Saint-Francis? Saint-François? San Francisco!


Weird how a simple translation can make a difference: “I went to Saint-Francis, last year.” “Where?” “San Francisco.” “Ah! San Francisco. You got me confused. Speak English, Man!” (“I just did.”) 🙂 My faithful readers have to realize that my San Francisco pix were easier to retrieve. (25,000 pix already recovered. Overall. Not just Saint-Francis) So… San Francisco it is. Again.


Le quai du pêcheur. (Fisherman’s wharf).


Campari evokes gloves to the elbows, a cigarette-holder and shades of Audrey Hepburn.


Golden Gate Park. Nowhere near the Golden Gate Bridge. This sign was on a walking trail. Seriously? Slow down? Now are the ducks nesting or crossing? I mean really.






“Born in the USA…” (Golden Gate Bridge)


“Better run through the jungle…”


24th St. and Dolores. A califor-na-yeah sky.


Can you believe the fern trees? How much is that house? I want it now!


“Peace is found on common ground.” Itshak Rabin once said before signing peace with Yasser Arafat: “You only make peace with your enemies.”


Dedicated to all Giants’ fans. 🙂


Urban turtles. A species native to California only.


Gender bias: why is the woman in underwear and the Sherif ain’t?


Carlos Santana. Click down below for “Soul sacrifice”, a young, unknown Santana at Woodstock:

Santana’s performance is amazing, but pay attention to his drummer, Michael Schrieve, barely 20 then.

Captain and crew were delighted to have you on board the Saint-Francis to Woodstock Cable Car and wish you a lovely week-end.

23 thoughts on “Saint-Francis? Saint-François? San Francisco!

    • And then it will be too dry… 😦
      I did love SF. A very special city indeed. very rich. As you well know. 🙂 And the sun was quite nice that day. (Better light for photos too) 🙂 Hope the rain recedes this week-end. No more cabin fever. 😉

    • I have. Read your mail. My computer crashed last week. had to have it reformatted increase memory and all that. So The file was taken out of dropbox. Now I have just put it back, but I cant’t share it. Grrrrr! Try to check if you can access it still in Dropbox.

  1. Very nice & you were lucky with the sun, because it is said that Sir Francis Drake (or Saint Francis?) and other adventurers passed by the bay of SF and Golden Gate without discovering it due to the often all covering fog. Nice weekend!

  2. I hate Vimeo! There used to be a download button for those who can’t/won’t watch videos directly.
    That made me search for the DVD with the original Woodstock footage. But that was no loss – 3h35min of another world. Yes, I found Santana’s piece there (at about 2h38min). But everything was so… undescribable. A degree of freedom that got lost long, long ago. I would urge young people (and not only) to look for that footage (I think it was on YouTube, original name is Woodstock – 3 days of peace & music).

    The sheriff was on duty while his damsel deputy was at home, sleeping, but the situation got so tense that he had to call her in the middle of the night for backup and she didn’t have time to get properly dressed. She did have her boots on, though (and the guns). 🙂

    I remember Audrey Hepburn being much cuter. What happened to her, dressed so silly, like a clown…? 🙄 😛 😀

    And keep in mind even nesting ducks have to go to the bathroom every once in a while. 🙂

    • Love your detailed analysis every time. Thank you.
      hadn’t thought about the duck bathroom. My pint was that this sign was on a walking trail, not on a road. 🙂
      Audrey Hepburn? 🙂
      The lady, I understand sleeps with her boots on.
      Now Woodstock?! (I chose Vimeo, coz, youtube wouldn’t open) Is it the first time you see the movie? Wow!
      I saw it for the first time in a small cinema in the Latin Quarter in Paris. Deep winter in 1970. Came out dazed.
      Have been ever since. 😉
      And a note: that degree of freedom was brand new: the adults frowned on it. Tried to stop it but never could. I don’t think there’s
      ever been a concert like that. Not before, not after. 🙂

      • Thank you, I try my best whenever possible to prove your work is not in vain. 🙂

        Regarding the ducks, even a running person could disturb/scare them so maybe it’s not that extraordinary to ask people to slow down on that trail. 😉

        You mentioned something about Audrey and Campari but looking up all I saw was that ugly clown – no resemblance to her. 🙂

        I know people can be kinky sometimes but a woman sleeping with her boots on (and guns under the pillow, probably) is not much of a turn on for me. 😀

        I had the Woodstock footage for quite some time now, I’ve seen it a couple times but it never ceases to amaze me everytime. Been thinking of people all around the world that may not have seen it yet, or maybe forgot about it.

        They said it cost about $2mil. (back then it was a hell lot of money!) and was a financial disaster (considering most of the people had no tickets and just jumped fence) but they were content because the size of the event overall made it unique and that’s priceless.

        Drugs notwithstanding, that’s how I’d like to see humanity: all together on the same page, joined by art, beauty, happy thoughts. Flower-power, not military power. Wishful thinking, I know…

      • Thank you so much for supporting my “work”. I will mind the ducks next time. Now the Audrey thing was because Campari was a fashionable drink in the 50’s. I thought it was extinct. And Woodstock, well… It was a financial disaster but a great moment for mankind. And it will live on forever. “Freedom!”

      • Pleasure is all mine. Ours, actually – your visitors. 🙂

        You can always DuckDuckGo. 😀

        Some things don’t die, such as Campari or Audrey’s movie legacy. Or Woodstock. Or the desire for freedom. 😉

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