Ancient Indochina. Suite et fin.



We are coming to the end of our journey. A travel in time and space starting in Ancient Indochina between 1896 and 1905. As I said in the first part of this series, it is an old photo album bound in beige cloth, my brother bought at a flea market in Paris and gave me as a birthday present. We’d both lived briefly in Vietnam and Cambodia (Muuuch later than those photos) 🙂

There are very few legends on those last pictures. The young woman above is captioned “Fa ré” or “La ré” woman. Couldn’t find any reference to such a tribe. Only a “H’re” tribe which would not fit geographically. I would have said she belonged to a Meo tribe, by her dress. There were many tribes in Indochina each with its own culture. I just read that Meo is now regarded as “derogatory”. (No offense meant)…

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10 thoughts on “Ancient Indochina. Suite et fin.

  1. Very impressive photos reminding me that my digital photo archive has no future at all because only 1 real heavyheavy sunstorm may blow it to the virtual eternal nirwana. Thanks and good night!

    • Well, it is one way to look at it. Now this particular album is already somewhat dammaged, light-wise. What I do is I use two separate hard drives for back ups. Just in case. tschüss.

    • They are. Glad you liked them. I always find it very moving to think that photographs taken in 1905 are now a century old. What happened to all those people? Were they happy or miserable? in Good health or ill? And their children? Grandchildren? Who “threw” away the album to land in a flea market? 🙂
      Have a great week Adrienne.

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