A Paris Time Stroll


Our Time-Travel Chief engineer, Dr Montgomery C. Scott, PhD, has designed a new, more efficient Time-Travel device. Using a modified scanner plugged to your dumbphone, tablet or computer, allows you to go back and forth in time at little or no cost. The above: Place du tertre, Montmartre*, c.1964.


Rue Norvins, Montmartre. c. 2014. Scotty’s controls still lack a bit of accuracy. He is working on the margin of error. If he succeeds we will apply his margin of error findings to election polls. Huge market.


A rare view of Montmartre and Paris, taken form the Grand-Palais*. c. 1964. I’ve applied for a permit in this century, but I was made to understand that my previous comments on Anne Hidalgo, the Mayor of Paris did not go in the right direction.


A view from Paris, taken from above the stairs of Montmartre. c.2014 +/- 2 years. Sacré-Coeur is to the left.


Stairs of Montmartre*. c.1964. I’m pretty sure I have the same stairs somewhere. Will keep looking. The two schoolboys must now be retired. OMG.

1 2016-08-12 17.09.52-NB.jpg

Which of those two pictures, above and below, is from 1964?


And the winner is… Yes! The charming young lady in the front row. The second one* is from 1964. See the first in colour, c.2014 +/- S.E.



Another street I’m sure I have somewhere… Rue Chappe* I understand. A friend of ours used to have an apartment nearby. Great place, but not a single floor was horizontal. A few degrees off, and many a pen got lost forever under a piece of furniture.


Montmartre, 2016. Tous pour un, un pour tous. All for one, and one for all. Scotty? Can we get D’artagnan to run in the next French Presidential election? No? Working on it? Well, hurry, man!

The 1964 photos come from a book that’s been forever on my my parents booksheves. And now on mine. “The Paris I love” was printed  on the 15th on May 1964. (c) by Editions sun Paris. World rights reserved. Printed in France by Draeger (who later produced a magnificent Dali book; THE Dali book) and Braun. Photographs (marked with a *) by Patrice Molinard. The recent ones are mine.

Thank you again for flying Equinoxio Time-Space shuttle. “Beam us up, Scotty!”

46 thoughts on “A Paris Time Stroll

  1. Oooo, a lovely stroll around Paris! Fantastic images! I’m very fond of this place, but haven’t managed to go back there for years and years! Crazy drivers though… I almost got knocked down! 😳 I shall wear a suit of armour on my return!

    • Thank you Jane. I stumbled across this old book the other day (organizing my new library). Started leafing through it and thought I could “pair” with my own photos of Paris. Glad you liked it. 🙂
      Have a lovely week-end.

  2. Scotty always performed magic, you know… No different this time. A wonderful walk through space and time altogether. I can almost smell the perfume of times long gone…
    Thank you (and Scotty 🙂 ) for a wonderful trip! 🙂
    And enjoy a fine weekend! 😉

  3. MERCI, Mr B! 🙂 Paris – à la vie, à la mort… c’est ma ville de ❤ car j'y ai atterri en 1980, et j'y ai vécu plusieurs années…
    * * *
    have a sunny day and a splendid weekend! 🙂

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