Dem Berliner Volke. To the people of Berlin.

Death and murder again. In Berlin this time. On a Christmas market. Dozens killed or injured. Again. Same M.O. So easy to run a lorry through the crowd. And then run away. True cowards always. I read the news by “chance” yesterday. At the other end of the world. And the world keeps turning. As long as it happens elsewhere, not on your door-step. I… I can’t really take it any more. I had started reading “Submission” by Houellebecque. The book came out on the day of the Charlie Hebdo killings. I’ve had it on my shelves for almost 2 years now. Couldn’t bring myself to open it. Just started it last week. Can’t open it again. So, in helplessness, all I can do is a tribute to Berlin. And its Volk, its people. (And please excuse my scant german: “Dem Berlin Volke”, is probably misspelled. Doesn’t matter does it? This is dedicated” To the people of Berlin”:


The Wall. Potsdamer Platz. The old and new. The wall that divided Europe. Stuck with chewing-gum. I like the idea. Though I doubt chewing-gum will be enough against the murderers.


The Brandenburg Gate. A symbol of Germany and a landmark of Berlin.


The Brandenburg Gate opens on the Pariser Platz. Paris Square:


This shot was taken on the 14th of July 2010, the French National Holiday, “Fête Nationale”. The French Embassy is to the right. There was wine, food, music and party on the square. And I couldn’t help but think that maybe we could have skipped three major franco-German wars – including two World Wars – and go directly to the wine and cheese.


Unter den linden, “under the lime trees” is possibly one of the most poetic street names I have ever seen. It was very popular at the turn of the 20th century, as a promenade. It still is very pleasant, with cafés and restaurants.


A bridge on the Spree river.


Berlin, a city at peace. 2010.


Fight! Kill the lion!


Marx and Engels, in East-Berlin. Berlin has too much history.




I don’t know of any other city that has a “Museum Island”. (Wonderful and wunderbar indeed)


A Lego giraffe, near Alexanderplatz if I recall.


A scale-model of Red Baron Von Richthofen’s plane.


The rebuilt Reichstag (Parliament). I close my eyes and can see the photograph of the Russian soldiers planting the Red Army flag on top of its charred remains in 1945. The reading on the front? Dem Deutschen Volke. To the German People.


And this is where another murderer launched a lorry into the crowd:


Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial church is all that remains from an old church in Berlin. The charred stump of the belfry stood among the rubbles of the bombings in 1945. It was not demolished but integrated into a new structure as a reminder of the perils of war. It faces the zoo on Breitscheidplatz.


Tonight, and for many nights ahead, as the murderer is running loose, there are candles and flowers near the church. As in every place hapless killings have occurred lately. I hate to say this: Candles and flowers are not going to cut it. May all the victims rest in peace. Yet may we all realize that we have to fight back.


62 thoughts on “Dem Berliner Volke. To the people of Berlin.

  1. As a resident of Berlin I am thanking you for these kind words and visions. Take in mind that 60 % of the people of Berlin are not member in any religious community (only 31 % Christians, 8 % Muslims and some other confessions). So most here know very well that flowers and candles or praying are not enough, but these are symbols and actions of mourning, honouring those being exterminated from one second to the other. Berlin is hosting also a lot of refugees from Arab / African / Oriental countries, and I am quite sure that a lot of them are now again quite anxious, because terror has pursued and reached them again here in Central Europe. What a crazy world!

    • I know. Candles are a beautiful symbol of mourning, regardless of religion. Just a gesture for the… “fallen”. In this sense my words are not against the candles, I am just … wary and angry. And I do not want to see more candles, which, unfortunately will happen. Somewhere else. Until something changes. And I don’t know what. Le pen is not the answer. But something has to be done. Watch your back meanwhile. And I hope the culprit is caught. Alive! And brought to justice.

      • The ZEITGEIST of 2016 is full of revanchism, populism, totalitarian thinking, new leaders of a GREAT …., terrorism, a.s.o. A global mental growing illness, and I really see no big difference between Le Pen or a Salafist preacher or the AFD party in Germany. So the Enlightenment Period (l’ère des Lumières) still has a lot of work to be done, finished and executed not only in Europe. Let us hope that 2017 will become better in this regard!

      • I found this sentence (as part of a greater comment) in the Tunisian newspaper “Le Temps” today while I was looking for Tunisian reactions, here Mutti is again getting a lot of approvement, but in this case it is o.k.:

        “Inspirons nous des Allemands, et de la chancelière Mme Angela Merkel, qui, dans sa peine et sa douleur immenses, après l’attentat terroriste avant-hier, à Berlin, a préféré prononcé quelques phrases sobres, responsables et dignes, alors que l’acte horrible a endeuillé toute une Nation de grande générosité, la veille de Noël.” cited from the article “Soyons dignes et sobres …”

      • Un bon article. “Sobre et digne”. So you speak fluent French? I just got back for a trip abroad. I understand that french political figure went to Berlin to stand by you? If that is the case, I apologize. “Mutti” whatever her flaws may be, did go to Paris when we were hit.
        I can only wish you and all my German friends a better year. No more bloodshed. Espèrons.

  2. What could I say? People have to die for a handful of bastards to prove some point or as handle to push some new and horrible legislation that otherwise wouldn’t be accepted. It’s all part of the NWO implementation and nobody knows who’s the real culprits. We can only hope it doesn’t happen to us personally. Until it does…

  3. What a beautiful place to be hit by terror. Another sad story no one wants to hear. But this is a reality to which we have to look at with eyes wide open while trying to be optimist. I hope one day, there will be no more mourning because of a senseless terrorism.

  4. What happened last Christmas in Berlin was so sad.
    Thanks for sharing these photographs, as they are beautiful and a good, subtle tribute somehow. 💕🎇 all the best to you.

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