San Francisco, fifty years…

Welcome back on Equinoxio Airways, your Time-Space shuttle. This is the second leg (Leg? Whaddaya mean “leg”? English is a weird language) of our journey to San Francisco, back and forth between 1965 and 2016. Half a century but who’s counting? Just make sure your seat-belts are securely fastened.

8 2016-07-06 15.16.15.jpg

San Francisco 2016. Hold your bar-Mitzvah in a Cable car. Seriously? I must have slipped into a parallel universe.


December 1965. A cold winter light. This was probably at the corner of Market (street). Bank of America was already there. Not sure Woolworth still is.


Alcatraz in the background. What year is that? Check the cars.

18 2016-07-10 07.47.30.jpg

The streets of Frisco today. Same old, same old…


Hopping back fifty years. Again, I beg you: make sure your seat belts are properly fastened. You can download the manual on


Golden Gate Bridge, 1965. No fog then. For the technique-oriented, this was taken with my brand-new Instamatic camera of which I was very proud. Then. 🙂

22 2016-07-08 17.13.22.jpg

San Francisco skyline today. Well, last year. Same difference.


And the skyline then. 1965. Right to left: my mother, my little sister’s turning her back on the camera, our friend Marie-Andrée, who’d invited us to spend Christmas in California.


Alcatraz today. Don’t let the black & white fool you. 😉

26 2016-07-08 17.16.44.jpg

Today’s skyline, the Oakland Bay Bridge to the left. And “yesterday”:


One can – barely – see Fisherman’s wharf in the foreground. With a two-mast ship moored on the right.


Alcatraz again. 2016.


And in 1965. Occupied then.

30 2016-07-08 16.56.22.jpg

The Golden Gate now. Foggy. This is a colour picture in case anyone asks. (And we did see a few whales in the distance…)

31 2016-07-08 16.51.37.jpg

Marin county on the other side of the Bridge.


The Golden Gate Bridge before Global Warming.

34 2016-07-09 09.33.41-NB.jpg

Your all-American diner. 1965 or 2016?


My first diner (and road-trip). En route to San Diego, 1965. My mother in the foreground to the right. I already published this photo but I urge my American friends to look again at the prices. “Halibut steak – with hash browns – ” for $1.09? The times they are a-changin’.

Once again, thank you for flying with Equinoxio. Should you have any complaint or suggestion on our service, please feel free to drop at our San Francisco offices on Pine street:

35 2016-07-06 15.27.56.jpg

Have a lovely week-end, y’all.

56 thoughts on “San Francisco, fifty years…

  1. Lovely photographs, San Fran is so beautiful, I wonder if I will ever get out there! Long time no see, Brian, I hope you are well!

    • Hi Holly “Coeur de feu”. Good to see you too. I’ve only just come back from South America (almost no internet), slowly picking things up. 🙂 I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and end of year with family and friends. Have a lovely new year, despite all the worries one might have on many fronts. And do hop to Frisco. It is an amiable “town”. Worth the trip. Bz.

      • Yeah, last year was good. 4 trips abroad. Can’t complain. 😉 Look SF up. I’m sure there are affordable plane options, and Airb’bnb is a great option. We are using it more and more. Tschüss meine freundin. 😉

  2. Fifty years… lots of water under the bridge. Which one? Take your pick. I’ve burnt some. Still hooked to the past though.
    Now the whole world is a giant Alcatraz – who needs that old ruin anymore…

    • Yes, I am impressed at the passing of time… Weird. (Never thought I would come to count in half centuries) 😉
      Now “a giant Alcatraz”? Wow. You might right. Scary but right…

    • Thank you Mia. You too. No we did not stop at Alcatraz. Don’t know why, I guess I feel like I’ve already seen it in so many movies? 😉 You live on the west coast, right? From San Diego to Seattle it is quite a stretch. Anywhere close to SF? Take care. B.

      • You’re welcome Brian. Yes, it has been in so many movies. Actually, SF is further north, I’m in Los Angeles County, much closer to San Diego. Thank you, take care too!

      • LA now? It is on my travel (back) to list. My only recollection of LA was hours and hours of driving between SF and San Diego. “Mom, where are we?” “LA, dear.” 2 hours later: “Mow where are we?” “LA dear.” “Can’t be! We’ve been driving for hours on the highway!” 😉
        (I’m sure there is more to LA than the Highway.) Be good. 🙂

      • You are so very richtig! I forgot that rule. (Not that I took many German lessons, but still, I should remember.) I have no idea about Arabic, besides Shukriya.

      • Actually no great need for Arabic, as it is hard to visit such countries actually, except Morocco everything else not secure anymore – even Tunisia used to be a great country for visiting and staying also in the Sahara in the past, but now not so safe any more except in a guided group, ca c’est très dommage!

      • Yep. Not secure at all. My Grandfather’s tomb is in Casablanca. He died there right after the war. One of my brothers has been but I don’t think I will visit. 🙂 (Kein wunderbar!)

      • I also prefer nowadays the Canary Islands in order to flee the f…. winter in Central Europe, next trip in 6 weeks. When I was on La Palma in 2015 it was somehow sometimes like being in Latin America .. a lot of influence from there due to migration and re-migration. Interesting!

      • Canary Islands: All climate zones present … desert, semi-desert, normal climate, subtropical, more cool fog forests & a now dead volcan with a real huge caldera on Tenerife where we go now. We still have to climb on Mt. Teide there (3,718 m altitude), may be this time we will achieve it.

      • I hope you do. 3,718ms is quite feasable, and being a volcano it probably is volcanic sand. No big deal. Just good, hard hiking shoes and a few hours. 🙂

    • Thank you. It is isn’t it? I Liked the contrasts and similarities. The cable car has practically not changed at all. And there will aways be seagulls at fisherman’s wharf. 🙂

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