Disjointed Pot-Pourri. 36

1 2016-07-08 13.45.00.jpg

San Francisco. July 2015. (Bear with me, San Francisco was a treasure mine of art. Still have many more to come. Pleased to announce that Frisco photos have been recovered.)

2 177.JPG

Yaxchilan Maya site, at the Mexico-Guatemala border, on the Usumacinta river. My faithful 40-year old Ray-bans were lost in Paris 2 years ago. (Now replaced by the same model!) 🙂

3 2014-07-25 18.18.55-A.jpg

A study in scarlet. Florence. 2014. Shoe design and colours are not mandatory.


Papua New Guinea ritual skull. De Young museum, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. Heartfelt thanks to Jenny at Bulldog travels for the recommendation. Rain started pouring in the park the minute we stepped down the bus. De Young is a fabulous museum. Visit Jenny’s site here:


5 IMG_1171.JPG

Where’s the head? Tsavo National Park, Kenya. (c)courtesy Alex.


Tea garden, San Francisco. Interesting, but very small.


And the 4th statue started walking. (I swear.) Florence. 2014.

8 DSCF9312.JPG

Newborn elephant struggling to get up for the first time. Tsavo National Park. (c)ourtesy Alex.


Vinci. La belle Ferronière. c. 1490.


Portrait of Cecilia Gallerani. D’aprés Vinci. Florence. 2014.


Coronation of Hailé Selassié I, Ras Tafari, Emperor of Ethiopia. c.1930. Photo (c)ourtesy Georges Van Billoen, my friend and former classmate at the Franco-Ethiopian Lycée in Addis-Abeba, Ethiopia. This is one of a series of photographs celebrating the crowning of the Emperor that belonged to Georges’ father. Merci Georges.


Oscar Wilde’s last residence in Paris. He died there in 1900, age 46. At 13 rue des beaux-arts, in Saint-Germain-des-prés, the former Hôtel d’Alsace, now know as “L’Hôtel”, also had Borges as an illustrious guest. Borges translated “The happy prince” into Spanish.

12 IMG_1172.JPG

Ah. Here’s the head. Darn files are all upside down. Not to mention the next exhibit:


San Francisco. On Haight and Ashbury.

Thank you for flying Equinoxio on this flight with no head or tail. Have a fab week-end.

58 thoughts on “Disjointed Pot-Pourri. 36

  1. I’ve always wanted to visit San Francisco! Looks like such a vibrant place to explore! Some great places here… You’ve been all over! (I might be a tad jealous!)

    And heeeey…am I mistaken, or is that a picture of you in a pair of Raybans?…Can I finally put a face to the blog? or shall I say frog? :-p

    • Yes you can put shades on a frog. 🙂
      And yes I have been around. My feet are getting a bit itchy actually. Planning our annual trip to Europe. But I’m also thinking Asia… We’ll see. Good to be back in touch, Lady. You sound good. I like that. Not easy after what you’ve been through. Bz.

      • Itchy feet… I get that. I need my dose of vitamin D! Asia would be awesome! I’ve always wanted to travel to India. My dad went there in his youth. I have pictures of him stood by the Taj Mahal. It would be amazing to experience it for myself. Where in Europe or Asia are you thinking?

        Ps; I am good. 2017 is treating me well *touches wood*

      • *touches wood* (hitting her forehead) 😉 India is… India. My family lived there for close to 2 centuries. Little sister and I were the last ones born there. Asia? South-east. Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand. Korea and japan are tempting. And so is China. Right now, plans are for France and a bit in Croatia. Will let you know as it develops.

      • Yes, let me know your plans. I highly recommend Thailand – beautiful country! I would also love to go to Indonesia! And Japan… screw it! Everywhere 😜

  2. Great post. My favorite in a while and not just because you mentioned me. I am very glad you went to the De Young. It is a magnificent museum. The tea garden is also beautiful. Did you make it to the nearby botanical garden by chance? If not it is mandatory for your next trip. Bring a picnic. And the museum of modern art just reopened. I am hoping to take baby there before I go back to work. (Not that he will enjoy it but I will.)

    Love the animal photos too. I am a sucker for giraffes and elephants.

    And the street art are fun additions.

    Great mix of photos.

    • That last image has been quite successful. I really recommend walking back from the Park on Haight st. Very colourful. And Ray-Bans are legal there. 🙂
      I owe the baby elephant to my daughter who was in Kenya with MSF (Doctors without Frontiers) and took a break at Tsavo. Isn’t the little thing cute? 🙂
      Have a great week-end.

  3. First reaction when I saw SF, I thought about another political post (I have been sooo into the US politics those last weeks!). But yours was so much more relaxing and fun, I loved it 🙂 Special mention for hte last pict, so out of space 😀
    Btw, who is the charmant gentleman wearing Ray Ban?

    • “Charmant” gentleman? Flattery will get you anywhere. 🙂 Les Ray-Bans sont perdues. Dommage. J’avais même sauté en parachute avec. 😦 (Remplacées aussi sec)
      And yes the last pic is out of space. A walk on Haight St is really worth the trip.

      • M’en doutais 😉
        J’ai fait le rapprochement avec une photo que tu avais posté de toi enfant, et comme disait ce bon vieux Julio Iglesias “toué non plou tou n’as pas chanché” !

      • Salut ma grande! Je viens de retrouver ton commentaire. Pending. 😦 Mais je l’avais vu sur mon portable, et puis il a disparu…
        Bizzare. Merci de ces propos. pas changé, pas changé… Vous êtes trop bonne chère amie. 🙂
        (J’ai le sentiment de prendre un coup de vieux ces temps-ci.) 😉
        Comment vont tes Attilas?
        Avez-vous déjà déterminé où vous allez aller à la fin du contrat?

  4. Bri, shall I call you now Bri? :D. You look great with that Ray ban! You vividly capture all the beauty. Shall never underestimate an i-phone. Keep capturing. The e-book is a good idea! 🙂

  5. Yaxchilan would interest me actually more than anything in the USA, already did some research on Yaxchilan inspired by a Desiré Charnay illustration … but this summer Canada will be my first choice: Montréal et Québec and afterwards … gives me the chance to train a little bit my French. A bientôt!

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      4. Try a different browser if possible, at least temporarily.

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