A Frog-Brit Pot-Pourri. 35.2


Previously on Equinoxio: a leisurely stroll, hopping from London to Paris and back. Above: Saint-Germain-des-prés. (Ours) First built in the 5th century, rebuilt around the 10th… Just around the time the French and the English started bickering. 🙂


London. Theirs. Saint-Martin-in-the-fields. No fields around, but the memories of the Orchestra’s founder, Sir Neville Marriner, who left us last year.


Love their lamp posts. When lost in London ask your nearest friendly lamp post.

15 2016-08-01 17.38.24.jpg

Paris. Ours. “I am blue”. Second part of the one posted yesterday. If you look closely there is one more dancer. The sign above in black says: “Défense d’afficher”. Posting prohibited. Really?


English lion. Trafalgar square.


French lion. Louvre, Paris. England and France retained a large population of lions up till the middle of the 20th century. (Tongue-in-cheek emoticon)

20 2015-07-08 18.14.48.jpg

Theirs. Trafalgar square and the National gallery.

21 2016-07-29 19.31.16.jpg

Ours. The Louvre in the background, the Seine and the Pont des Arts.

22 2016-08-03 19.58.39.jpg

Theirs. London. Haven’t the foggiest what it is. Not Saint-Paul, not Saint-Martin (see above). Any comments welcome. The Pilot is a bit on a schedule today. BREAKING NEWS: that is the High Court on the Strand. Many thanks to Patty Foggarty at Nylon daze:



Saint-Germain l’Auxerrois. Ours. A magnificent gothic church, the original was founded in the 7th century, and rebuilt many times since. It faces the Louvre from the East. Can’t miss it.


“Ours”. An Egyptian Lady at the Louvre. Two or three thousand years BC.


“Theirs”. Reconstruction of the jewelry of a Sumerian Lady. (There may have been just a wee bit of pilfering on both countries’ part, but then where would that be now? Destroyed in Palmyra?) This is the headdress of Princess Puabi, Sumer, the cradle of civilization, in today’s Irak, 2600 BC. (Oh, and I love the “British” museum. No matter how short your London stay, don’t miss it.)

At the close of this edition, Ms. May(be) is probably discussing the construction of a wall in the middle of the Channel, to isolate Britain from migrants and to be funded by the Continentals.

Pilot and crew thank you again for traveling on Equinoxio’s Channel shuttle and wish you a great week-end.

23 thoughts on “A Frog-Brit Pot-Pourri. 35.2

  1. I love the detail in the buildings and all the statues. Today buildings are square functional boxes. Nothing to set them apart or to take pride in. The time it takes, the effort to make details will have a building go down in history. Hugs

  2. Brian, as always lovely photos. I smiled when I read, “Theirs” and “Ours”. I really like your capture of “I am blue”, a great piece of urban art. Wishing you a terrific evening and a fantastic weekend ahead. ~ Mia 🙂

  3. Theirs, ours, yours, mine… So much ego leading to separation, distrust, suspicion and so on. Why can’t we be friends, as the old song says? Why not share knowledge for the best, not for the worst…? Rhetorical questions.

    Thanks for the pictures, I like the last two most.

    Funny if you think about it in the context of all churches above: the writing on the wall in the dancers picture, the way you cropped it, seems to say “je suis Dieu” instead of “je suis bleu”. Maybe that’s the problem with Mankind or at least some of them at the higher quarters…

    • The High court. Indeed. Thank you so much. Fog is lifted. Mrs. May(be)’s nick is not mine, I just read it somewhere, but at a distance I find it appropriate. 6 months after Brexit they still don’t have a strategy? Come on!

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