. The logic is so different from Iphone. And I understand Android users hate IPhones for the same reasons. 😉
        Be good my friend.

      • well, if I had lots of extra cash and needed a phone the IPhone has some advantages, no question about that. But I do use my 5 mp phone camera once in a while and publish same because they don’t look all that different on WP and no one seems to notice.

      • It most certainly depends on the model. I had a Blackberry years back. Lousy optics. The Android I use in France is a 50-80 bucks affair. Can’t complain. 😉

    • A shared pleasure, mon amie. Glad you liked it. (That is a city I will never tire of walking through) 🙂
      Have a lovely week.
      Here Jacarandas are blooming. The city has turned mauve.

  2. Les pauvres chevaux! Les réintégrer dans la circulation parisienne aujourd’hui, non mais quelle horreur…
    Je ne parle même pas de la pollution (la joie de Paris intra-muros, ça – je sais que je parle en ex-vraie-banlieusarde pour ma part^^).
    Merci en tout cas.
    Idem: je ne suis montée qu’une fois à Notre-Dame – et peut-être une fois au 1er étage de la Tour Eiffel.Faut être de passage pour en avoir envie , haha! Mais j’ai des photos de cette année du dernier étage de la Tour Eiffel prises par ma fille – je devrais les partager un jour…

  3. Glad you finally found it. 🙂
    The RO flag is probably right, my connection is capped out again and some things just don’t load properly. No worries, I’ll live. 🙂

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