Ancient Indochina. Part 5.



Tambours et fanfares. Drums and music of a military squad

Back by popular demand (!) in the streets of Hanoï and elsewhere we follow the steps of the unknown photographer in Tonkin around 1905. The military just loooove their music!


Une rue de Hanoï. (Coolies) in a Hanoï street. 

The workers are using the extremely clever asian pole carrying system. Allows to rest the weight on the shoulders and, of course, carry double weight.

74 hanoï-1a

Enterrement à Hanoï. Burial in Hanoï. (Note the wide straw hats on the right)

To most people, especially Americans, Hanoï would evoke the Vietnam war. I’ve never been to Hanoï, just Saïgon, between the two wars, the French and the American. My mother would take three-year old little me for a walk on Rue Catinat. On a leash! Little boys tend to run everywhere. So the leash was to make sure I did not…

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2 thoughts on “Ancient Indochina. Part 5.

    • All well thank you. In Colombia for the holidays, with my in-laws. And I too would have loved to visit at that time. 🙂 Well we still have those “anonymous” photos. (and I still have to reblog the last installment) Au revoir.

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